Q&A on Dynamite Miner Slot by Endorphina

Q&A on Dynamite Miner Slot by Endorphina
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CasinosHunter asked Iryna Prokopchuk, Key Account Manager at Endorphina, to reveal more about the new slot game released by Endorphina, one of the leading and most efficient slot makers in the online casino gambling industry. Learn about Dynamite Miner first-hand in this new Q&A by CasinosHunter.

Dynamite Miner Slot Overview

Dynamite Miner Slot Overview

Dynamite Miner is a new Endorphina video slot with a medium volatility level and higher than average RTP rate which makes it potentially profitable in the long term. This five-reel slot has 20 fixed paylines and plenty of bonus features, including classic Wilds and Scatters and Free Spins. 

Some of the best features for the player are Risk Game and Bonus Pop. Risk Game is triggered by the slot’s combination of features and gives the player a chance to increase the winnings considerably - or lose them at once! 

Bonus Pop feature is also known as Bonus Buy; when the player invests a fixed sum into the game besides the bet, they immediately trigger a certain amount of Free Spins and therefore have a chance of winning more than the needed investment for the Bonus Buy.

TitleDynamite Miner
Game TypeVideo slot 
Release dateSept 13, 2022
RTP rate 96% 
Paylines 20 Fixed
Min. bet 0.20 
Max. bet 125
Features Scatter symbols, Wild symbol, Free game, Classic Risk Game, Bonus Pop feature

Q&A Session With Iryna Prokopchuk, Key Account Manager

Iryna Prokopchuk, Endorphina
Iryna Prokopchuk
Key Account Manager at Endorphina

Is there any story behind the creation of this slot? Please tell us more about the idea and theme of Dynamite Miner. 

To me, Dynamite Miner has a great story. It takes players to a faraway land, where only the bravest dare to explore an abandoned mine full of treasures. In the mine, players can find all the tools and a few remaining dynamite that will enable them to potentially win big. Since dynamite is dangerous, exploring the hidden paths of the mine needs to be approached with caution, or they could risk it all.

Thrilling, isn’t it? By the way, loyal players may remember that in our portfolio, we have one more game about mines, it’s called Aus Dem Tal (which I would recommend checking as well).

How long did it take to make this slot, from scratch to release? 

Well, the process is not fast and easy for sure.

Every game has a lot of research and work behind it because we really care about the quality of the product.

The idea, graphics, and animation require a lot of attention to detail, which can sometimes take a month or two before we can see the final picture. Simultaneously, the team works on mechanics. But you know, we’ve been creating our slots for years, so all the time and effort are worth it!

How many people worked on the slot creation? 

We have a few teams consisting of talented professionals who always make sure the slot will rock! There are more than 30 people who absolutely love what they do. The catchy music, modern graphics, every symbol, and character, as well as the technical aspects – all these areas are made with great attention and creativity. That’s why every Endorphina slot is so unique and memorable.

Could you please comment on the bonus features of Dynamite Miner - how will they work for the player?

So Dynamite Miner has a couple of features that players will enjoy for sure. Apart from the Wild and Scatter symbols, which trigger Free Games, and the Classic Risk Game, the player will also be able to find a Bonus Pop feature (also known as Bonus Buy). Purchasing this feature allows the player to use free spins.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about Dynamite Miner? Why will players love the game? 

That’s a good one, thanks for asking!

Dynamite Miner is Endorphina’s first Cascade Slot! And I personally find it very exciting.

When the player gets a winning combination, all the symbols on the payline will explode. And then random symbols will drop down from above into the gaps, which will create another combination – hopefully a winning one as well! It makes the process of playing even more thrilling – with new chances to win literally raining down from above.

We truly believe Dynamite Miner will become very popular among players and I am sure each of them will find something to love Dynamite Miner for.


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