Interview With Renata Banyar, CMO at Betsoft Gaming

Interview With Renata Banyar, CMO at Betsoft Gaming
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Renata Banyar, CMO at Betsoft Gaming, has kindly agreed to participate in the new Q&A and shared lots of curious details and insights about the company’s journey, approach to games development, the vision of the industry, and more. If you’d like to know more about the perks offered by Betsoft, check out the Q&A!

About Betsoft Gaming

BetSoft Gaming

Founded in 2006, Betsoft is one of the true leaders of the online casino gambling niche that has been evolving in huge steps during all those years. By the time of writing this overview, and making this extensive Q&A, Betsoft boasts 200+ high-quality games (and one or two new games are released every month) represented in 500+ reliable casino sites all over the world. 

Cinematic 3D games - slots, Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette - are completely mobile-compatible, cross-platform friendly HTML5-based content, and are extremely advantageous not only for the players but also for the casinos hosting them, due to 99.98% uptime and 100% delivered Roadmap. Betsoft Gaming provides the utmost user experience both to the players at online casinos and to the casinos as B2B customers. 

The company is certified by the Malta Gaming Authority, Romania, AAMS, and the Danish Gambling Authority. Additionally, Betsoft Gaming is accessible in regulated markets including Belgium, Spain, Holland, Italy, and Sweden. Plus, this provider holds numerous awards won during the years of flawless operation in the industry. All this makes Betsoft a reputable and reliable provider. 

Besides making games, Betsoft Gaming offers software solutions and products such as The Shift™ Platform for desktop games, and Vault™ for seamless online gambling even if the internet speed leaves much to be desired. 

Betsoft offers technical services, marketing services, and promotional tools for online casinos, and follows a strict Responsible Gambling policy. Obviously, CasinosHunter was interested in learning more about the company! If you’d like to find out more about Betsoft, check out this Q&A!

Q/A Session With Renata Banyar, CMO at Betsoft Gaming

Renata Banyar, CMO at Betsoft Gaming
Renata Banyar
CMO at Betsoft Gaming

Thank you for the invitation. It’s a pleasure to talk to you. In terms of my experience, since joining the industry in 2006, I have worked in various B2B and B2C roles for globally known brands. My specialisation is in marketing strategy; brand awareness; promotions; CRM and innovative in-game tools. This wide-ranging exposure to the iGaming world involved relocating to Vienna, Gibraltar, and Malta and, as I love travelling, this was an added bonus.

I have been CMO at Betsoft Gaming since March 2021 and, from a general perspective, my key responsibility is to devise and implement the marketing strategy to drive business. This requires excellent product knowledge and a deep understanding of our clients’ and players’ needs.

With my team, we work across the marketing spectrum – from delivering engaging content across all media platforms; to promotions; new product launches; campaigns; industry events, conferences; and everything else that carries the Betsoft brand. As Betsoft is an international and remote working business, the CMO role also requires very good managerial and organizational skills, a creative mindset, attention to detail, and an eye for the Big Picture.

Betsoft was founded in 2006, is that correct? It’s been quite a journey: what was the most challenging part of it? Were the last couple of years especially complicated?

Yes - Betsoft Gaming was founded in 2006 and so is probably one of the original gaming content companies. The changes – from technology growth, certification and regulated markets, public image, and perception; to the size and value of the industry today - are immense. However, the original founding ethos was to be the best cinematic gaming content supplier and that has not changed.

As a forward-thinking business, we have always been innovative and ahead of the curve. Over the last few years, changes in terms of regulation from the business side and technology advances from the content side were factored in.

From the content side especially, we were more building the future rather than reacting to it.

We didn’t see Covid coming though! Ironically, the global lack of live sports and the restrictions on going out were beneficial to our industry: more people had to find ways of entertaining themselves and slots were a big winner. 

We believe in quality not quantity in the creation of video slots.

We are known for our signature features - the Betsoft Buy-In for example - as well as our amazing animations and great storylines.

Releasing series such as the ‘Take’ games (Take the Bank™; Take Santa’s Shop™; Take Olympus™; Take the Kingdom™, and more in design) and ‘Pop’ (Sugar Pop™; Sugar Pop II Double Dipped™; Chilli Pop™; and Monster Pop™) creates real engagement with players. A long-term client base and global player recognition are a great asset at any time but especially over the last few years. It made our lives easier to have heritage in the industry.

Betsoft is a reputable and well-known provider, but it still has many competitors. If you would compare Betsoft to other companies in the niche, in your opinion, what are the company’s biggest strengths?

The iGaming industry certainly is a crowded marketplace! However, quality will always win out. Our name was built - and continues to be built - on our releases, as they offer a fantastic mix of themes, graphics, features, and win potential. From older slots such as Gladiator™ in 2013 or The Slotfather II™ in 2017™ to our latest releases Alkemor’s Elements™ and Gemini Joker™, we have always been original and humorous in equal measures. Betsoft is an entertainment business first. Our clients and players come to us for great gameplay.

