Q&A on Beetle Bailey Slot by Lady Lucky Games

Q&A on Beetle Bailey Slot by Lady Lucky Games
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Lady Luck Games released a new and highly awaited slot called Beetle Bailey on August 24th, 2022. Julian Borg-Barthet, Chief Commercial Officer at Lady Luck, agreed to tell us more about the slot’s history, creation process, and bonus features. Check out the benefits of the Beetle Bailey slot in this Q&A by CasinosHunter!

About Beetle Bailey Online Slot

Beetle Bailey Slot by Lady Lucky Games

Beetle Bailey is a new slot made by Lady Luck Games; this online slot is not just a random new game but is based on a old and famous comic strip that many gamblers may know and love. Moreover, the slot was made in collaboration with another outstanding company in the industry (more on this in the Q&A below!). 

If you look carefully at the table, you will see that Beetle Bailey has a higher than average RTP rate making it a profitable game in the long term. Medium volatility level makes it suitable for players with different budgets. The game is full of cool features, including the Bonus Buy.

TitleBeetle Bailey
DeveloperLady Luck 
Game TypeVideo Slot 
Release dateAugust 24, 2022 
RTP rate 96.2%
Volatility level Medium 
Reels 4
Paylines 81 ways to win
Min. bet 0.05 EUR
Max. bet 100.00 EUR
Max. win 500x bet 
Features Wilds, Wild Wake Up Feature, Camp Swampy Golf Bonus, Buy Feature, Gamble Feature 

Q&A Session With Julian Borg-Barthet, CCO at Lady Lucky Games

Julian Borg-Barthet
Julian Borg-Barthet
Chief Commercial Officer at Lady Lucky Games
Lady Luck Games

Is there a story behind this slot creation? Is there any special about the theme or idea? 

In December of last year, we signed a three-year co-development agreement with King Features. This now allows us to offer a selection of fantastic brands from the King Features portfolio as fantastic slot games for their global fans. Beetle Bailey is a well-known character worldwide, Bailey is a creation of the legendary cartoonist Mort Walker, first published in 1950 and syndicated in over 1800 newspapers in the United States and the rest of the world.

Luckily for Lady Luck Games, Beetle Bailey is an iconic character that enjoyed great prominence in Scandinavia and other European countries which fits in very well with our player base, locally appearing as Knasen in Sweden, Basserne in Denmark, Flippie Flink in the Netherlands, and Billy in Sweden. The popularity of this remarkable coming strip brought us to the point that we had no doubts that bringing him back to life on the reels was a brilliant idea.

How long did it take to make Beetle Bailey slot? 

It took us a couple of months of hard work, dedication, and a huge collaboration effort from the design and development departments with King Features. We worked hand

in hand, listening to different advice and opinions. We can`t deny that it was worth all the additional effort that we`ve put into the game. We are incredibly pleased with the final product and look forward to receiving feedback on our work.

Can you please tell us more about the features of the game, so that players could understand how the bonus features will work for them?

Beetle Bailey Online Slot

Beetle Bailey is a 4-reel slot, but instead of traditional paylines, it offers 81 ways to win. Players can enjoy four special symbols that trigger different features or help create winning combinations.

Collecting Bailey and Sarge symbols anywhere on reels two and three will trigger the Wild Wake Up Feature, during which those two companions will fight. When the scuffle is over and the dust settles, additional Wild symbols will appear on the reels. That helps in creating big wins.

Beetle Bailey Slot Bonus Level

The game also has the Camp Swampy Golf Bonus round, triggered by landing bonus symbols anywhere on reels one and four. The player is taken to the driving range, where the player drives a jeep and collects cash prizes. Unfortunately, explosive grenades are being mixed into the golf balls that the General is hitting. Bumping on those will cause a player’s life to be lost.

Beetle Bailey Slot Bonus Buy

Another feature is a Buy Bonus, where players can choose from two exciting bonuses and get there immediately. 

Is there something specifically unique about the game that you would like to underline? 

As mentioned before, the game is based on a comic strip. Therefore, there is a lot of storytelling involved. Before working on this game, we needed to get familiar with the characters and the story behind their actions. Since private Bailey is described as a lazy layabout, he sleeps under the reels most of the time while players can spin and enjoy big wins. He has a poor reputation and often fights with his superior, Sarge. We use this conflict between those two to create the Wild Wake-up feature that was described previously. The General, on the other hand, is a big fan of golf. Therefore, he plays such a crucial role in our Camp Swampy Golf Bonus. We believe that all the additional effort we`ve put into the game will be highly appreciated by Beetle Bailey`s fans. 

What do you think is the best thing about the Beetle Bailey slot and why? 

What I like about Beetle Bailey is that this slot is straightforward, yet the additional bonuses add a new level of excitement. It can be enjoyed by a broad audience, such as slots veterans, newcomers, and players who are big Beetle Bailey fans. We are well known for our outstanding graphics and animations, as well as the music, and this slot definitely keeps our standards high. It`s our first branded slot, and we are extremely satisfied with the final product. 

What is the next slot release that we should expect? 

We want to keep our cards close to our chest. I can only say that our upcoming projects are fantastic, and we look forward to announcing them. And there will be plenty of King Features collaborations on the way.


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