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280 Free Icons For Casino And Gambling Websites

Creating websites is complicated because every detail matters, and together, these small details can totally make or break the user’s experience and eventually the total impression about the platform. This is why making websites is a lengthy and expensive task. 

Small icons for all kinds of blocks, widgets, buttons, sections, and so on, matter as well. Icons improve readability, make the content more scannable, reduce text volume, make it all more visual and less boring. Instead of reading every line in an attempt to understand what is going on here, the user can immediately orient themselves around the site just following the icons. 

However, despite the fact that icons are so small and simple, making them from scratch, making them unique, and making a few variations of them to see which fits the most, is very time-consuming. Using ready free packs is always beneficial, this is why CasinosHunter offers such a pack for gambling sites! 

If you need some icons for your websites about gambling or online casinos, CasinosHunter is here to make your life easier with site design. Check out this amazing free pack of 280 gambling icons.

CasinosHunter's Gambling Website Icons Preview
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The icons are featured in three styles - Liner, Fitted, Multicolored; and you can use them in one of three formats - SVG and EPS. 

If you are worried about the license, no worries.

The license allows you to use these icons in the following way: 

Allowed Allowed

  • download
  • use for gambling sites
  • use in apps or social media accounts of your sites

Prohibited Prohibited

  • paint on the walls
  • make tattoos
  • use as official seals

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