Interview With Petr Brezina, Compliance Manager at Kajot Games

Interview With Petr Brezina, Compliance Manager at Kajot Games
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CasinosHunter has organized a Q&A with Petr Brezina, Compliance Manager at Kajot Games, one of the oldest European casino software providers that has been around for years making games for land-based casinos, and since 2017 it has been in the online niche. This Q&A tells more about the Kajot Games brand and the games! 

About Kajot Games

Kajot Games

Kajot Games has been 25+ years in the gambling market as such, making games for land-based facilities, and since 2017 the company has been making games for online casinos. Due to the truly outstanding experience and knowledge in the niche, being one of the oldest European companies, Kajot Games successfully transferred its skills and now quickly wins the position in online gambling. 

Kajot Games include slots and variations like dice slots; the games are optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile gambling, and even for TV gambling. The licenses held are by the MGA for online operations; as for land-based casinos, the company has its games represented in Czech, Slovak Republic, Croatian, and Romanian casinos. 

Today, Kajot has around 30 games for online casinos in its collection, and during the year, about 12 games more are planned. Fruit slots are among the most well-known and popular products by Kajot. One of the signature features of this brand when it comes to successful games is the ability to take popular and successful games for land-based facilities and transform their concepts into beautiful and cool games for online casinos. 

Despite being so “old”, Kajot Games is not stuck in its approaches and keeps up with the new trends and opportunities. The fun games by this provider are now available not only in certain countries but for players in the international online casinos. The company also works on its sports betting entertainment services, so we can expect it to expand even more in the near future. 

CasinosHunter talked about the journey, approaches, and plans for the future with Petr Brezina, Compliance Manager at Kajot Games.

Q/A Session With Petr Brezina, Compliance Manager

Petr Brezina, Kajot Games
Petr Brezina
Compliance Manager at Kajot Games
Kajot Games

Hello everyone, my name is Petr and I work for the Kajot brand for 5 years now. I started (and still participate within the team) as a compliance manager where my main job was to make sure that all the Kajot’s products comply with the law requirements and standards and also to certify these products for different markets. As time flew, I also worked in the position of Game development manager, taking care of a team of programmers, sound and graphics designers, and mathematicians. That was a great experience, but after a year I realized I am not at the right place where I wanted to be and moved more to the business part, and currently, except for helping with compliance, I work as a Key account manager, taking care of our partners.

Speaking of the Kajot brand, it needs to be said that Kajot Games are only one part of the brand which focuses on developing online content (mostly games, but also other features and necessary frontend/backend support for our partners). Kajot brand is also well known in land-based as we develop and manufacture our own gaming machines, and games, and last but not least, we have our own land-based operations (casino) in Czech, Slovak Republic, Croatia, and Romania.

Kajot Games is really old, it has been in the niche since 1996, and it has been making games for both land-based casinos and online casinos. Can you tell us what is the ratio of your focus? Do you focus equally on making products for offline and online casinos? 

Yes, we celebrated being 25 years on the market last year, but as mentioned above, beginnings were bound with the land-based sector only. We are used to labeling our internet content as Kajot Games and this part of our business is rather new as it was established back in 2017. For sure, we need to separate these two developments from each other due to a few obvious reasons like a programming language, different systems the components are running at, requirements for infrastructure etc. But there is quite a big intersection where both these sectors meet and that is game content. Both teams are used to work together sharing graphics, sounds and maths resources.

In past two “Covid” years, we have put little bit more emphasis on developing games for online casino. In practice it means that the roadmap for this year contains few more games for online markets rather than offline. Of course, this does not mean we are not active or working towards our offline goals and portfolio.

Are there any curious differences between making a casino game for offline and online casinos? If you can share.

There are few. Mainly the programming language we use which comes along with different needs when looking for new colleagues. As I remember when I used to work as a manager of development team, it was easier to find programmers for online rather than offline. As far as I know, the situation on HR market is still more or less the same, unfortunately. But talking with either partners or competitors during the different trade shows and events, this situation is the same wherever is your company based – Germany, U.K., Malta or Czech Republic – everyone would love to have more skilled and experienced programmers.

Otherwise, when making a new game, graphics, sounds, and game logic are the core of every single game. This core can be prepared at the same time of its process for online and also offline. As I see it, then it is about the “polishing” of the result itself. By that I mean that once the there is a prototype you can try, play and test, the possibilities how to make the game special are almost endless in online world. We take our time for this part so the game is unique. This part may be different too. 

Kajot Games has been around for ages, but it seems that online gamblers have discovered it “en masse” comparatively recently? If you would compare Kajot Games to other online casino game providers, what are the company’s strengths? 

