Interview With Norbert Mathies, Spinmatic Managing Director

Interview With Norbert Mathies, Spinmatic Managing Director
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Are you fond of spinning slots? Well, you should be, especially of slots made by Spinmatic! This software developing studio has some outstanding technologies and features that make online gambling even more exciting for the player. CasinosHunter asked Norbert Mathies, Spinmatic Managing Director, to tell us more about those features.

About Spinmatic


Spinmatic was created in 2017 and since then, the company has already released 75 high-quality slot games, making 13-15 games per year in recent years. Many online casino sites offer games by Spinmatic due to noticeable designs and beautiful visuals, and many gamblers who bump into Spinmatic slots become real fans. In fact, the company has a fanbase that only plays games by Spinmatic. 

Besides graphics, slots stand out among many other software products due to carefully developed storylines which are extremely important because no one wants primitive “bet and spin” games anymore. Those HTML5 casino games are available on all types of devices and run smoothly on all kinds of OS. Moreover, there are some jackpot slots, and many games have highly customizable settings, so the attraction of Spinmatic games is not limited to “beautiful design”. 

Spinmatic follows strict Responsible Gambling values, holds the MGA international online gambling license, thus being able to legally provide its products to online casinos in the European and Asian markets. In addition, Spinmatic has some B2B offers and has been listed for several awards in the industry, including the “Innovation in Slot Provision” award. 

Obviously, such a successful and bright online casino games development studio caught CasinosHunter’s attention, and Norbert Mathies, Spinmatic Managing Director, has kindly agreed to participate in our Q&A!

Q/A Session With Norbert Mathies, Spinmatic Managing Director

Norbert Mathies
Norbert Mathies
Spinmatic Managing Director

As Managing Director, Norbert’s role encompasses a number of roles within the company such as connecting and overseeing sales, legal aspects and involvement in the game creation process.

Norbert’s favorite slot: “I’d say Meteoroid is the greatest Spinmatic game. We’ve recently entered the crash game category, and these games give you the opportunity to have more influence as a player. You can take more positions in the gameplay itself and decide when to cash out. That's what makes this game so attractive to me; I play this game on my own - not just for QA purposes - but because I have fun trying to find the secrets, best possible ways to win, and the sequences that bring big wins.”

Hello and thank you so much for finding time to take part in our Q&A! To begin with, could you please tell our readers more about yourself, your experience, and your role in the company? 

I was born and raised in a small village of just 1,800 people in the Austrian Alps. I moved to work in several companies, with the first steps in my career in insurance. I’ve been working in the betting industry for 10 years, starting out as an affiliate manager and then manager for a poker platform. After that I began creating games for other companies, and with the team we saw that they were the best games in the companies’ portfolios so we founded our own company in the slot game industry, Spinmatic, where I’m Managing Director.

Spinmatic is a comparatively young company, and it has so many competitors in the niche. What do you think makes it stand out from the crowd if compared to other providers that make online casino slots? 

Our Xtreme! line makes us outstanding, as it’s unique in the market with all RTPs at 99% or more.

This high ratio gives operators, providers and players huge opportunities. As an operator or provider you can give your players full refunds on the lost amounts whilst having a low impact on your revenue streams. As a player you can get 99% back, so it’s very easy to win in such a game. A lot of people are winning €1,000, €2,000 and €3,000 in an easy way. 

How many games does Spinmatic already have in the library? How many games are released per month/per year? How much time is needed to create a new game, from idea to release? 

We currently have 75 in our library, and over the last two years we’ve released about 13-15 games per year.

The time required depends on the game. Some are created within two months from scratch, while more complex ones with lots of features like free spins, multipliers and bonus games can take up to five or six months. Our longest game was our unique creation Spinalott, which we produced in cooperation with another studio and took more than 12 months to be fully live.

What are the three most popular Spinmatic games as of now? Are there games that have been a hit with the gamblers since their release?

Spinmatic Popular Slots

If you collect the data from the start, the most played game overall is Ed Jones & Book of Seth, and we have some evergreens that stay popular like Calico Jack. A lot of our titles weren’t released that long ago, for instance Fruity Beats Xtreme! is the clear winner in a 3-month period. Almost 40% of all traffic on Spinmatic games has been created by the Xtreme! titles, and Fruity Beats counts for 85% within that. It's a real hit and is played every day, which is really outstanding. 

When a game is introduced to the market there's always a spike in the first few months, as people play what's in the new section. This section is a great advantage, as if players like our games they’ll also check out the rest of our library. We have a fan community who only play Spinmatic games.

Success also depends on visibility - there are 400,000 slot games in the market so it needs to be marketed properly to stand out and bring the ideas to operators. 

What is the biggest possible win in a game by Spinmatic? Has anyone already hit that maximum win, and if yes, what game was it?

Rooster Slot, Spinmatic

The biggest win we've ever had was €912,000 in 2020 by a player in Ukraine with our game Rooster. It was introduced in 2017 and is still heavily played in some regions in the world because of its high volatility and possibilities.

In regular games there’s always a multiplier, so the highest possible win would be over 6 million euros. However, our game Spinalott is a different story as it’s a combination of lottery and slot, which gives the opportunity to win 150 million euros - the biggest prize in all slot history.

Are there any signature features that make games by Spinmatic instantly recognizable? 

I’d say our visuals. If you’ve seen Spinmatic games, you’ll know the exceptional artwork and graphics we create, so maybe that’s one of the signature features.

At the moment we’re also working on a new kind of special buy feature which we’ll put in all of our upcoming games.

What new trends do you notice in the online gambling niche today? What trends are here to stay? 

There are different trends lately; I think multiways and megaways were trending over the past years but are now decreasing. Other trends like buy features, both cheap and expensive ones, are definitely here to stay.

Can you please tell us more about Spinmatic’s plans for the near future? Events or releases that we should expect? 

Certainly! This summer we’ll have our first real big network tournament, brought to players beside the gameplay and regular winnings, with a winning amount of more than €150,000. The event will take place from late July until early September. 

We’re also working on two more crash games. One of them, Bank Run, is planned to be released in late May. It is a unique game which has a wild west theme and special features like a jackpot and turbo mode to speed up the process. 

Aside from that, our football-themed slot game Soccer Mania with its 90s video game style will bring something very special to the market: a new and never-seen-before feature, the Attack Mode - but this is something you have to see for yourself, not only be told about!

This would also be the first game with a new and very specific buy feature that we will then be implementing in all Spinmatic’s slot games.


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