Interview With Christina Muratkina, CEO and Co-founder at Onlyplay

Interview With Christina Muratkina, CEO and Co-founder at Onlyplay
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CasinosHunter knows how important it is to play the best casino games by the most innovative software providers. This is why we became interested in Onlyplay as one of the really talented teams that make some cool games. Check out this Q&A with Christina Muratkina, CEO and co-founder at Onlyplay, for more!

About Onlyplay


If to think of it, Onlyplay is not a new company in the igaming industry. It was founded back in 2007, and worked as a software solutions developer for other businesses in the niche. The studio also made some casino games for other companies, including one of the very first cryptocurrency casino games developed in 2016 and based on Ethereum. Only by 2019, Onlyplay started making its own real money online slots along with some outstanding software solutions, and became one of the few providers focused on a new and user-friendly Instant Win games concept. 

As a B2B provider of software, Onlyplay makes some creative stuff for operators all around the world, but in terms of games that are directly consumed by the web casino players, Onlyplay places its focus on younger generations, and younger technical approaches. 

The company has created the RNG platform that is used by the company itself, and can also be used as a service by other companies in the niche. The representatives of Onlyplay state they don’t mind sharing what they invent. The platform can help companies support high performance and high productivity. 

Another interesting software solution is the OWidget that allows to increase the total profit of the betting platform. 

Currently, Onlyplay works on getting the licenses by UKGC, and MGA, in order to get access to more regulated markets globally. 

If you would like to know more about this amazing online casino software provider, check our Q&A out!

Q/A Session With Christina Muratkina, CEO and Co-founder at Onlyplay

Hello, thank you for finding time to participate in our Q&A! To begin with, can you please tell our readers more about yourself, your experience in the industry, and your role in the company?

Christina Muratkina, OnlyPlay

Hello everyone, my name is Christina and I am CEO and co-founder of Onlyplay. I started my career in the iGaming industry 11 years ago as a developer, but later I retrained in Project Manager and was already moving further on the management path. I've always been on the product side and I still like this part of my weekdays the most. I love games and the process of creating them: from concept to final rtp tests :)

If you compare Onlyplay with other competitors, what are the company’s main advantages in the industry? What features or values make it stand out? 

If you compare us with many well-known companies on the market, then probably I would single us out as a modern team that is not afraid to experiment and try different directions. We are trying to give the player something new and, perhaps, blur or lower the boundaries between gambling and casual games.

We know Onlyplay makes not only online casino games, but also offers software solutions for other companies in the niche. Can you please tell us more about Onlyplay RNG, OWidget, and other products?

OnlyPlay RNG & OWidget Features

Yes, there are a number of products that we have made for ourselves, but we’re ready to share them with other companies. Thus, for example, we have a certified RNG service, which we provide to our partners via API.

As for OWidget, it’s an add-on over any operator's site that offers to double any winnings on the site.

Imagine your bet won in a football match and the service offers you to double it.

Let’s talk about casino games. Can you name three of the most successful games by Onlyplay, so far? What are their most interesting features? 

F777 Fighter, Book of Eye, maybe we should also pay attention to our game Myths of Bastet as well.

F777 Fighter Online Slot

F777 Fighter is a crash game that differs from its competitors in advanced features, for example, there is a refueler that gives players a bonus, and there is also an accumulative jackpot. Those who did not jump and reached the jackpot, divide it according to the bets, and those who jumped off earlier watch this win. Very motivating to play. Also, we worked very hard on the realism of the graphics, there is even an animated landing signal officer!

Attention to detail seems to me to be very important in game development. The player notices and appreciates everything.

Book of Eye Online Slot

We love classic games too, they always have an audience, which is why Book of Eye is the most popular game among this segment. I think the name and Egyptian theme all speak for themselves :)

Myths of Bastet Online Slot

Myths of Bastet slottery shows good returns for players. Thanks to the progress mechanics, the player wants to reach the bonus game, because he sees how much is left.

All bonus games in Myths of Bastet are unique and fun to complete. According to the information on buying bonus games, we can see that players prefer one of their favorite bonus games.

Can you please tell our readers more about the Instant Win Games concept?

Instant Win is a relatively new game format. As the generation of players grows and changes, so does the content. We see the trend on Hyper Casual Games, mobile simple games, and we are successfully adopting this experience in iGaming.

The first audience that appreciated this format of games was crypto players.

As a team, we have rich experience in developing games for a crypto audience, that is why our Instant Win games are popular on such platforms.

Could you please tell us more about the company’s recent release called Lucky Punch? Why is this game so unique?

Lucky Punch Online Slot

Lucky Punch is our new format of slottery games, a 1x5 reel slot where most of the screen is dedicated to animation. The main mechanic of this game is a confrontation between two boxers, where the dropped combination affects the outcome of the fight.

As we try to gamify each of our games, we’ve added a player level to Lucky Punch. For each win over an opponent, points are awarded that pump your level. The level also affects the constant multiplier, which multiplies all the total wins in bonus and free spin games.

Thus, first of all, it is advantageous for the player to return to the game on a specific operator, which increases the player's loyalty to the site. Secondly, the player will get more winnings due to pumping, and this increases his retention.

Also, as for Lucky Punch, we have developed an exclusive version with the brand ambassador especially for Parimatch, which we are very proud of — the team did a great job.

What is the biggest possible win in your games? Has anyone already hit the maximum possible win, and if yes, what game it was? 

If we take the last period, then the player won 80,000 EUR in Book of Eye.

In general, most of our games are quite volatile, and some, for example, crash games F777 Fighter and Limbo Cat, have the possibility of winning an infinite multiplier. Of course, mathematics is a strict science and the probability of this event tends to zero.

But in order to protect the operator, we have the functionality of the maximum winnings per one bet. The operator chooses this value by itself.

We know Onlyplay also develops cryptocurrency games. The first game was made by Onlyplay in 2016; today, what is your opinion about cryptocurrency gambing? What trends should we expect? 

Yes, as mentioned earlier, we are one of the first to start making games for the crypto audience. Our first game, Lucky Clover, has a simple visual style and fairness control, which is very important for a crypto player.

My personal opinion is that crypto gaming is only gaining momentum.

More and more operators are connecting the possibility of depositing different cryptocurrencies — more and more games support them. In general, the portrait of people who invest in cryptocurrency is very close to the portrait of a gambling player.

Onlyplay has certifications by the UKGC and the MGA. What regulated markets are of the biggest interest for the company today? 

We are currently in the process of obtaining Maltese and UK licenses — and many operators are looking forward to hosting our content. Therefore, we are in a hurry :)

We know that games by Onlyplay will be presented at ICE London 2022. What are the expectations about this event? 

I think everyone really missed the offline events and one of the biggest conferences ICE will be a big and significant event next year. We're going to present our games there, sign contracts and have a great time with like-minded people.

Could you please share with us what new games by Onlyplay are to be released in the nearest future? Maybe Christmas-related games? 

We are planning to do some Christmas reskins and some games with Joker.

Also, in our next pipeline there are 2 more crash games and many different mechanics of Instant Win games.

Thank you so much for your time, and participation in our Q&A! 

Thanks for the interesting questions!


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