Online Casino Gamblers Lose Their Money Failing to Comply with the 27 Rules, CasinosHunter Alarmed

Why Online Casino Gamblers Lose Their Money

However, we often see complaints about reliable, respectable, and safe online casinos supposedly taking the players’ money and not giving it back, or refusing to pay out the winnings. This happens again and again, despite these casinos getting licenses, passing tests, getting complicated certifications proving their safety and reliability, adding Provably Fair games, etc. 

After writing reviews for almost 80 online casinos (and we don’t stop on that), and researching the patterns of gambler behavior, CasinosHunter has found out that, in 8 out of 10 cases, the players gambling at reputable casinos lose money due to their own mistakes. 

Since this situation can be changed for the better simply by showing gamblers where they may slip, CasinosHunter has prepared a list of the most tricky slippery places in online casino gambling - from registration to withdrawal. Take advantage of the casino tips provided, and avoid the widespread mistakes with our comprehensive online casino tips explained.

27 Cases When Online Casinos Take Your Money and You Have No Idea Why

When a gambler looks for a high quality, reliable, and well-paying casino site, they basically want many fun games, many generous bonuses by the casino, and guaranteed withdrawal of their winnings. 

However, even reputable and quality casinos sometimes reject the withdrawal requests and refuse to pay the winnings out to some players. The players are outraged by these situations and eventually conclude that there are no fair casino sites out there, and every online casino is eventually a fraud. 

Yet, CasinosHunter knows that many players: 

  • fail to check out all the rules and conditions that a casino site applies
  • fail to comply with these rules
  • believe that these rules are just provided for the sake of appearance and won’t be actually applied
  • believe they are lucky and will be able to play around the rules
  • consciously look for loopholes or cheating techniques, believing they are able to fool the system

Failing to read the rules, comprehend how they work, or comply with them correctly are actually three main reasons why players may lose their money again and again, changing one praised and reliable casino site for another. One or two cases of unexpected withdrawal rejection may be accidental, but if this becomes a system and the player faces this problem at different casinos online, the reason is probably the player’s mistakes. 

Despite a wide range of online casino affiliate sites that explain how online casinos work, the potential pitfalls discussed below have not yet been explained fully and comprehensively by any other resource.

Some resources prefer to show online casino gambling as super easy and not needing any knowledge for success.

As a result, users start looking for quick casino tips and tricks, instead of learning how the whole thing really works. 

CasinosHunter, to the contrary, dives deep into the issues of gambling online, and wants players to be warned and informed. Finding a reliable online casino is only half of the work, the next half is to manage to comply with all the rules, and avoid the slippery places. These are kind of casino gambling tips, but backed by real rules.

27 Online Casino Troubles From Registration to Withdrawal, and How To Avoid Them

Online Casino Issues: Trying to Gamble from Countries Where Online Gambling is Prohibited

While “stolen fruit is sweetest”, trying to gamble from jurisdictions where online casino gambling is legally prohibited is a bad idea. Firstly, local legislative bodies can turn out unexpectedly effective in finding and punishing those breaking the law.

Secondly, no decent web casinos will legally allow players from such countries to play for real money, meaning that the chances of hitting a scammy and fraudulent casino are way higher. 

And thirdly, even if the casino site operates in a grey area and allows the gambler to deposit and withdraw money for gambling, local banks are very likely to just block the transactions altogether.

Bottom line - any money won will be gone.

Trying to Gamble From Jurisdictions Restricted by the Casino

The general rule of thumb is that the more countries are legally allowed by the casino site, the better is the site. Many pretty decent and reliable web casinos do operate in grey areas - countries where online gambling is not really prohibited, but it is also not really allowed. However, if you are located in a jurisdiction clearly not allowed for real money gambling at this or that casino site, trying to make an account and play will most likely result in failure. 

First and foremost, your account is likely to be banned very quickly. If not, the second milestone is that, by the time you decide to withdraw the money you won gambling, the casino team wakes up and goes like “Brother, you are in a restricted jurisdiction and you can’t withdraw any money”. So, bottom line - you may try to gamble from a prohibited jurisdiction, but high chances you will just waste your money and time, because the casino can legally block you any second. This is one of the most often ignored tips for casino.

