Q&A With Bilyan Balinov, CEO of Felix Gaming

Q&A With Bilyan Balinov, CEO at Felix Gaming
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CasinosHunter has been curious about Felix Gaming for a while now, and finally, we got a chance to make a Q&A with Bilyan Balinov, CEO of Felix Gaming. Felix is one of those companies with a unique background and definitely a unique approach so we really think that online casino gamblers should check their products out! Learn more about games by Felix Gaming in our new Q&A!

About Felix Gaming Studio

Felix Gaming

Felix Gaming has been in the gambling industry for quite a while because its team members have years of experience and moreover, the first niche that the company worked in was slot machines for land-based casinos. Later, Felix Gaming decided to make online slots and brought its huge experience with it.

According to Bilyan Balinov, CEO of Felix Gaming, one of the definite strengths of the company compared to competitors is that they can quickly get feedback from players on their land-based games, and thye take lots of insights from this feedback to create online casino games. Today, Felix has 35 games released, and the team of 15 people works constantly on making more unique games.

Felix is proud of its games for online casinos for a few good reasons. Firstly, they make each game from scratch in terms of design. Secondly, the company has its own math models and makes exclusive payout patterns. Thirdly, they have their signature features that make the company stand out from the crowd. And eventually, Felix games pay well - one of the biggest wins was €1 million prize on Book of Anunnaki slot.

Felix Gaming holds a Bulgarian Supplier License and is expecting an MGA license in a few months.

Q&A With Bilyan Balinov

Bilyan Balinov, CEO of Felix Gaming
Bilyan Balinov
CEO of Felix Gaming
Felix Gaming

Thank you for finding time to participate in our Q&A! Can you please start by telling more about the background of the Felix Gaming company?

Felix Gaming was founded a few years ago by great professionals holding over 20 years of experience when it comes to creating some of the most popular land-base slot machines.

Then we decided to switch our focus and turn our attention to the world of online gaming, bringing our know-how from operating real-life casinos and investing it into building a truly unique online gaming ecosystem.

How many people are currently in the team?

We’ve currently got 15 people on board.

Quality over quantity is something we really believe in.

Regardless of whether we’re talking about the people resources we are working with or the games we are creating. We are convinced that when you bring the right people together the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

How many games are there in Felix Gaming's portfolio? How many games are made per month or per year?

We’ve got around 35 games under our belt, and I can guarantee they are absolutely unique. 

We don’t think that flooding the market with a new game every week is a good business model. Just the opposite, it damages the market and the industry’s overall quality.

Players jump from one game onto the next without really noticing any difference. Each game that we’ve created is completely different to the rest that are forming part of our portfolio.

Felix Gaming is still a comparatively young company that has to stand a lot of competition. If you compare it to other studios, what are its main strengths?

One thing that sets us apart is the fact we are using our very own math models, making our payout patterns truly exclusive and one-of-a-kind. Also, in terms of design, we create every game from scratch.

Another thing that makes us different compared to our competitors is that we are taking full advantage of our land-base casino experience and knowledge. And in contrast to the online gaming world, when you are dealing with real-life casinos, you have an immediate feedback from your customers – what works and what doesn’t. And that’s a fantastic insight we’re making the most of.

What licenses does Felix Gaming have for its games as of now?

We’ve got a Bulgarian Supplier License and we’re expecting an MGA one in the months to come.

Can you please name three the most popular games by Felix so far? What is so special about these games that players love them?

It’s a Joker Online Slot
It’s a Joker Gameplay

I have to start with It’s a Joker, our all-time blockbuster. Its great multiplier and free spins mechanics have turned it into a fan favourite and it remains one of our box-office hits to this day.

Book of Anunnaki Online Slot
Book of Anunnaki Gameplay

Then we’ve got Book of Anunnaki where the action culminates in our exclusive Hyper Jump feature. It allows players to skip the non-winning spins and jump straight into the bonus round accelerating the action to the max. Having said that, it’s perfect for gaming fans who are into high-speed entertainment.

20 Boost Hot Online Slot
20 Boost Hot Gameplay

Another game that has to be mentioned is 20 Boost Hot where the Line Booster feature is the cherry on the cake. It allows players to choose which lines to boost by x2, x3 and x5 taking their payout potential to a whole new level.

What is the biggest win in your games if you can share? Has anyone already hit that win?

Sure – it’s a €1 million prize that was won by a player from Poland on Book of Anunnaki.

Are there any particular signature features that make games by Felix recognizable?

As already mentioned, one of our stand-out features is the Hyper Jump. The Line Boost is another functionality that we’ve developed and we’re truly proud of.

What general online casino gambling or online casino games development trends have you been noticing recently?

Take the football World Cup in Qatar. There have been so many ‘football-themed’ updates of popular games. However, in my opinion, it doesn’t make too much sense for many of them to have their football versions – it just doesn’t align with the game’s overall topic. And that’s a trend I can’t really understand – why you create a game that will be making the news for just 1 month and then it’s literally dead.

Do you think online casino gambling in Metaverse is a real thing or is it just another loud news?

I’ve got a good insight into that topic thanks to a good friend of mine who was among the first to create a VR online casino making a huge investment for that purpose. However, in my opinion, as of today, it’s just an interesting selling point. But when it comes to real casino players, they need a fast gameplay and a simplified interface. Having said that, I know that sooner or later this trend will enter the online casino world and will stay in one form or another. If you remember, in the past nobody understood how we would work with each other using web cams, and nowadays it’s just a standard work thing. I think that’s going to be the case with Metaverse as well – it will become part of our everyday life.

What new game releases by Felix Gaming can we expect in the nearest future?

We are very excited because 2023 will kick off with a brand-new game, called the RollZone. The background is a radioactive area and only the bravest players who are ready to enter The Zone will be rewarded…


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