Interview With Chen Greenfeld, Head of Marketing at Lucky Streak

Interview with Chen Greenfeld from Lucky Streak
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Chen Greenfeld, Head of Marketing at LuckyStreak, has shared his opinion and thoughts about the strengths and values of the LuckyStreak company that develops Live Dealer games for online casinos. In this Q&A by CasinosHunter, you will find out more about the games, wins, special features, and more!

About Lucky Streak

Lucky Streak Games

LuckyStreak was founded back in 2014 by a group of people already experienced in the gambling industry, that have been previously working with both land based casino games and online casinos. But with the foundation of a new studio, the team got a chance of being innovative and raise the bar for the level of service quality. Today, LuckyStreak is one of the leading B2B games providers focused on creating extraordinary games for Live Dealer online casinos, as well as various software solutions for web and mobile casino sites. And the company has an impressive team, over 200 people across Europe. 

LuckyStreak builds all their games ideas and concepts from the bottom up, putting the player and their entertainment first. This is a huge advantage because entertained and enganed players mean that the operator revenue is increasing. Besides high quality equipment and new technologies used for games creation and streaming, LuckyStreak is proud of its game presenters that are not only professional but outgoing and make great company to the players. 

Live Dealer games by LuckyStreak are available 24/7 all year round, with 99.9% uptime. Customer Support also works 24/7. The user interface offered is user-friendly, localized, and available in 12 languages. LuckyStreak constantly working on entering new regulated markets, making these quality games available to more players across the world. 

More information of what you can expect in Live Dealer games by LuckyStreak, in this Q&A with Chen Greenfeld, Head of Marketing at LuckyStreak!

Q/A Session With Chen Greenfeld, Head of Marketing

Chen Greenfeld, LuckyStreak
Chen Greenfeld
Head of Marketing at LuckyStreak

Hi! My name is Chen Greenfeld, and my position in LuckyStreak is Head of Marketing. I come from an extensive marketing background, having previously worked as an independent consultant, as a pitching coach and in different marketing positions for a few Israeli startup companies. Thank you for inviting me to this interview and thank you for the work you do in keeping players safe, and informed.  

If you would compare LuckyStreak to other competitors in the niche, what strengths would you highlight that make the company stand out? 

Excellent question. The way we see things at LuckyStreak is that there's really only so much you can say and innovate when it comes to a BJ table or a Roulette wheel, which is exactly why we had to come up with new and exciting ways to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

The first differentiation, and the most important of all really, is our game presenters themselves. When you look at game presenters at many of our competition's tables you see suited-up people which are very polite and proper – no tattoos, no uniquely colored hair and barely any smiling faces. With LuckyStreak tables, it's the exact opposite. We aim to bring in unique people, who look, act and feel different. If you sit down at one of our tables right now, odds are you'll sit at a table with a beautifully tattooed person who really enjoys his or hers work!

In addition to hiring people who look and act uniquely, we also put in great efforts into training our game presenters to deliver the most professional, entertaining, and welcoming gaming experience around. In fact, our game presenters all undergo refreshment training every few months, so we can be sure that LuckyStreak players are always engaged and having a blast!

Lucky Streak Dealers

From a different perspective, another strong differentiation we like to flaunt, is what we call our Promotional toolset. In essence, our Promotional toolset is a collection of features that is designed to empower the operators themselves, to do the things that they could not do themselves before. Our Promotional toolset currently consists of two main features, with many more coming in the future. The first, is our Leaderboard tournaments – we give the operators the ability to create and customize leaderboard tournaments which are fully integrated into the Live Casino environment, first with the help of our dedicated account management team, and once they get the hang of it, completely by themselves. This feature alone, we feel is a serious game changer, as we've seen many of our partners who have used this feature to it's fullest, experience substantial increases in the volume and number of bets made during the promotional period. Another excellent feature of our Promotional toolset is what we call the CWA, Customized Welcome Announcement. The CWA is a feature that allows operators to show a completely customizable pop-up message to players as they log in to one of our tables. We've seen our partners use this feature to cross-sell and up-sell the different promotions they have going on in their website (think sportsbook, etc'), or just to let a certain high-roller that they're thinking of him by congratulating him on his birthday. It's an additional channel of communication for the operator with his players, and the players love it. Both of these features I might add, come at no additional costs for our clients. 