Online Casino Issues: Using VPN

Some casinos do not care if you use a VPN or not, but these are rare cases. The overwhelming majority of online casino sites will not appreciate your attempts to use VPN, and even if you do use it, you will still have to provide your real address and location when verifying your account. Even if, by some unreal chance, you manage to pass the verification with a fake location, the casino team will see the mismatch when sending you your withdrawals - and will most likely forfeit your cash and block your account. Game over, no other online casino tips and tricks will help.

Not Reading the Online Casino Reviews Beforehand

While for an untrained eye, all online casino reviews are roughly the same, in reality, you have to read them to see which ones are detailed, comprehensive, and therefore valuable. And reading those valuable reviews is the best time investment you can make into your gambling success.

Always check out a couple of reviews before you really decide to register and play at a real money online casino. Moreover, you should not only read the reviews, but also learn from them, to be able to tell a good casino site from a suspicious one on your own.

Online Casino Troubles: Not Reading Terms & Conditions

This is a huge mistake that costs a lot to many people. Terms and Conditions is usually a huge long document that looks really boring, but ignoring it means not knowing what rules will be applied to your money, and to your sensitive data - such as phone number, or address. Terms and Conditions contain all the rules that the site will apply to your data and your activity - and of course your money - and whether these rules are fair, or unfair, is possible to check only by reading them carefully.

Moreover, while reading the T&C, you may decide that this casino site is actually not good enough for you, regardless of how good it looks on the homepage. Or, you may discover that some information you need is just missing and not explained. So, please find time for reading T&C really carefully, otherwise all other gambling tips will go in vain.

Registering More Than One Account on Same Site

Some people are naive enough to try and register more than one account on the same casino site, when they have an active account already, or after they had their account blocked for a reason. If you are a talented hacker who knows things, maybe that works for you. 

But this won’t work for most people, and even if you are able to deposit somehow, even take a bonus, and even play a casino game for real money without being blocked - well… you can rest assured no one will let you withdraw that money, because every account goes through an additional verification process when the withdrawal request is checked.

Registering an Account to Find Out the Actual Rules

Some casinos feel that their rules and conditions are not really advantageous for the players, especially when compared to more user-friendly casino sites. However, instead of improving the gambling conditions, these sites simply conceal some rules. One of the examples of such a move is to conceal the banking rules. As a result, the potential player has to register an account with the site, only to find out what the full list of rules is. 

However, if a casino site conceals some rules, this is already suspicious; some scammy sites do that, too. And registering an account means providing real data like name, address, phone number, and more, to a potentially scammy casino site. This is why, if the player needs to sign up only to learn about the full set of rules, this often becomes a mistake, and can result in data theft.

Registering an Account Not Knowing Your Lack of Benefits

Some players look through the rules at a casino site, but fail to really find out what benefits they have the right to claim, and what perks are unavailable to them. If a player learns that a casino site gives amazing Welcome Bonuses to new players, and rushes to register an account to get the bonus, they may find out in disappointment that gamblers from their country are not allowed to get any type of bonuses.

If the player already deposited before they learned they can’t have a bonus, they may have issues with getting their deposit back, again, due to the corresponding casino rules.

Ignoring No Deposit Bonus / Sign Up Bonus Terms

Many casino players are seduced by Sign Up bonuses which are No Deposit bonuses, so much that they rush to grab these bonuses without paying attention to the bonus money withdrawal rules. Taking a bonus, whatever the terms are, is one of the popular tips on gambling, but it is a risky one. Most No Deposit bonuses cannot eventually be withdrawn until the player actually deposits some money to the casino. 

Secondly, most No Deposit bonuses have maximum possible winnings/withdrawal limits; as a rule, web casinos do not allow to withdraw more than $25 - $100 won by wagering the No Deposit bonus. Not being aware of these rules may lead to the player believing they lose their money.

Depositing Money Owned by Someone Else

While it may seem not a big deal to register an account for yourself, but make a deposit using your family member’s plastic card, or online wallet account, this is actually a bad idea. Even if the family member is aware and allowed to take the money, you will not be able to prove that fact to the casino site during the verification procedure. 

For the casino site, depositing another person’s money from their wallet or card to your separate casino account looks suspicious, and the site will most likely return the money and block the account.

