Interview With Ana D’Arrigo from AvatarUX

Interview With Ana D’Arrigo from AvatarUX
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Ana D’Arrigo, the Head of Marketing of the award-winning AvatarUX Studios, has shared some curious insights about the company’s approach to games development. We have discussed games, game mechanics, the path taken by the company, and more. Check out the full Q&A to learn what games by AvatarUX are the best to start with!

About AvatarUX Studio


Launched in 2019, AvatarUX is based in Malta but has a clear trend for Asian style. The company enjoys a global presence being a partner to and being powered by Yggdrasil. 

Due to the team’s obvious talent and unique vision of the games that must be offered at online casino sites, with the help of Yggdrasil, AvatarUX has eventually forged a strong identity and already has signature mechanics that make its games almost instantly recognizable. One of them is the PopWins™ mechanic that is central in many company’s released games and continues to win the hearts and minds of players all around the world. 

AvatarUX not only offers really beautiful games with mind-blowing designs and satisfying visuals, but have various volatility levels, lines and ways for winning, and different in-game features. The RTP rates are usually higher than average thus catering to the interests of most players. 

Despite the fact that AvatarUX is still a comparatively small studio, it already stands out from the crowd and wins some awards for being so innovative. CasinosHunter was extremely curious about this provider and is happy to present this Q&A with Ana D’Arrigo, the Head of Marketing.

Q&A Session With Ana D’Arrigo

Ana D’Arrigo, Head of Marketing at AvatarUX
Ana D’Arrigo
Head of Marketing at AvatarUX

Hello, thanks for inviting AvatarUX to this session. My name is Ana and I am the Head of Marketing at AvatarUX. I have an extensive experience in the industry - 10+ years. Throughout the years I’ve worked in both the b2c and b2b sides of the industry and held different positions in Operations, Product & Marketing. At AvatarUX, I take care of managing and coordinating all marketing activities as well as the relationship management side of things.

AvatarUX is a recent company, launched, as far as we know, in 2018 during SiGMA and using the Yggdrasil Network, is that correct? What was the core idea behind launching this project? 

Our first game was launched officially in 2019 on the Yggdrasil Network. We started as one of the few partners in the YGS Masters program. It is a program that Yggdrasil offers to partners/studios who want to use their expertise and tech abilities to launch, with their collaboration, games on a wide network. We decided to use this opportunity as, like any other company at its beginnings, we did not have the capacity to handle independently all processes around game launches.

Though we wanted to make games and we were passionate about what we do (and what we had to offer to the players) so we embarked on the journey and here we are now. 

Is there a story behind the unusual name of the studio? 

Our name is based on elements we believe resonate well with what we do and focus on. UX stands for user experience, which is what slot development and gaming are all about. The fusion with “Avatar”- the mystical transformation or physical manifestation ties in, conceptually, with who we are and what we do - a physical manifestation of creativity and unique user experience. 

There are many competing studios in the online casino games industry, but we don’t have to ask what makes AvatarUX immediately recognizable - it is the PopWins mechanics, of course. Can you please explain what makes PopWins so unique if we’re talking about the player’s experience?

PopWins™ Mechanics by AvatarUX

PopWins™ is a mechanic that focuses on an important element in the player experience – the win. This mechanic was created with the idea to enhance the win potential. Every time a player spins a winning combination, the symbol ‘Pops’ to create two new icons – creating the potential for another win. The PopWins™ sequence can create multiple wins since the feature continues to roll if the Pops keep creating new wins. So, with PopWins™ spin sequence and reel potential are instantly enhanced. 

How many games does AvatarUX have in its portfolio as of now? How many games are released per month? 

Currently 16 games. We aim to release 1 game a month. 

What are the three most popular games by AvatarUX today? In your opinion, why these games are more popular than others?

CherryPop Deluxe Online Slot
CherryPop Deluxe Gameplay
Zombie aPOPalypse Online Slot
Zombie aPOPalypse Gameplay
KokeshiPop Online Slot
KokeshiPop Gameplay

We are well known for our cherry games - CherryPop™ and its sequel CherryPop Deluxe™. They are more of a classic slot with a fun theme, which I guess is what makes them popular. 

Nonetheless, some of the newest titles Zombie aPOPalypse™ and KokeshiPop™ are also ranking at the top, which shows that innovation, in terms of mechanics, features and art are also well appreciated by the players. 

If you can share - what is the biggest possible win in games by AvatarUX? 

We are very transparent about win potential and we always display similar info.

Since our portfolio is very vast, the wins can vary from game to game, but we have games where the win potential reaches over 90kX and even 150kX the bet size, which is massive. 

Does AvatarUX have plans on expanding the portfolio and inventing innovative Table games, for example? 

You never know! We are constantly expanding and innovating our slots portfolio, but if we see a potential to offer something new, ground-breaking to the market with regards to Table Games, we might consider it. 

AvatarUX makes us think of something very digitally advanced; what do you think about the perspectives of online casino gambling in Metaverse? 

Many activities are already happening in the Metaverse, so of course, there is a chance that this will extend to online casino gambling. How and when this will happen on a wide scale is still to be seen.


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