Betsoft Games

We appeal across demographics: if you were to pick any theme or storyline - magic; adventure, dragons, prehistory, aliens; treasure hunters; mad scientists; cops & robbers - Betsoft will have a great game that appeals to new players and high rollers alike.

We also have a varied mix of volatility and variance across the portfolio. Releases such as Dim Sum Prize™ - part of the Red Dragon series, the ‘Pop’ series, and Safari Sam™ all offer above-average RTPs as well as our signature graphics. 

Bonus features, progressive jackpots, multipliers, and free spins are built-in features in all the games. Many of our releases have a base game that explodes into a second narrative once the features are triggered – Mr. Macau™; Stacked™; and all the ‘Take’ releases for example.

We also localize and translate our games for specific markets, so they have resonance across borders. On top of the tech, we probably think more like moviemakers.

Tech-wise, we offer 99.98% uptime across over 500 casinos globally. All our releases are mobile-friendly with quick loading times and lightweight deployment. Of course, the games are compatible across platforms and devices and there is no loss of quality in our imagery on mobile play either. Betsoft games are verified by all leading certification houses including GLI and iTech Labs.

So, in a nutshell, Betsoft strengths are originality; brand integrity; quality content; immersive play; excellent RTP; speed to market without lowering standards; certification and regulation; 100% Roadmap delivery, and a full backup team of experts who love what they do. Did I also mention we’re nice to work with?

Betsoft holds licenses from the MGA and Romania. What other markets are you interested in?

We’re certified by the Malta Gaming Authority, Romania, AAMS and the Danish Gambling Authority. Additionally, Betsoft Gaming is accessible in regulated markets including Belgium, Spain, Holland, Italy, and Sweden. 

Having successfully undertaken two ISMS audits in 2020 to allow us to operate in both Spain and Colombia, we have focused on widening our reach and accessibility across these markets. We have also received a “Certificate of Suitability” from the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board which legally allows players in South Africa to access the growing portfolio.

As more countries become regulated, it becomes easier for us to enter them - Holland and Belgium for example have opened up since October 2021 - and we were among the first content suppliers to be accessible there. Romania and Ukraine are becoming increasingly more important too. 

We are also interested in demographics as much as geographical markets. More women are playing slots than ever before and our content is of significant appeal to them through the variety of themes, wide betting ranges and safe entertainment value.

How large is the Betsoft portfolio? How many games do you release per month or per year?

Betsoft portfolio

200 + games in the portfolio so far and growing. We release one to two slots per month currently. As we said before, it’s quality, not quantity we offer. We have created long-term client and player bases through our guaranteed integrity. We deliver 100% on the Roadmap so clients are completely confident in us. This restricted rollout also allows us to give valuable ‘Exclusives’ to our clients and to work on some special launches and promos. For example, Return to Paris™ is a fantastically detailed slot and more like a movie than just a game. So, we developed a ‘Movie Night’ campaign with clients which gave us some great co-branding and merchandising opportunities to get the game out there to players. It’s currently nominated in several categories for various awards so we are really hoping it gets the acknowledgment it deserves.

Theme-wise, we cover practically every storyline there is, all offering innovative, feature-rich, and engaging play. To give you an idea, we have cartoon crime capers; dark magic; traditional/classic fruit slots; animal-themed adventures; Greek gods; dinosaurs; Vikings; time travel; space and alien-themed slots; food and drink; superheroes; adventurers and fairies. And I am sure there are more. 

Story-driven slots create instant character recognition for players. Add in hugely engaging mechanics, features, bonus rounds, and multipliers and you can see why the Betsoft portfolio is so instantly engaging. And that’s before we’ve got to the excellent RTP, frequent wins, and significant big win potential we offer in all our games.

All our releases are built with a mobile-first mindset for compatibility across devices and platforms. Players actively seek out Betsoft content so this leads to a significant reduction in churn for our casino clients.

We also have won a considerable number of awards for our releases including Game of the Year; Slot Provider of the Year; Mobile Supplier of the Year; RNG Supplier of the Year and Innovator of the Year.

What are 5 the most popular games by Betsoft so far? What is so special about them?

That there are so many ways of assessing a game’s popularity – long-term and short-term, by bets wagered, awards won, and so on. Some of our older releases are still massively popular with certain demographics and regions. 

Let me start with what makes our games special. Some countries or regions have a definite affiliation towards characters or themes; but it is the mix of gameplay, RTP, and features that keep players coming back. Our A/V is outstanding on every release – we are a benchmark in the industry for this. Our narratives/themes are hugely entertaining and always in sync with the features to create engagement and to give all-around experiential gaming.