Online Casino Troubles: Choosing the Wrong Deposit Method

When choosing a deposit method, many aspects of depositing should be taken into consideration, and this is where so many players fail: 

  • allowed minimum and maximum deposits - by the casino, and by the chosen payment system, separately 
  • minimum and maximum deposits eligible for getting the bonus 
  • depositing by which payment methods makes the player able to get the bonus, or not able to get the bonus 
  • casino rules about withdrawing winnings via the same method previously used for depositing - these rules, when ignored, can create lots of problems for the player.

Choosing the right payment method for making a deposit to an online casino is truly harder than it seems.

Ignoring the Default Currency Rule

There is a rule many online casino gamblers are not aware of - we call it the “default currency rule”. Default currency rule is the rule always ignored by those popular online gambling tips, and yet it is so crucial for successful real money gambling.  

It is only stated in the T&C of the casino site, and many casinos prefer to not explain it clearly to their potential customers, because this is not a beneficial rule. 

The default currency rule means that, while the casino may state it accepts many different currencies for deposit and withdrawal, in fact, may do all the “internal” calculations, such as bonuses and bets, in its own fixed currency.

Usually, it is USD or EUR. What it means is that, despite the fact the player prefers to deposit in their local currency, or another international currency of their own preference, the casino website will automatically convert the deposits into its default currency, to enable the player to get bonuses and make bets.

 After the player wins some money and wants to request a withdrawal, the casino site will again convert the winnings from default currency into player’s preferred currency. 

This rule means the player will 1) lose money on double currency conversion and 2) will have harder times trying to track their spendings and winnings. 

Moreover, most web casinos state that, from time to time, they may choose to send the winnings to the player in their default currency, regardless of the currency initially preferred by the player. 

Ignoring the default currency rule often leads to players not understanding where part of their money goes, and why they withdraw less than they expected.

Ignoring Initial Deposit Wagering Requirements

Another ignored rule you will not find in most popular casino gambling tips posts. Not only bonus money granted to the player is subject to wagering requirements. Most casinos state that initial deposit must be wagered at least 1-3 times in real money games before the money can be withdrawn. This is done to prevent money laundering, and of course the casino site does not want to pay an extra transaction fee. 

If not the wagering requirement, the player will have to pay an administrative fee of 10-15% of the sum of the initial deposit, to withdraw it without wagering. Being unaware of these rules makes players think the casino wants to take their deposited money and not give it back.

Not Knowing How and When to Claim a Bonus

Many players want a casino bonus, be it a No Deposit or a Deposit based one, but don't want to read the bonus rules. Some bonuses are added automatically, other bonuses require a bonus code, other bonuses still are added manually by Customer Support after the user claims the bonus.

Breaking the rules of claiming the bonus results in the bonus not being granted. 

One of the rules which are easy to break right away without being aware is as follows. The player needs to deposit money, then claim the bonus, and then wait till the bonus money arrives - and only after that can they start making real money bets. However, if the player claims a bonus, but starts making real money bets with their deposited money before the bonus arrives, the bonus will be removed from the account. Not following this rule results in players thinking the casino tries to fool them.

Not Being Aware How Bonuses Work

This is the rule about deposit based bonuses. 

When a bonus is added to the player account, the deposited money is used for the real money bets first, and then the bonus money. The rule is, if the deposited money level drops below a certain minimum level, and the player wins nothing before the money ends, the bonus is automatically removed. Only if the player bets with their own deposited money and wins some money, they will be able to continue betting with bonus money further. 

While this rule may seem completely unfair, it is there, and ignoring this rule leads to the player thinking the casino took their money, promised a bonus, and then removed it.

Ignoring the Bonus Wagering Requirements

Every online casino bonus has its wagering requirements - the amount of times the sum of the bonus needs to be wagered in real money games before the player is allowed to withdraw any winnings. Most casinos apply wagering requirements only to the bonus, but higher than x50 is unfavourable conditions. 

Some casinos apply the wagering requirements both to the bonus and deposit, which is also not beneficial. Certain sites make it more user-friendly, and offer no wagering casino bonuses, which is an awesome option. 

However, the general idea is that unmet wagering requirements do not allow to withdraw the winnings the player acquired by wagering the bonus.

