Ottawa Online Casinos

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is not only a beautiful city to live in, or visit - it is popular with tourists, and as a result, it is a lively gambling hub. Local gamblers and guests can have fun and make some real money bets in several land based houses - or they may choose to play online if they have the right mood!

Best Ottawa Casinos

Ottawa is one of the gambling centers of Ontario, and Ontario is one of the richest Canadian provinces in terms of gambling. So, little surprise that fans of festive atmosphere and socialization enjoy brick and mortar gambling houses in the capital city. On the other hand, the choice of online casinos is even more abundant!

74 Top Ottawa Online Casino Sites in 2021

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Why to Play Online Casinos in Ottawa

Offline gambling has always been fun. However, nowadays online platforms can offer so many advantages and unique perks that some regular offline gamblers may reconsider their preferences. Therefore, Casinos Hunter believes that it is always good to know all your options. 

Entertainment provided by gambling can be so various, and the level of service can differ, too. And yet, online casinos slowly win the hearts of so many punters, because the choice, the variety, and other benefits seem to be more prominent than those of the brick and mortar gambling facilities.

Here at Casinos Hunter, we offer a list of benefits of online casinos vs offline ones.



  • with web casinos, the players can play anywhere, anytime, and don’t have to travel across the city for some games
  • web casinos are available for play 24/7, on workdays and on holidays, so the players are not limited with any schedule
  • online casinos are perfect for introverts, or simply for people who are tired after work and want some quiet entertainment
  • the games lobby is usually huge at web platforms
  • some benefits offered online are simply impossible at offline venues
  • if you are not happy with your choice, you can switch the casino Ottawa in a minute
  • you do not have to wait for your turn by the table, or by the slots machine, as all games are available simultaneously to many punters


  • people who enjoys communication may find online gambling less entertaining
  • many visit land based venues for their atmosphere, shows, and general impression
  • at web casinos, you don’t get your winnings immediately, because the transaction processing by one of the payment systems will take some time

Unique Benefits of Gambling Online

Online casinos have gained immense popularity, even compared to land based gaming venues, and for a good reason. The point is, web platforms are often more convenient, more user-friendly, and offer better service to the customers - let alone they offer benefits that are simply impossible offline. If you are intrigued, learn more below!


Live Casinos Ottawa

Live online casinos Ottawa are something every gambler should give a try. These are web platforms with games against Live Dealers available. These games function as follows - the Live Dealer facility where dealers work in shifts streams the games. Web casinos connect to those streams and this way provide their customers access to these streams. 

Live Dealer games have all the benefits of the land based casinos and none of their drawbacks. The streams create the impression of full presence, and yet the player can still stay in the comfort of their home. Moreover, Live Dealer streams are not as boring as automated casino games may seem. The player can communicate with the dealer, and even socialize with other players by the same table. 

Playing Live Dealer online casinos is nothing complicated - you have to register an account with the web casino, make a minimum deposit, and the operator gives you access to those games. Just please keep in mind that in the majority of web casinos, you will not be able to wager bonus money on Live Dealer games.


Rich Choice of Bonuses

Few land based casinos can offer you gifts and promotions for simply playing their games, so in terms of promotions and gifts, online casinos are definitely superior. At web casinos, you will be offered a Welcome Bonus that only new players can get. If you are especially lucky, you can even claim a No Deposit bonus, the one granted simply as a reward for registering an account. With a No Deposit Bonus, you have a chance of betting real cash and win real cash, but without depositing your own cash! 

Other promotions may include daily or weekly bonuses, weekend reload and cashback bonuses, free spins bonuses on slots or roulette, or even birthday bonuses. Therefore, all gamblers should consider checking out some web platforms for the sake of getting gifts. The only rule is to read all the Terms and Conditions carefully, to be aware of the rules that actually apply to the gifts.


Mobile Casinos Ottawa

Another cool thing about web platforms for gambling is that you can have them with you all the time, on the smartphone. You are not tied to your PC and you can literally carry your favorite web Ottawa casino with you anywhere. Many people find it fun to play some games while commuting, or when they are waiting in a queue. 

Modern online casinos are mobile-friendly, and function seamlessly if opened via the browser in your mobile device. Other platforms already have official mobile applications that offer the ultimate user experience. Moreover, if you get yourself an online payment option that also has a mobile application, both your games and your payments can be managed conveniently and quickly and kept in one place. 

