Q&A on New Astro Anna Slot by Lady Luck Games

Q&A on Astro Anna Slot by Lady Luck Games
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CasinosHunter has discussed a newly released slot game called Astro Anna, with Julian Borg-Barthet, Chief Commercial Officer at Lady Luck Games. Lady Luck Games took a really innovative approach to the mechanics behind this slot, and used a very popular cosmic theme! Check out what else is cool about the Astro Anna game.

Astro Anna Online Slot Overview

Astro Anna Online Slot Overview

Astro Anna is the new slot game by Lady Luck Games. This is a cosmic slot that supports 15 languages and is available to players in 10 regulated markets. 

Astro Anna has a medium-high level of volatility, thus being a good choice for players with any budget size. The RTP rate is higher than average, too, but the best thing about this new slot is its mechanics and in-game features. 

Astro Anna boasts the innovative pipe mechanics invented by Lady Luck Games; the pipes make paylines in an interactive and more engaging way than classic slot games. Also, there are plenty of Free Spins, Gamble feature, and the Bonus Buy feature that many gamblers love so much.

TitleAstro Anna 
DeveloperLady Luck Games
Game TypeVideo slot
Release dateOctober 20, 2022
RTP rate 94.1%
Volatility level Medium-High
Reels 5
Min. bet €0.10
Max. bet €100.00
Max. win 2500x bet 
Features Free Spins, Gamble, Bonus Buy, Multipliers 

Q&A Session With Julian Borg-Barthet, Chief Commercial Officer

Julian Borg-Barthet
Julian Borg-Barthet
CCO at Lady Luck Games
Lady Luck Games

Astro Anna is a cosmic-themed slot. What is the story behind the idea of the Astro Anna slot?

Astro Anna Online Slot

Cosmic-themed slots are very popular with players with many studios offering these types of titles. Identifying a gap in our portfolio, we decided to change it. This is how the idea of Astro Anna was created and the fantastic back story that goes with her.

Our Astro Anna is on a mission to explore Mars, and she needs to ensure that the correct fuel flow is maintained to continue her trajectory. It`s not an easy task, as the fuel pipes are constantly spinning out of alignment. On top of that, she must fight off the aliens attacking her ship. 

As a fearless and experienced astronaut, her calm composure is only interrupted by her enthusiasm when cheering on the player ensuring big wins. She also has one hell of a battle cry when battling the aliens.

 We are especially intrigued by the pipe mechanics! Can you tell us how it works?

Astro Anna Online Slot Pipes Mechanic

The online slot industry is very saturated. With new providers joining the industry every month and already established leaders in the space, we knew we had to create something innovative. 

Therefore, Lady Luck Games introduced pipe mechanics to the market in August of last year by developing the Mr. Alchemister game. This slot was a big achievement for us, as it was highly enjoyed by players and operators across major regulated markets. After Mr. Alchemister's success, we`ve decided to create yet another title using these mechanics but adding additional bonuses and features. 

This is how Astro Anna was developed. This 5-reel, 5-rows slot has 11 symbols representing sections of a pipe that can connect to two, three, or four sides of the square it lands on, connecting to a pipe in the surrounding squares. Once the pipes spin into a complete connection to the sides of the grid, a prize is awarded. 

Can you tell us more about the in-game features?

Additional features in Astro Anna are random multipliers. They can land on pipes increasing your win if they land on the connected pipe.

Astro Anna Online Slot Free Spins

Astro Anna also offers a Free Spins bonus round that is triggered by connecting 4, 5, or 6 prizes on one round. Players can receive 10, 15, or 20 Free Spins, respectively. When the gamers are lucky enough to trigger 7, 8, 9, or 10 prizes during one spin, they will also be awarded a multiplier up to 20x, which will be added on top of the initial multiplier, displayed on the counter while entering the Free Spins Round.

Astro Anna Online Slot Multiplayer Feature

The multiplier is sticky and can increase during the bonus game up to 50x. The game also has a Buy Bonus feature, where players can bypass their way to the Free Spins round at any time, having the option to choose between Rocket Fuel 10 Free Spins, Space Plumbing 20 Free Spins, or the Astro Extreme Random Option.

 Astro Anna slot has a Bonus Buy feature. We know that some providers are against using the Bonus Buy feature in their games. Can you please tell us more about how Lady Luck views this?

As previously mentioned, the Buy Bonus feature ensures a high level of entertainment for players that want to bypass their way to exciting bonuses without the need to wait for those features to be triggered organically.

Astro Anna Online Slot Bonus Buy Feature

Whether you are for Buy Features or against, there is a good percentage of players that are after this type of option in the games they play. 

In fact, not all providers offer this in their games and there are some operators that are eager to have this option for their players, more so than those that don’t, and if they don’t want it or it’s prohibited in a certain market, we can always offer it without a buy feature. We’re back to the same reason why we are in this industry, we offer options to players that want to play, if we don’t they will play somewhere else.

 What audience do you target with this release? What markets is this slot for?

It’s 2022! Understanding the demographic for a certain theme type can be difficult, especially if we’re pushing the boundaries in terms of the unique mechanics that this game offers.

All we can do is entertain with great graphics and features, with a back story that we hope our players will enjoy. 

As for the Market segment, we’ve seen games push the norm aside with something different on offer, an, and we’ve seen that with some of our previous titles, so we’re hoping that this will do well even in markets that prefer more traditional gameplay, seeing that Astro Anna is more of a casual game rather than a complex slot. 

The game will be available in 10 regulated markets, such as the UK, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, and more.


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