CasinosHunter and BGaming: Q&A On Trends, Slots, and Metaverse

CasinosHunter and BGaming: Q&A On Trends, Slots, and Metaverse
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BGaming and CasinosHunter get together to discuss some of the most interesting topics in online casino gambling today. How will cryptocurrency change online casinos? Is VR gambling in Metaverse a real thing? What makes a really profitable and successful slot? Read about this and more on this page!

About the Speakers

Kate Puteiko
Kate Puteiko
Product Marketing Lead at BGaming

Kate Puteiko is the Product Marketing Lead at BGaming, one of the leading software providers in the online gambling and iGaming niches. BGaming has been around for almost two decades, and it has been making awesome slot games and other software products, earning the reputation of a professional studio and a highly reliable partner. At the time of making this content, BGaming boasts 70+ games, 700+ partners around the globe, 90+ currencies supported, and is also one of the true pioneers in cryptocurrency gambling.

Mike Hunter, CasinosHunter
Mike Hunter
Co-Founder at CasinosHunter

Mike Hunter is the head of the CasinosHunter casino reviewing platform. CasinosHunter’s main task is to review online casinos and casino games; besides, this resource creates guidelines, and educational content, and collaborates with software providers for content creation. There are 100+ online casinos and 5-+ interviews with representatives of the leading online casino software provider companies. All gamblers who enjoy online casino games and want to learn more about games, gaming strategies, tips, payment nuances, etc., can learn more on the CasinosHunter platform.

Crypto trends in online gambling are massive and not new, but are there any particular smaller trends in crypto gambling that have emerged recently? What should fiat casinos consider about crypto trends today? 

Kate Puteiko: I would say the fact is that crypto brings younger audiences to iGaming.

Since the audience of crypto projects is younger and is actively migrating to the iGaming space, both studios and casinos need to be flexible to meet the needs of younger players.

Studios should be able to produce high-quality content familiar to such players and casinos to diversify their portfolios. 

While analyzing the crypto players' preferences, it became obvious that the classic approach to game development doesn't work anymore — for example, the vast differences in the design and direction of graphics.

The new generation of players has grown on high-quality video games and is demanding in terms of UI.

They search for something familiar when they come to online casinos. 

Another trend that the younger audience pushes is multiplayer gaming. We launched our first multiplayer Space XY at the beginning of the year, and its performance has drawn our attention, verifying the hypothesis that a new generation of gamers wants to play together.

Mike Hunter: Recently, among the crypto casinos, there has been a small trend to create their own tokens, which are further used by the player as a currency within the online casino itself. This cool option allows players to greatly speed up the withdrawal process, as well as avoid unnecessary operations and commissions in the case of exchanges since the casino itself acts as an exchanger.

Moreover, as is the case with all cryptocurrencies, the player's assets can have passive growth in relation to the popularity of the token and the casino itself.

VR has also been a thing for years but not much real progress has been seen in terms of online casino gambling until Metaverse was represented. What are the chances that Metaverse will take VR gambling to a new level in practice, not in theory? 

Kate Puteiko: I'm sure that VR gambling has all chances to have a fresh breath in case Metaverse will be able to become a part of our day-to-day life. It will mainly mean that more and more people will have their own VR equipment. VR gambling entry threshold is much higher than if we are talking about smartphones or PCs. If the ownership of VR headsets becomes a must-have for everyone, it will definitely give an impulse to a new era of VR gambling.

Mike Hunter: Metaverse in the future is what should take iGaming to a whole new level. COVID-19 and the closure of land-based casinos have made it clear that players have a huge interest in the development of VR gambling.

This will definitely be a qualitatively new leap for niche development, which will allow the studios to implement their wildest ideas, and players to get a new interaction experience and new, fresh emotions. 

Not just online casino game providers and online casinos have to watch the trends, affiliate sites have to do that, too. What approaches are taken by BGaming when working with the affiliates? What are the biggest issues faced by the affiliate sites today from CasinosHunter’s perspective? Are there general trends or recommendations that affiliate sites should have considered, to be on the same page with the leading businesses in the niche? 