Most Betsoft releases have base games that switch into second screens once a feature is triggered. That ‘constantly getting a new experience’ feeling appeals across all player demographics. Mr. Macau™ and Stacked ™ have some of the best examples of this.

Betsoft Mr. Macau Second Screen

Players gain access to the VIP section of Mr. Macau’s casino when they trigger the feature. In Stacked™, the one-off PRISMATIC REEL begins with a flash of blue lightning as one entire reel goes wild throughout the free spins rounds. 

It is these details and their constant entertainment value that keep players coming back to Betsoft. Our games have a mix of volatilities so there are some releases offering frequent wins and some offering very big wins!

Many of the older releases such as The Slotfather™, Stampede™, and Jumbo Joker™ are all still hugely popular. As we are also renowned for releasing sequels, players buy into the recognition. How has the game and the narrative moved on? What new features will be included? Safari Sam™ (2012 release) for example is a 5 reel, 30 payline slot set on the African Savannah. With a collapsing reels feature, free spins, and a Double Up feature, players were massively attracted to the gameplay as well as the frequent wins. 2021 saw us release Safari Sam 2™ in an even bigger adventure and this time with 50 paylines, an RTP of 96.3%, and some amazing features to trigger the Free Spins.

Safari Sam & Safari Sam 2 Slots Betsoft

Alkemor’s Tower™ (2015) brought Merlin-esque magic to the reels with a bearded wizard and magical spells plus 243 ways to win. Cut to 2022 and Alkemor’s Tower™; the wizard is back in a special progression game to fill the Elemental Counters and win up to 1,200x your bet.

Alkemor’s Tower and Alkemor’s Elements Betsoft Slots

Players who connect with a character or narrative will buy straight into the sequel. New players search back through the portfolio to find the original. It’s a win/win for everyone.

My Top Five so far would be:

  1. Thai Blossoms™
  2. Take The Bank™
  3. Jungle Stripes™
  4. Take The Kingdom™
  5. Stay Frosty™

When you play them, you will see why!

In addition to games, Betsoft also offers software products and different services, and obviously, the company knows the online gambling niche from the inside very well. What new trends have you been noticing lately? What do you think we should expect in the near future?

Probably the main ongoing trends are an even greater focus on mobile; the uplift in crypto adoption; and increased gamification. We are also seeing more women working in the industry and more women playing our slots.

Betsoft has taken a ‘Mobile First’ stance for a number of years now but we constantly review this. From portrait over landscape viewing preferences to left-handed players, our focus groups and player feedback – as well as being gamers ourselves – regularly inform and update us. The ubiquity of the smartphone around the world and the increase in accessibility to 5G also have made mobile gaming more popular with many people. Many of our casino clients – both longstanding and new – are moving to crypto offerings and this is something we only expect to increase. As people become more comfortable with the concept and the security of the blockchain, more players will use this currency – as well as all the fiat currencies being used already. Crypto will be ‘as well as’ and not ‘instead of’ for the foreseeable future.

Gamification tools are immense: earlier this year Betsoft launched Take the Prize™, our in-game promo tool to increase immersive play.

Take the Prize™ offers a random fortune wheel with cash prizes or bonuses in the qualifying games throughout any promotion. It is delivered without interrupting gameplay or affecting RTP and prize-winning spins can be triggered at any point in the game. It is also applicable in any chosen game from the portfolio.

It’s also a customisable tool that offers in-game experiences with real-time notifications, instant rewards, and a highly inventive UI for the ultimate user experience. We ensured that, as a visually high-impact product, Take the Prize™ is especially mobile-friendly whilst also compatible across all devices.

Take the Prize™ was the first product to be launched, with others currently in development. While each tool will work effortlessly on a standalone basis, all the promotion tools can be combined simultaneously on the qualifying games and across the same promotion and timeframe, leading to substantial wins and massively exciting gameplay.

In the future, probably VR is going to take a front seat for certain styles of play but also the classic table games will see a resurgence. Post Covid, when people are out of the home or office, they want to be ‘out’ out and mixing: when they are at home or alone, they still want to be engaged, challenged, and entertained. Poker, Baccarat, and Blackjack are all games needing a bit of skill and knowledge of the rules. Live dealer Roulette is also another area of growth we expect to see developing.

What are Betsoft’s plans? What new releases should we expect?

We have a number of new releases in production. Gemini Joker™ is due out on 26th May 2022, followed by Book of Helios™ in June, with plenty more sequels and new themes coming. We are also developing more enhancement and gamification tools following the launch of Take the Prize™.

New Betsoft Slots - Gemini Joker and Book of Helios

We relaunched our Client Area to make it super simple for clients to access the assets and we are mid-re-design of our website. Busy times with good things coming. Keep watching as we have plenty of surprises.


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