Interview With Ivan Piorischin from Soft2Bet

Interview With Ivan Piorischin from Soft2Bet
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Ivan Piorischin, the Director of Strategic Projects at Soft2Bet, kindly agreed to participate in a Q&A by CasinosHunter and tell us more about the company, its advantages compared to other software developers in the industry, its vision, plans, and more. Check out the new full Q&A about Soft2Bet!

About Soft2Bet


Soft2Bet is an iGaming platform; it doesn’t make its own online casino games but instead offers software solutions for providers and online casinos. Soft2Bet was established in 2016, and today, it has several offices almost all around the world. 

Soft2Bet provides White Label solutions and works not only with casinos but with sportsbooks. The company holds licenses in many major regulated jurisdictions which enables it to collaborate with casinos and other businesses in the gambling industry around Europe. 

Today, Soft2Bet is one of the leading online gambling operators and platform providers in Europe. There are over 900 people in the team, and a portfolio of over 10 highest-quality casinos and sports betting platforms. This is a reliable and reputable B2B partner for many brands, and it constantly expands its network of collaborations. 

Soft2Bet offers more than 50 casino payment providers for integration with online casinos, works with numerous online casino games providers, and ensures unique and beautiful custom designs for both desktop and mobile gambling platforms. 

Casinos working with Soft2Bet also enjoy the opportunities of adding some Live Games by the best studios, developing a Bonus system and a Loyalty Program for the customers, and holding regular tournaments. 

Obviously, such a bright and successful company could not but attract our attention, and CasinosHunter was happy to ask Ivan Piorischin, the Director of Strategic Projects at Soft2Bet, some questions.

Q/A Session With Ivan Piorischin, the Director of Strategic Projects

Ivan Piorischin, the Director of Strategic Projects at Soft2Bet
Ivan Piorischin
Director of Strategic Projects at Soft2Bet

I am Ivan Piorischin, the Director of Strategic Projects at Soft2Bet, with a keen eye for the development and strategic planning of our products, which is based on my 9+ years of experience in the iGaming sector.

Soft2Bet is a B2B company offering software solutions and helping others start their brands in the online casino gambling niche. If you would compare Soft2Bet to other competitors in the niche, what advantages and unique features make it stand out from the crowd? 

Each project we undertake is carefully crafted according to the client’s requirements and our own vision, as well as the target market.

We make sure our clients receive a really unique and market-focused product, helping them stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves. 

What sets Soft2Bet apart from the competition, in particular, is that we give our personal touch to every project it works on, creating a bespoke solution suited to each and every problem we are faced with. This, coupled with top-notch gamification features and ongoing support not only helps meet the operator’s needs but creates a highly successful platform.

Soft2Bet has also formed numerous B2B partnerships with companies that can bring their own unique experiences, helping us to broaden our scope and diversify our offering to better serve our clients’ needs. These include more than 95 top-tier game developers now integrated, Soft2Bet’s platform, and over 110 payment providers in our vast network.

Not to mention a fantastic reporting engine that provides clients with up-to-date user analytics. The platform also showcases impressive geographical flexibility, with multi-currency and multilingual options tailored to players across over 40 different countries.  

Has the company tried to make its own games, or maybe it does? What other directions are interesting for Soft2Bet in addition to what it does now? 

Soft2Bet does not currently make its own games but we provide a vast network of games, through our many terrific partnerships made over the years, with providers. These include over 95 world-class game developers which operators can make use of.

We are very interested in obtaining more licenses to expand our reach across different areas.

What new trends in online gambling do you notice? What trends do you think are here to stay? 

The trends from a market perspective seem to be swaying towards the LatAm and USA markets.

There is an emphasis on localisation of content, in accordance with the securing of licenses, as well as the addition of more innovative features and tools to bolster casinos further.

One such feature is gamification, which is a key element that helps players differentiate between one brand and another, significantly. It may be the most effective means possible for operators for customer acquisition and retention as it is by far the most meaningful way to keep players interested. These gamified features must be adapted for a broad array of devices, including desktop, mobile phone, and so on. 

For example, our brand Betinia has found success in the Swedish market, thanks to its unique gamification features which give it an advantage over the competition. This is particularly important in a market that bans most bonuses and other traditional incentives that are aimed at attracting players. 

Do you work with cryptocurrencies? Do you think cryptogambling is the future of online gambling in general? 

Soft2bet doesn’t work with Cryptocurrencies however we are aware of their growing potential in the industry. 

In fact, we are monitoring closely how we can develop a crypto product that is fully operational and easily understandable to players. In doing this, we are looking to further simplify this method and lay a clear instruction as to the expectations for payouts and withdrawals.

What is your most popular and demanded service or product? 

Soft2Bet offers our clients a vast array of services. Of these, our most popular by far is our White-Label solution, and Turnkey. We provide a powerful and innovative in-house platform as well as tailor-made casino website development services. These are well-suited for clients looking to launch a new brand within a relatively short time span. 

Each client gets to create their own unique online casino features and make decisions on website navigation, browsing, and content, as well as on many other features. These customized gamification features ensure that our clients increase their overall user engagement. Specifically, because our custom designs and layouts are aimed at targeting specific audiences.

We also offer exceptional achievement systems that include bonus shop, characters, colossus, and other offers.

What steps are to be taken by those who want to open their own online casino platform? 

Create a project plan which shows what your website will look and feel like, through its overview of the visuals and unique features that are unique to your website. 

Then one must obtain a Gaming license. This is key for an online casino website to start off with high standing in the industry and to earn the trust of players. This will also allow you to be able to connect with software development and payment service providers. Either go through the license application process yourself or you can work with a provider and you will receive a white label brand under the provider's gaming license. Soft2Bet offers such services.

The next step is to choose the appropriate iGaming software supplier and set up payment options for players to make use of. As mentioned previously, Soft2Bet’s large network of payment providers and game developers provides lots of value to our clients.

Last but not least, create a marketing campaign as well as SEO and PR strategies to bring exposure and new players to your online casino. 

What are the company’s plans for the future, if you can share any? 

Soft2Bet assembled a great deal of new projects, brands, partnerships, integrations, and new features to help the iGaming industry adapt to new realities. 

We are set to achieve more growth through the acquisition of even more licenses, new partnerships with industry leaders, as well as the creation of more unique casinos and sportsbooks, that take the customer experience to the next level.


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