Interview With David Stoveld, CPO at Armadillo Studios

Interview With David Stoveld, CPO at Armadillo Studios
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David Stoveld, CPO at Armadillo Studios, agreed to participate in our Q&A session and answer some questions about Armadillo, a comparatively small and new studio that, in its turn, has some impressive games and even more impressive potential. Find out more about Armadillo games in the new interview below!

About Armadillo Studios

Armadillo Studios

Armadillo Studios was founded in 2021 by a team of two people, and as of today, there are already 20+ people behind the new brand. Even in such a short time, Armadillo has demonstrated some interesting approaches and released really popular games. CasinosHunter was lucky enough to do an interview because we are always interested in new players in the industry.

Partner with EveryMatrix, Armadillo has its creative potential and powerful vision backed by the additional support and resources of a bigger company. Armadillo Studios is headquartered in Miami and due to the network of EveryMatrix, the games are provided to online casinos in many countries, including the US market which is a huge advantage.

Because the studio is still comparatively small, they only make one game per month, roughly. However, the games are high-paying and some players have already hit some of the biggest possible wins. Also, the company keeps an eye on making the games not only fun but offering customized experiences both for the casino and for the player. This innovative and flexible approach makes Armadillo Studios especially intriguing.

Q&A Session With David Stoveld

David Stoveld
CPO at Armadillo Studios
Armadillo Studios

I have been involved in designing slot games from conception to completion in one way or another for the past 13+ years. In the first half of my career, I designed land-based slots in the USA, then in the second half, I moved in Europe for iGaming. The unique background offers an excellent opportunity to innovate tailored games for the emerging USA iGaming market.

As a start-up studio, our roles are dynamically changing based on how the company evolves. Armadillo Studios started as a group of 2, and we are now more than 20. My main focus is on the creation and quality of all our games, and we strive to make the best in the market.

David's favorite Armadillo slot:

So far the Lioness, very happy to have the legend, Amanda Nunes, as our first branded game and it’s been performing extremely well for us.

How many games does Armadillo Studios currency have in the library?

Since the studio conception in June 2021, we have four games live, two more complete in certification ready to go live, two more far in development, and by the end of the year we'll have eight released games.

How many games are released per month or per year?

We aim roughly for a game a month. Our focus is on top quality rather than high quantity.

How much time is needed to make a new game, from idea to release?

It depends on the complexity and innovation of the game. Still, as the games seem to be coming together so well, even Mythological Mayhem was created in a few months from conception to development, including pending certification.

What are three the most popular games by Armadillo?

15 Armadillos Online Slot
15 Armadillos Gameplay
Queen of Egypt Online Slot
Queen of Egypt Gameplay
The Lioness Online Slot
The Lioness Gameplay

15 Armadillos, Queen of Egypt, and of course The Lioness.

What is the biggest possible win in your games? Has anyone already hit it?

Queen of Egypt allows you to choose your free spins, and the unique features can give wins up to 28,000 times your bet.

A $100 bet on 15 Armadillos can give players the chance to win north of $3 million in the free spins. This will happen when the correct lucky picks are made, such as going into the bonus and getting some lucky hits. We've had a few 20,000x+ wins on 15 Armadillo and 15,000x+ wins on Queen of Egypt, so some of our players are lucky.

As far as we know, Armadillo Studios is a partner with EveryMatrix. Can you please tell us more about this partnership?

We are a subsidiary of EveryMatrix.

What are the main strengths of Armadillo Studios as a provider? And as an employer, perhaps?

As an employer, the culture is incredible. I never thought I had a boring life until joining. Being part of EveryMatrix gives us access to some of the best offices with some of the most fun people I have ever met from around the world.

Our office in Miami is right off the ocean in the heart of Brickell and has stunning views. Our office in Malta is on the top floors of the Piazzetta Business Plaza in downtown Sliema. It has a penthouse pool with unobstructed views of the city (yes, in the office, not the company apartment… although that also is a massive penthouse with another stunning view of the sea and a pool). The newest building in construction will be impressive…it will, also, have a pool.

We are in a fortunate position where we can be picky with our team and continue to search for the best talent and best personalities.

As our games continue to gain traction, the fun factor becomes evident to more and more players. When it comes to slots, we are at that stage where we know the traditional heuristics of successful slot creation. More importantly, we have more than a hunch on which uncharted territory is worth exploring and which is not.

Are there any signature features that make games by Armadillo instantly recognizable?

One pattern in our games is that, although simple and intuitive, we always like to give players some choices. Whether it is a bonus pick, a fortune bet option, or a feature buy, some preferences allow for a more tailored experience.

For example, we like to clarify that there is always some massive win potential for those thrill seekers. We also really like trail bonus variants.

The graphics and user experience of our games continue to evolve through the quality of our games. This is evident when you play them as we don’t take shortcuts with the sound, graphics, game flow, or math. I also like our main loading screen with our armadillo animation, an instant tell that some fun is on the way ;)

Can you please tell us more about the company’s plans for the future?

Since inception, our mission has been to get our game content for the US market, and as we get approved state by state, our focus will be an iterative process of casino and player feedback and developing new games enhanced and tailored to our audience.


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