Interview With Antonios Zlatanos, CEO at Zeusplay

Interview With Antonios Zlatanos, CEO at Zeusplay
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Antonios Zlatanos, CEO at Zeusplay, has kindly agreed to speak to CasinosHunter and tell us more about his own path in the industry, the company’s approach and vision in the niche, and of course about games! Check out the most popular games by Zeusplay, their features, potential wins, and more, in this new Q&A!

About Zeusplay


Zeusplay was founded in 2012 and today, it operates in many markets, including Europe, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The company constantly finds new collaborations and markets to enter, being able to offer high-quality content to online casinos in these jurisdictions. 

Zeusplay is licensed by Hellenic Gaming Commission, and it is already a well-known and reputable provider shortlisted for Slots Legacy Title by CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards. 

The company makes several types of games - video slots, dice games, and lotteries. The tempo of releases is average, but these unusual games with beautiful themes are worth the time spent on making them. Zeusplay doesn’t outsource as of now and has everything done in-house, to make sure every game is in line with the company’s vision and approach. 

It is said that there are around 30 games in their library already, and over 300 casino sites offer games by Zeusplay to their customers. 

Besides, the company also offers software solutions for online casinos, including casino designs, back-office tools, promotional tools, jackpots, omnichannel software, monitoring and reporting tools, etc. Zeusplay is a reliable provider and partner both for the customers of online casinos who want to play quality games and for casinos that want quality software and support. 

The CEO of Zeusplay, Antonios Zlatanos, had a firm foundation to build on when he started ZeusPlay, with some impressive expertise in the industry already. CasinosHunter was lucky enough to have a chance of speaking to Mr. Zlatanos within the Q&A framework, and ask him more about the company.

Q/A Session With Antonios Zlatanos, CEO

Antonios Zlatanos, Zeusplay
Antonios Zlatanos
CEO at Zeusplay

Hello and thank you very much for finding time to participate in our Q&A! We know that you had this huge experience of creating games and lotteries for land-based casinos before you decided to start making online casino games. Can you please share with us why did you take this decision back then? In particular, why did you decide that online casino games may be better for you than games for offline casinos? 

It was a decision that was taken back in 2012 when the web (and the internet in general) had just started being a huge part of our lives and we thought that we could also serve any land-based retail needs by the VLT machines and games which was something that had a remote (through servers) transmission to cabins inside the casinos. And that is how our engagement with the online casinos started with our games in Flash technology. This way, we managed to serve the online casinos that already had started “popping like mushrooms” and also due to their low costs back then. I think that was the reason that we focused on online casinos. 

Zeusplay has just returned from ICE London which took place on April 12-14. Can you share any interesting news from the event? 

First of all, I would like to consider your question as an opportunity for me to thank all the associates and visitors that visited our stand during ICE, but also my colleagues as well who assisted in this whole project to be immensely successful. It appears, based on the attendance, that the absence of the big brands in the gambling industry actually benefited the smaller ones, because they received the interest of the visitors and had the chance to show their products in a very successful way judging by our presence and participation at ICE. 

How many games does Zeusplay release per month or per year? How much time is needed to make a new game from scratch?

Our main target is to release one game per month. And I am certain that this will be accomplished once we complete the upgrade of our game servers.

For now, we have two new slot games (Farm Madness and Bubbles & Pearls) and one new Lottery game (Lucky Spins) and we hope that by the end of this year we will be able to launch at least six new slot games and one Bingo-style lottery game.

Based on the new technologies that we will start using during the next month, we will be in a position to complete one game in less than a month after the creation of the graphics by the relevant department of our company. I would like to mention at this point that ZEUSPLAY has its own in-house art designers, animators, sound experts, mathematicians, developers, etc.

In your opinion, what are the main strengths of Zeuplay games? Are there any signature features that always make Zeusplay games stand out from the crowd? (We would honestly say that designs are very unique!) 

Thank you for your kind words!

The best feature and ability of our games is a mathematical tool that we have created in cooperation with a team of professors from the Departments of Mathematics and Applied Information of the University of Macedonia, by which we may achieve the optimization of a game’s math which leads us to the best feeling and the maximum fun provided to the players.

So, this trait combined with our amazing graphics and sounds make our games unique and have loyal followers. 

What are the three most popular games by Zeusplay? What is so special about them for the players?

Arabian Dreams Slot by Zeusplay

It seems hard for me to say that there are indeed the most popular games among our games because the popularity depends on the relevant market as well. I could say though, in general, that games like ARABIAN DREAMS (which is now nominated by the Casino Beats Awards for the Slot Legacy Title category), Amun’s Book, and Farm Madness are some of the “most popular” games maybe because the players can easily comprehend the features of these games and can see the potential of big wins. 

Can you please share what is the biggest possible win in games by Zeusplay? And has anyone already hit this maximum win?

At Zeusplay we are trying to create games that provide strong possibilities for winning.

We are used to giving our games to our partners with high RTPs in order for the players to enjoy the game and to achieve occasionally the maximum profit at the games. 

Can you please tell us about any interesting current collaborations or partnerships in the niche? 

We do indeed have many interesting and strong collaborations with partners in markets like Africa, LatAm, and many more markets where we have proudly established a very successful presence with both our slot applications in online casinos and our Lottery games in retail shops. 

Taken your huge experience, what new online gambling trends are you noticing these days? What trends are here to stay and change the industry? 

There are many different and various trends for the video slots which we have seen during the past year. They mostly concern variations with sticky symbols, but also games that have many payment methods. 

We constantly create new mathematical models, evolving this way in our games, providing them with such diversity in order for us to offer the best experience with modern techniques and possibilities, both esthetically and in terms of the game’s plot. This way, we keep the interest and overall satisfaction of the player at a high level. 

Creating slot games with more than 5 reels, which is the most common recent feature in the slots, by adding one or more reels, vertical or horizontal is one of the latest evolutions, which I personally believe, will dominate during the next period of time. Also, we have noticed a significant growth for Blockchain Casinos. The use of crypto coins guarantees the safety and immediacy of the transactions. 

Let me point out please that the proven protection against any hacking attempt and also the assurance of the player’s confidentiality and privacy, are equally important. Another thing we have been noticing lately in many casinos is the use of AI. It is a method that helps different platforms to track any gambling addictions, create various offers and bonuses that are adapted to the special features of the players such as habits, preferences, etc., and finally detect patterns and tendencies that lead to the player’s best experience

Are there any upcoming releases we should expect? 

Well, we will be releasing at least five more slot games by the end of Q4 and also a new Lottery game. So yes… there are many many more things you should expect from Zeusplay!


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