Kate Puteiko: When talking about affiliates, everyone thinks about their ability to promote casinos and provide them valuable traffic of players. But from the content provider's perspective, affiliates can be considered trusted gatekeepers to the extensive network of operators. And the word trusted is fundamental here.

At this point, I'll say that an affiliate needs to aim toward building a solid brand and community around it.

Credibility from both providers and operators can make an affiliate a perfect third party to help create a successful collaboration between casino and content provider. 

We had a successful case when a trusted affiliate who likes our approach to game development made a referral to the operator similar to our business approach. No commitment from the affiliate, just an intro and a good word which has resulted in a win-win situation. We have successfully almost closed the integration stage with the operator, and same as in classic referral programs, the affiliate gained a reward for this introduction. We aim to develop the referral program for affiliates and are about to launch it officially.

Mike Hunter: The main mistake of most operators and providers in relation to affiliate sites is to underestimate their capabilities and/or work exclusively in the context of direct lead generation.

Affiliate sites are primarily about content that, with proper quality, can lead to the generation of traffic to the operator's website.

Affiliates are the link that is directly between the player and the casino or studio. Therefore, it is especially important that all parties work together not only in content commerce but also in content creation. 

BGaming releases several slot games per year, providing the highest level of quality and user experience. CasinosHunter makes reviews for dozens of slots with different themes, mechanics, and features. What makes a really good slot game, profitable for the provider and for the player?

Kate Puteiko: Eventually, the profitable slot for a provider is the one popular and loved by players.

For most players, the profit comes in the form of entertainment, and if it also brings them a financial result, it, of course, makes the experience doubly pleasant.

But considering the fact that some players value variety while others stick to particular math or mechanics, I can only say that it is sometimes hard to predict if the slot will become a blast or not. Respect your players, provide high-quality design, watch trends, experiment, and entertain them in the best possible ways! Analytics helps to make tendencies more transparent and helps identify players' cohorts. We have recently invested in a new high-powered data collection and storage infrastructure to understand our players' choices better.

Mike Hunter: In recent years, the popularity of one or another slot is largely determined by the visual component (design, graphics) and of course the mechanics and the gameplay itself. But also, often a successful thematic design of a slot (this is especially true for slots that were originally created for a certain market) can play a decisive role if the design turns out trendy. In this context, slots in the theme of ancient Egypt and Viking mythology, which were very popular not so long ago, can be very good examples. 

In today's realities and huge competition in the market, just choosing a successful game theme is not enough, the quality of each element that interacts with the player, from the soundtrack to the gameplay element, plays a huge role. 

According to own opinions and insights, what features in slots are the most popular among players today? Maybe BGaming can tell more about its recent releases and why this or that feature was chosen to be added to the games? 

Kate Puteiko: We now experiment with combining features from various genres. Our recent slot Big Atlantis Frenzy is an excellent example of this approach since it captures the best mechanics of "fishing" slots and is enhanced with a pack of extra features integrated to boost players' engagement. The slot comes with a massive collection of features: Free Spins, Wilds, Collectible fish symbols, Buy bonus, Buy chance, and a reel size change option that allows players to set a reel size and bet lines themself increasing the win potential of a bet. 

We have just announced that our popular Lucky Lady Moon enhanced with MEGAWAYS™ mechanics will be released this July. I bet the slot will become a hit!

Mike Hunter: Free Spins feature is a king at all times. It is the Free Spins that make the gamblers play slots in order to enjoy bonuses in free spins and hit the jackpot. 

In the context of Free Spins, the Bonus Buy feature can be considered a very good solution, which allows you not to hope for random luck, but to immediately get free spins and increase the odds of winning. 

Also, Sticky Wilds are especially popular when the wild symbol freezes in its place for several spins and Expanding Wilds. 


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