Q&A on Coins on Fire & Saint Nicked Slots by Lucksome

Q&A on Coin on Fire and Saint Nicked Slots by Lucksome
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Lucksome online casino provider has released two new slot games, Coins on Fire, and Saint Nicked - the latter one obviously in a Christmas mood. Bryan Upton, founder of Lucksome, sat down with CasinosHunter to tell us more about these games, explain their unique features, and reveal the stories behind each slot game. 

About Coins on Fire & Saint Nicked Online Slots

Lucksome has released two new slots for the international online casino gambling community. The slots are available in 20+ languages and bets can be made in a number of currencies.

Coins on Fire Overview

Coins on Fire Online Slot Logo

Coins on Fire slot has higher than average RTP rate and the medium-high volatility level. The in-game bonus features include Respins, Fire Feature, Locking Wilds, Blackout Wilds, Minimum Bet Back. Coins on Fire is a simple and fun to play game, and it has already became one of the most played slots by Lucksome.

TitleCoins on Fire 
Game TypeVideo slot
Release dateOct 20, 2022
RTP rate 94.29%, 96.64%
Volatility level Medium-High 
Reels 3
Paylines 5
Min. bet 0.05 
Max. bet 250 
Max. win 1000x 
Features Respins, Fire Feature, Locking Wilds, Blackout Wilds, Minimum Bet Back 

Saint Nicked Overview

Saint Nicked Online Slot Logo

Saint Nicked is a unique game full of amazing designs and humor; the developers promise that the voiceovers are hilarious. With a higher-than-average RTP rate and medium-high volatility level, the game boasts such features as Multipliers, Bar Meter, Advent Calendar, Free Games, Respins, and Scatters. Saint Nicked is all bout Christmas but not that boring usual Christmas thing.

TitleSaint Nicked
Game TypeVideo slot
Release dateNov 24, 2022
RTP rate 94.57%, 96.25%
Volatility level Medium-High 
Reels 3
Paylines 243 ways – 3125 ways
Min. bet 0.20 
Max. bet 200 
Max. win 5,000x 
Features Multipliers, Bar Meter, Advent Calendar, Free Games, Respins, Scatters 

CasinosHunter was really curious to find out more about both slots. Check out the full Q&A for more details. 

Q&A Session With Bryan Upton

Bryan Upton, Founder of Lucksome
Bryan Upton
Founder of the Lucksome

Hello and thank you for the opportunity to talk about the new slots by Lucksome! Can you please tell us about the in-game features of “Coins on Fire”? It looks pretty much classic to us, but the features are rather fancy.

Coins on Fire Online Slot Gameplay
Coins on Fire Online Slot Win
Coins on Fire Online Slot Respins
Coins on Fire Online Slot Big Win

There are two features in Coins on Fire that are probably the most important. It features coins that are, obviously, on fire, and they - in combination with a wild - will set off the respins on fire feature. The number of respins you get is according to the total number you've got in those sub-tokens. 

The cool thing about this is that all the wilds that were there to trigger it are kept and locked - so they're sticky wilds - and any new wilds that come in also stick, plus any extra sub tokens that come in add to the respins.  

So it can just keep going - bang, bang, bang! The feature triggers frequently; you should see it easily within one short game session. On top of that, in permitted jurisdictions, what that does is double your base bet, so if you're betting a 1 EUR, you switch side bet on and the bet becomes 2 EUR . Now when you trigger the respins, it will show a mini slot machine and give you at least 1 extra respin and up to 7 extra. It's just a really simple, fast-action and fun game.

Can we already speak of how well the game was received by the operators and players? 

This game has the highest number of unique players for any of our games; it's had a lot of people play it, which is superb - we've got more people playing a Lucksome game than any other Lucksome game before at launch. 

We are super intrigued about the Saint Nicked slot! The theme and graphics are bold, can you tell us the “drunken quest” story behind this game’s concept?