 If the wagering requirements have not been met for the bonus, the winnings will not be available for cashout, full stop. But the players feel cheated anyways.

Trying to Withdraw the Bonus Itself

Some beginner level online casino players are still not aware that the money given as a bonus itself cannot be cashed out. If the player gets a $100 bonus, they can use this money to make real money bets in games, win some cash, and only this cash won in games can be cashed out (if all the rules were followed). But the body of the bonus is never available for cashout, which makes some newbies believe they were tricked.

Making Bigger Than Allowed Bets

Whenever the bonus is active and attached to a certain deposit, there is a maximum limit on bet size the player can make. This is done to make the player play longer, and hopefully waste more money, trying to meet the wagering requirements.

However, if the player starts exceeding the maximum allowed size of bets, the casino team will find that out when checking the legitimacy of the withdrawal request. Not being aware of this rule or ignoring it leads to losing the bonus winnings, even if the wagering requirements have been met.

Playing Restricted Games

The same rule works for online casino games allowed with an active bonus attached to the deposit. Games allowed for real money playing with an active bonus suggest lower odds for winning, but playing other games with an active bonus will not count toward meeting the wagering requirements at all!

You will spend the deposit and the bonus money in real money bets, but will not meet the wagering requirements, and your bonus will most likely be deemed unreal and any winnings will be removed from the account. Players are often unaware of that rule, and get very surprised when they lose everything they win, playing restricted games.

Not Playing Games For Free

This is not specifically a mistake, but playing games for free before making real money bets on them allows the player to understand how the game works, what are the rules, and if the player feels they are satisfied with the level of volatility and the bonuses in this particular game. The more you know about the game you are going to play for real money, the more chances to choose a more beneficial game for winning.

Playing Games of Skill With No Skill

Games of skill are usually Table Games, like Online Roulette, Blackjack, Pokers, etc. Live Dealer games are mostly also Table Games. And games of skill, be they automated or Live, demand skill! 

Of course to learn a skill one should first practice, make mistakes, and fail. But again, beginners should start from the beginning. Many automated Table games are available for free in the Demo mode. One can watch reviews and streamings of other people playing, to understand the rules better. Mind the budget when making your first steps in the games of skill, and be ready to fail and lose money. 

Live Dealer casino games are the highest level of online gambling, because the Dealers are very fast, and other players at the same table will also distract the newbie player. Moving step by step and being reasonable about your own skills is what is needed to play games of skills.

Not Minding The Budget-Volatility Strategy

Sometimes players that prefer real money online slots do not know what level of volatility this or that slot offers, and cannot adjust their betting budget to the volatility (also sometimes called variance) to make the best of it. 

Lower volatility means that the slot game gives frequent wins, but the size of the winnings is lower. Low volatility slots are good for smaller budgets, because the player can boost their budget with winnings quite often, play longer, and probably hit a bigger win with time. 

High volatility means that the game gives higher winnings, but the wins do not happen frequently. This type of slots may not be very suitable for smaller budgets, because the player can make a row of bets without hitting a win, and run out of budget before they get any considerable sum of money to compensate for their losses, and continue playing. Therefore, higher volatility slots require a higher budget to increase the odds of hitting the bigger wins. 

Not being aware of the volatility levels, and not adjusting their betting strategy to them, makes players feel like they invested their money into the game, and the game just took the money without giving any winnings, or the winnings are too small and do not compensate for the investments.

Ignoring Withdrawal Rules

Withdrawal is one of the trickiest processes in online casino gambling, because there are so many rules to follow, and so many ways to fail with it. The successful withdrawal rules usually include: 

  • meeting the initial deposit wagering requirements if you have not claimed any bonuses 
  • meeting the bonus wagering requirements if you have claimed a bonus 
  • play only allowed games
  • do not exceed the allowed maximum bet limit in allowed games 
  • do not try to fool the system by pursuing low risk strategies, or using any types of software in your gambling 
  • do not take bonuses only for the sake of using them for fun and then leaving unattended 

Not following these, or other rules, when playing, will most likely result in the casino removing the winnings.