Compared to some Live Dealer games providers, LuckyStreak is pretty young. What are the key features and values that move the company forward so fast? 

So we've talked about the key features that currently drive innovation at our company – mainly, our promotional tools. We aim to further develop this particular avenue of features for the foreseeable future, while simultaneously maintaining our extremely high standards for our gaming tables.

In the area of values, other than continued excellence, there is one thing that I believe is very difficult to find at other providers. You said it yourself, we are pretty young, and not that huge of a company yet – and that is exactly what allows us to be very flexible and attentive to our client's needs and demands.

We understand very well that our clients, the operators, know their players better then us, and we are always open to hearing out what they have to say, and how they think we can improve our products and services, and most of the time, we use their input for just that, to improve. 

How many games does the company release per month or per year? How much time is needed to develop a new game, from idea to release? 

Being a Live Casino provider, means much longer development times for each addition and improvement to our offering of games. Unlike slots games, every one of our table games is an entire world on its own, and perfecting it takes a very long time.

In this regard, our focus is currently on further opening more tables to be made available to our players, while consistently improving the technical quality of our streams and physical aspects of our tables' environment.  

What are the most popular games by LuckyStreak?

It changes greatly from territory to territory. In Turkey for example our Roulette tables are most popular. In parts of Europe, our BJ tables are far more popular. Our Asian players very much enjoy Baccarat tables. However, we've noticed that regardless of the region they are playing from, our high roller players have a certain affinity for our VIP BJ tables.

Studios that make slots usually invent new designs and features to keep their players engaged, and interested in new releases. There is not much you can add to classic Live games and table games, can you? How to keep the players’ interest in this case?

Lucky Streak Jackpot Feature

As we mentioned in the previous question, our promotional toolset, and specifically the ability to create and customized leaderboards keeps a lot of the players engaged with our games. In addition, and ill go more in depth about this in the last question of this Q&A, we are actively working on injecting more gamification aspects to our games, from additional leaderboards to point scoring systems and more unique features that will allow our players to socially engage and compare their performance with each other.   

What was the biggest win in your game as for today? What game was it? 

We've recently had a player win over 82,000 Euros in a single side bet on one of our BJ VIP tables. 

What online gambling trends in general, or in Live Dealer games, do you notice? 

When it comes to trends we are seeing in the world of Live Casino, we are seeing a very significant trend toward features that drill down on the engagement of players. Whether its through features that allow social comparison between players, or different kinds of unique promotional tools. This is something that you can see not only in Live Casino, but gaming in general – Sportsbooks and Fantasy league games are constantly adding features that try to increase the engagement of players, and in Slots games, it's an obvious addition. 

Another trend we are seeing, is that players are increasingly looking for more of what the industry calls Volatility – players want the option to win big, and very big. They are looking for maximum excitement and are willing to take risks to achieve this excitement, and many games are delivering just that. 

Can you please share some of the company’s plans for the future? Can we expect new games to be released soon? 

Our plans for the near future are to continue to deliver top-notch products to every single one of our clients. We are also actively working on penetrating more and more regulated markets, and to further that direction, we've recently applied for an MGA license, so hopefully you will be seeing more of LuckyStreak in the many regulated markets. Regarding plans for our games themselves – you can look at this from 2 different avenues, physical improvements to our studio and client-side software improvements. 

For the physical aspect, we plan on going all out with creating immersive and innovative environments – new background designs utilizing smart lightning and ambiance, while continuing to upgrade our streaming equipment and cameras to the top of the line.

Lucky Streak UX

On the software side, gamification is king. During 2022 we plan on releasing a new and improved (and personally, breathtaking) frontend UX/UI for all of our games, starting with our BJ tables. This new UX/UI will seamlessly combine many exciting gamification features from player ranking and personal progression to many more unique promotional tools built into the front end itself. 

Further down the pipeline, we plan on unveiling new variations on existing games with higher multiplier wins, higher volatility and most of all, more excitement. Following that, we plan on releasing new, completely unique, proprietary games.


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