Saint Nicked Online Slot Gameplay
Saint Nicked Online Slot Win
Saint Nicked Online Slot Free Spins
Saint Nicked Online Slot Bonus Game

The narrative is that Santa and Rudolph get a bit bored with "the Christmas thing" and just want to spend some time with each other on Christmas Eve. So instead of dropping presents off around the world, they go to a bar and get a bit tipsy in the base game. They then end up drinking a little too much that they get arrested and taken to prison, and this is where the free games take place. 

Can you please tell us more about the Bar Meter and the Advent Calendar features? 

The bar meter is what triggers the advent calendar. The bar meter has essentially four different colours according to which of the prizes you're going for. You'll see the advent calendar has doors one to twenty-five, and each one of those will have a colour associated with it according to the colour of a bauble: green, red or gold (and then there is the star on the top of the tree). If your next door is a green bauble - which is lowest in terms of prize amount - the bar meter will be green; the bar meter always shows what your next prize is based on its colour in the advent calendar. 

Collect beer glass sub-symbols on top of the reel symbols that arrive with numbers in them; every time you land one, they will top up the bar meter. For any spin where you don't get a sub symbol, the bar meter will reset. 

What you're looking for is to keep the streak going until it hits the number you need to trigger the Advent Calendar and get the prize behind the door. A green will need 20, a red needs 40, and a gold needs 60 beers.

This sounds like quite a lot but we've added safe points. Once you reach a safe point, the metre will only reset back down to that safe point; it won't go all the way down to the bottom. 

Once you build the bar metre to the relevant target, the advent calendar appears and you open whichever day's window you're up to. It will then spin in and will either award a cash prize, or it will spin in and launch free games bonus. 

As you move up the calendar, you'll get to the top, which is the 25th, and hit the big one - the star on top of the tree covered with toilet paper. From there you will win a higher than average number of free games. 

Once you've unlocked the 25th door, you're then in "Advent Calendar Plus Mode" and you can trigger door 25 over and over again. You've now got a new way of triggering free games and on average you're getting more free games on average triggered when you open the 25th door than if you triggered them normally in the game. The game will also now start to record how many times you've won the star and also what the last number of free games you won were. So it's a nice little achievement on the top.

In your opinion, what is the best about Saint Nicked game, and why players will love it? 

It's the humour. The story is easy to understand and works perfectly with the features.

A great example; the story is about Santa and Rudolph being together, so whenever they're in a win together and then they will "cheers!" you and all your wins are multiplied by them. It's all sewn together in a really nice narrative. 

We've put a lot of effort into the voiceovers for this game and they are hilarious.

We had a lot of fun trying to find the right voice actor who would be willing to do a drunk Santa and burp on a microphone for us. Hopefully the players will see that the humour works throughout the story of the game and it's just fun. The game itself is fun - there's a lot of stuff going on all the time: the advent calendar pops up frequently to relive your childhood dreams of seeing what’s behind each door. It's been super-fun to work on it; everything just makes sense and is funny. 

How long did it take you to make each game? 

Coins on Fire was much, much faster because it's a simpler game on pretty much every level, whereas Saint Nicked has a lot going on with it - a lot more audio, more features, and is a much more complex game. It's hard to quantify it, but Coins on Fire probably took about 5 months, and Saint Nicked was probably about seven to eight months. 

Is there anything about games Lucksome makes that tells you whether the game is likely to be a hit or not? 

There's always that unknown, obviously. Sometimes we get such a good feeling as we go through a game... when you start out with concepts, sometimes you can be not sure, or you can really think "this is it!" but then it can inverse; you can then go through a concept, gets to the end and go, "that's not where I wanted it to be". 

Other times you can start on something that isn't so great and then you end up "Oh my Word, this is something!".

I think it's when you've got the math in a great place but then the game itself and the visuals and the graphics pull together and show the best part of that math. That's when you start to think, "okay, this is going to be special".

There are so many factors that can affect whether a game is going to do well or not. But from a game design point of view, I think it's when the game represents the math and the math's interesting and cool and provides something exciting.

What markets are these games for? 

The interesting thing about Saint Nicked is that it'll be the first game that will be launching simultaneously in Italy and our larger network, which allows us to spread the joy to our Italian players; that's a big deal to us for sure. Otherwise it will go to our usual markets including the UK, Scandinavia, and other European markets.


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