Ignoring Withdrawal Limits

There are also withdrawal limits that should be considered when placing a withdrawal request: 

  • daily/weekly/monthly maximum withdrawal limits 
  • minimum withdrawal available 
  • transaction limits for a particular banking method chosen 
  • limits for No Deposit bonuses or Free Spins (usually no more than $25 - $100 can be withdrawn) 
  • limits for deposit-based bonuses (usually up to $10,000 per month can be withdrawn) 
  • limits for progressive jackpots winnings (can be paid in full right away, or can be divided into monthly maximums and paid out during several months)

Requesting a withdrawal smaller or bigger than allowed by the limits will not result in the money being taken away, as in the case of breaking the rules. The withdrawal will just be denied, and you will have to contact the Customer Support to find out what was the problem, and then make a request again. This will take time and some worrying, too. So, the limits should be considered. 

Now there’s a tricky part with the maximum withdrawal limits for the No Deposit bonuses and /or Free Spins. As a rule, the player cannot withdraw more than $25 - $100 of the money they win by wagering the No Deposit bonus, or by using the Free Spins. 

The player may win more than this maximum limit, but the exceeding money will be removed from their account when the withdrawal request is made. Casinos do that to avoid paying out huge winnings to super lucky players who used No Deposit bonuses and Free Spins, without investing much of their own money. 

While this may seem unfair, the casinos want to secure themselves from such payments. The players unaware of this rule, however, may feel like the casino just took part of their winnings without no reason.

Choosing the Wrong Withdrawal Method

This is a very tricky rule CasinosHunter is never tired of explaining to the casino gamblers, because some casinos do not explain it on purpose. 

Some players may think they can choose one method for depositing money to the casino site, and another method for withdrawing the money, and on some sites, this is the case. 

However, other sites clearly state in their Terms and Conditions (which no one reads but us) that withdrawals are only possible via the same payment channels used previously for depositing, and only in certain cases, another method can be allowed. 

As a result, each player that makes a deposit, should consider not only a payment method for depositing, but also a payment method for withdrawing, beforehand. 

Otherwise, the casino will create all kinds of complications for the player, only to make them leave the money in the casino account, and eventually spend it on bets, instead of being able to cash it out.

Requesting Withdrawal Without Account Verification

Every online casino customer account must be verified by casino Customer Support. The verification includes checking the uploaded documents, and sometimes having a phone call or a Skype call to make sure the player is an adult, located in the allowed jurisdiction, and has the right to use the casino site. 

Verification requires uploading some documents, talking to Customer Support, and it all takes time and effort, and many players leave it for later. Also, some casinos limit the possibility of betting and gambling during the verification process, so most customers are reluctant to start the verification right away after they register an account. 

The catch is, making real money deposits, taking bonuses, and making real money bets become available right after the account was registered, and before verification. So the players often feel free to deposit and play as much as they want. 

But when it comes to withdrawal, the customers suddenly get their requests rejected, because the account must pass the verification first. Until then, the winnings cannot be cashed out. 

Not being aware of this rule makes the players think that the casino site wants their sensitive data - documentation - for the right to withdraw the “legit” winnings, which seems suspicious and scammy to the players. In reality, this is just another important rule ignored by the player.

Leaving the Account Unattended

Different casino platforms have different rules about how long the account can be unattended until it is considered inactive. 

Some sites claim the account is inactive in 3 months, others in 12 to 18 months. Additional administrative rules are applied to inactive accounts, including, but not limited to: 

  • removing all the Comp Points and Loyalty Program levels/benefits 
  • removing all the bonuses and bonus winnings 
  • removing the money on balance (this may be returned to the player in some cases) 
  • applying an administrative monthly fee of around $5 for supporting the account 

As a result, if the player leaves their account unattended for longer than allowed by the particular casino site, they may lose their Comp Points, bonuses, winnings, and even deposited money. This may seem like a fraud by the casino site, but again, just another rule ignored. 

If you feel you want to leave your account unattended for some time, try to withdraw all the money you can, from the balance, and also ask Customer Support to suspend the account for some time. 

In case the account is temporarily suspended, administrative fees and other rules do not apply to it.

Final Thoughts

This guide contains all the most widespread mistakes made by online casino gamblers all around the world when registering an account, depositing, taking bonuses, making bets, and withdrawing their winnings. 

Hopefully, our extensive recommendations will prevent the readers from those mistakes, making their gambling activities safer and more profitable!