Interview With Janine Lusted From Buck Stakes Entertainment

Interview With Janine Lusted From Buck Stakes Entertainment
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Janine Lusted, Chief Product Officer at Buck Stakes Entertainment, sat down with CasinosHunter to tell us more about the company, its games, plans, and approaches. Being an exclusive supplier to Games Global, Buck Stakes Entertainment has its games offered in many online casinos. So if you want to learn more about this provider, please check out the full Q&A on this page!

About Buck Stakes Entertainment

Buck Stakes Entertainment

At the time of writing this Q&A, games by Buck Stakes Entertainment are available at around 100 online casinos all over the world. Buck Stakes is a small company founded in 2020, but being an exclusive supplier to Games Global, it can promote and distribute its games in many countries to thousands of gamblers. 

Right now, there are only five games in the company’s portfolio, as one game is being developed for 3 months or more, depending on the mechanics and features. But Buck Stakes Entertainment’s main focus is innovation, and the goal is to create games that bring clear value to the player and also to the industry. 

This South African studio watches the trends carefully and creates entertaining and immersive online casino games that steal the hearts of the players. CasinosHunter was happy to be able to organize a Q&A with Janine Lusted, Chief Product Officer at Buck Stakes Entertainment, and find out more about the company, its games, and plans.

Q&A Session With Janine Lusted, Chief Product Officer

Janine Lusted, Chief Product Officer at Buck Stakes Entertainment
Janine Lusted
Chief Product Officer at Buck Stakes Entertainment
Buck Stakes Entertainment

Hello and thank you for taking part in our Q&A! To begin with, can you please tell our readers more about Buck Stakes Entertainment and its path in the industry? 

We were founded in 2020. We’re a small team but we have lots of industry experience across different roles, from design to business analysis to software development. We've worked in various teams around the industry, working on projects like VR gambling games, smartwatches, and smart TVs. We've worked on land-based slots before, and many of us were among the first people to work on mobile gaming. So, Buck Stakes Entertainment is a relatively new studio that's given us a platform to focus on the content and the innovation of that content. Our history of working on new technology in the industry has given us the focus to see what we can do with innovation and how we can apply this to the operators.

We want to make sure that anything we release from an innovation perspective gives a great gaming experience for players, but is also useful from a business point of view. That's our motto at the moment; our vision for the next couple of years is to introduce new games to the market that bring clear value.

And can you please tell us more about yourself, your experience in the niche, and what you do for the company?

Janine Lusted, Chief Product Officer at Buck Stakes Entertainment

My background is in design. I’m very passionate about UX and creating beautiful experiences that evoke emotion. I have been designing and building casino products for 15+ years. I was part of the initial team, designing the first mobile smartphone casinos, slots, and table games. These days I run our Buck Stakes Entertainment studio, from conceptualization to directing the design, as well as the development of our games. We are very fortunate to have a team of talented, creative, and passionate people. Our small studio works very closely together, with every one of the team involved and invested within all aspects of the game creation process. 

How many slots are in the company’s portfolio today? 

We currently have five games live, some global and others exclusive with specific operators. We have our next game Betty’s Big Bonanza™ launching next! 

Betty’s Big Bonanza™ Online Slot

How long does it take to make a new game from scratch? 

It really depends on the game or product we are building. We often take a prototype-style approach when creating a new concept within a game.

Creating processes of a new online slot at Buck Stakes Entertainment

The aim is to test viability in the market and have a good understanding if players enjoy the games and features. We have built games end to end in a three-month period. More complex games and mechanics with rich game art do require more time. 

Buck Stakes Entertainment is a supplier to Games Global so its slots are released exclusively on Games Global’s platforms which is a huge advantage for promotion. However, if you would compare Buck Stakes Entertainment to other providers, what are the company’s advantages? 

As our focus is on innovation, Games Global provides us with a platform where we have creative freedom, and where we can explore and experiment with new gaming concepts and find new ways to entertain players. It’s an exciting space to be in! There are so many lessons to learn, both in failures and successes. 

What is the biggest win possible in your games?

Mega Money Wheel Online Slot

Players stand a chance to become millionaires with our ‘Mega Money Wheel’ - a first of its kind. 

How many casinos already have games by Buck Stakes Entertainment? 

We exclusively supply through the Games Global distribution platform which gives us access to the best casinos in the world. We are live to over 100 casino operators. Through the Games Global platform, we are able to reach more operators with every new innovative product we create. 

What online gambling trends have you been noticing these days? 

There seems to be more focus on tailoring game experiences for players, giving more variety in game design and volatility. Online slots have come a long way, and as devices advance, gamification is most definitely evolving, creating richer experiences and more entertainment. 

From a feature point of view, sticky wilds and tiered bonus buys are making a comeback. 

Are there any particular trends in the South African gambling industry? 

Online sports betting seems to be trending in South Africa at the moment. Marketing of this product type is much more noticeable in the media. 

What are the company’s plans for the future? What new releases should we expect? 

Much more games! Our focus is on giving the industry and players more value and entertainment. That will be our aim in our up-and-coming game releases, which will introduce new game types and features within our slots! 

Thank you so much for your time, and participation in our Q&A!  

Thank you, it is always great to share our studios content! If your readers would like to keep up to date on the latest news from Buck Stakes Entertainment, just head to our website,, or follow our socials. 


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