Q&A on Rainbow Riches Power Pitch Slot by Light&Wonder

Q&A on Rainbow Riches Power Pitch Slot by Light&Wonder
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First-hand information about the new slot game that is to be released by Light & Wonder! Craig Turner, UK Creative Director at Light & Wonder, agreed to take part in the short Q&A about the new slot and reveal what perks await the players and what bonus features are included in this new game.

Rainbow Riches Power Pitch Slot Overview

Being known for its creative approach and unique solutions used in games development, Light & Wonder has been working on this new slot for 9 months! Rainbow Riches Power Pitch is another product in the Rainbow Riches series that has even more bonuses and cool features. 

The fans of previous Rainbow Riches games will recognize some signature features while the new players will enjoy the creative and unusual combinations in the game. Check out the table to see the full tech specs of the slot, and of course read the Q&A to find out how the bonus features will work for you while playing. 

TitleRainbow Riches Power Pitch
Game TypeVideo Slot 
Release dateAugust 30, 2022
RTP rate 94% - 96% 
Volatility level Medium
Reels 5
Paylines 100
Min. bet 0.10
Max. bet 20
Max. win 10,000x
Features Hold and Win bonus round, Multipliers, Wilds, Free Spins 

Q&A Session With Craig Turner, UK Creative Director at Light & Wonder

Craig Turner, UK Creative Director at Light & Wonder
Craig Turner
UK Creative Director at Light & Wonder
Light & Wonder

Is there a story behind the theme or idea of this slot? 

It’s 100% classic Rainbow Riches. This is always the biggest challenge with Rainbow Riches, we want to move the series forward but not by so much that you turn off the existing customer base.

My team's first attempt at a Rainbow Riches was a cluster pays game with a complete graphical overhaul of the brand. While it was a great game, it wasn’t a “Rainbow Riches” game, and didn’t see anywhere near the numbers we expected. 

Rainbow Riches Power Pitch Slot

We have a whole host of mechanics which are loved by UK audiences that have yet to be used in a Rainbow Riches title but still allow us to remain faithful to what makes a Rainbow Riches game great.

How long did it take to create this game? 

From start to finish this game has taken us 9 months to complete.

What are the bonus features in Rainbow Riches Power Pitch? How do they work for the player?

Rainbow Riches Power Pitch Slot Free Spins

Rainbow Riches Power Pitch gives the customer the classic Rainbow Riches base game feel and adds in a huge 9 x 5 Hold and Win bonus round. We’ve thrown in multiplying hot zones, extra lives, and an expanding reel array for extra value.

Anyone lucky enough to completely fill the reel array will be instantly awarded 10,000x.

What, in your opinion, is the most exciting thing or feature in this slot that the players will love? 

This is the first new release where we’ve added in Premium Play. Premium Play allows the player to spin a 1 line, 3 reel slot where you can win cash prizes or be awarded instant access to the feature.

What are the next releases we should be expecting? 

The one that I'm most excited about is our new Mighty Ways mechanic. Mighty Ways is a Ways game where for every winning symbol, the reels will increase in height, so it gives that 'multiple ways' feel to a game. We're going to go big on that this year: we've done Cluedo Mighty Ways - which was a really strong game for us - but we're going to go back and do 300 Shields as a Mighty Ways game. 300 Shields is just a crazy, volatile game, and what we're going to do is have a super feature in that game that you can purchase for 1,600x that's going to give you guaranteed 300x multipliers on every Spartan win. I was playing the sim for it yesterday; it's just crazy and I cannot wait for it! 300 Shields is one of my favourite games of all time, so to go back and do that as a Mighty Ways game is really exciting. We've Got Invaders Mighty Ways coming out later in the year, and then I think in November we finish with Raging Rhino Mighty Ways.

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