Kajot games are with the players since 2017, so there is still a lot of space for us where we can do better, learn new thigs and grow. Comparing us to other providers, we have definitely an advantage in the previous experience from land-based. We already had the basic building block when we were starting – we had games in the portfolio we could just take and re-do for online, plus a strong team of dedicated colleagues who wanted to push their limits with Kajot Games to a different level.

On the other hand, this is quite a responsibility as you need to make sure your land-based partners and end users also get what they need and deserve. Modern online studios which walk only by the path on online word do not need to struggle with that which I would say is good for them.

How many games are there in the Kajot library as of now? How many games do you release per month or per year? How much time is needed to make a new game, from idea to release? 

There are about 30 games already released for Czech market where we are dominating as it is the home market of original Kajot brand. For other markets we go with less games for now – mostly 15-20 and still growing. Plans for this year is to add about 12 new games. We usually plan for the whole year and then split per quarterly releases as the games need to be already certified when offered for the market(s).
The game can be done within 3-6 months depending on the sophistication of graphics and animations. The more neat and sophisticated game we want, the longer it takes us to finish it. 

What are the signature features of games by Kajot?

Kajot Jokers

Kajot is well know for its fruit games, but lately as the markets demands aim also for thematic games, we started to use unifying element of Joker.

Where possible you will be seeing our Joker or Joker lady in different looks. What I personally thing players liked in former Kajot land-based games is the logic and plenty of different bonus features. Every player could find a game or two, three he liked the most. As mentioned above, this is our advantage – we have a pool of great and popular games players already know and we can always pick one and either re-do it for online or get inspired, add something and do it as a completely new game. 

What are the three (or five!) most popular Kajot Games? What is so special about them for the players?

3 most popular slots by Kajot Games

This is quite easy one, thanks for that. If you play Kajot a lot or prefer a different competition of ours, but you were in a land-based casino, you must have heard of Simply the Best 81, Joker 27 or Ring of Fire XL.Those are our classics. All these were also re-created for online where they have very strong competition in our Multi Vegas 81, Super Joker 40 or Vikings, for example.

All of these are very popular and well known among the players. I am not sure whether I know the answer for your question what is so special about them though. I would say it is right volatility, mix of sounds and also fluency. For me, when I play a game, I sometimes start to get bored and turn the game off. With Muti Vegas 81 or Super Joker 40, the ratio of everything that is needed for the game is there. I play these just to have fun and I always do. But it would be good to see what the players’ answers would be.  

What is the biggest possible win in your games? Has anyone already hit that win, and if yes, what game was it?

As far as I know, the highest win multiplayer on online is 12.100 x bet. The game which has it was release last year. It is called Secret Rose and I have not heard that anyone would reach the maximum win yet. Most of our games has the maximum multiplier of 500 or 1.000 x bet. There are only few that have more (like 1.400, 5.400 or 10.000 x bet) 

Kajot Games have been in the market for ages. What global online gambling trends do you notice today? In your opinion, what trends are here to stay and reshape the market, and what trends will become thing of the past? 

This is quite tough question. What I notice is strong regulation all over the world, a lot of countries and their governments have realized that regulating gambling is inevitable.

Personally, idea of regulating is fine with me as far as the laws and its requirements are meaningful, written or at least consulted with someone who knows the gambling business (even better was in business), its trends, security requirements etc. and as far as it creates space for healthy competition on the market.

I have already come along several regulations from different markets which contained few completely absurd requirements on game suppliers. In my opinion, more and more countries will start to regulate online gambling, there will be more pressure about it.

From a product perspective, I noticed huge increase of new gaming studios which are focused basically on creating and providing online slots only. Some of them are very innovative in what they do. Game suppliers will need to focus more on their own progression - internally so they retain satisfied employees and onboard new needed ones and also evolution of their products so they keep the track with competition. 

Can you please tell us more about Kajot Games' plans for the future or upcoming releases? 

Until the end of the year, we plan to finish and certify about 15 new games. Some of them will be typical for our brand – fruit slots. There will be few thematic games and we would love to also manage one exclusive game for one of our partners. Unfortunately, I cannot tell more on this one.

Our latest slot game we are just providing to our partners is called Tutti Frutti and we used its topic around different European shows/expos in 2021:

Kajot Games ExpoTutti Frutti Slot

It is quite a hot hit, so feel free to play a fun mode here.

Together with this game, we are also gradually integrating our progressive jackpot called Joker Bonus which I believe will also be popular with the players.

Joker Bonus Online Slot


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