Mobile casinos in Ottawa, and anywhere else, usually run faster and are sleeker than sites for PC. The only thing one has to consider is a fast and reliable Internet connection because if the connection is lost on the side of the player, the casino operator is not responsible for lost bets. But the point is that mobile applications are usually more technically advanced, and they lose connection less often than even websites do.


Additional Perks

One of the cool perks many people enjoy free casino games in Demo mode. This is the mode that allows playing casino games without depositing, and often even without registering an account. Casinos offer Demo mode, also called Practice mode, to demonstrate the quality of their software to site visitors. One cannot win real cash playing in Demo mode, but they can play casino games without limitations and have fun simply for free. No land-based casino in Ottawa will allow visitors to play their games without making real money bets. 

Another cool perk is the online casinos accept the VIP program. All depositing players are automatically enrolled in the program, and each wager brings them points. These points are accumulated and promote the players’ accounts into exclusive promotions. The points can also be exchanged for cash or exclusive bonuses. 

Also also, in online casinos, tournaments are often held for regular customers. During such tournaments, the odds of winning are usually higher, and the operators often offer expensive prizes for the top winners.

Spotting a Reliable Casino For Playing Online

Many gamblers may find it hard and confusing to choose an online casino, especially if they have previously only gambled offline. And for sure, the abundance of offers in the web can make anyone confused. However, Casinos Hunter comes to the rescue. You can learn more about choosing the most suitable site here.

First and foremost, one can check out casino lists and reviews provided, in order to assess the pros and cons of every platform, and educate yourself on what aspects are important at an online casino. Secondly, one is able to assess every website on their own, just keeping several crucial criteria in mind. 

Legitimacy on a web casino is important, so check if the site holds any license, and if yes, what kind of license. The best web casinos for Canadians hold licenses by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Licenses by Malta, Gibraltar, or UK are also fine. Also, the site has to state all the legal information about the operator straight away. 

Next, safety and security of data is crucial. Check whether the site is protected with SSL encryption, whether there are any certifications or seals of trust by independent third parties, and who manages the complaints by customers. Also, it is useful to see how many banking options are offered, and how many software providers are represented on the platform. All these details reveal the true quality of any online casino Ottawa. 

Making Your First Steps Towards Gambling Online 

After you have picked several web casinos that you liked, don’t rush registering an account. Better go and check what banking options are offered to you, and see if any of them is available in your area. Maybe you will have to register an account for an e-wallet first, and top it up, or buy a prepaid voucher. 

Only after you made sure that you have a banking channel for deposits and withdrawals, you can register an account. This will take about 5 minutes maximum. Click the Sign Up button and provide the details required. You will need to confirm the registration via the confirmation email, and then proceed with some more details, like phone number and address. Please remember that all info has to be real, otherwise, the casino will block the account during the verification process. 

After you fill in the account details, you will be able to make deposits, claim bonuses, and make bets. But the withdrawal option will be unlocked only after the account is verified by the Customer Support.

Gambling in Ottawa 

Being the capital of Canada, Ottawa has lots of different attractions for tourists and guests of the city, and casinos are among those attractions. Ottawa gambling places are regulated by AGCO (The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) and OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation). These two bodies control the local business in the gambling niche, and make sure all companies that provide gambling entertainments would obey the laws. To play real money online casinos in Canada, one has to be 19 years old and older. If you are interested in lotteries, you have to be 18 years old at least.  

Finding a legitimate and safe land based gambling house is no problem in Ottawa. Here, we review three of the biggest brick and mortar casino resorts in the city. As for online gambling, it is allowed on foreign websites and is not regulated by Canadian government. 

Top Land Based Casinos of Ottawa 

Funny but Ottawa is not the leader in the number of land based casino houses per city in the Ontario province. However, generally almost every city in the province has 3-4 casinos maximum, so don’t rush around in the search of a bigger choice of brick and mortar gambling venues. Better enjoy the entertainments of the capital and the luxurious atmosphere they can provide. If you are not happy with the choice - but we have great doubts you will not be happy - you can travel to a different city after visiting Ottawa, or even play some casino games online! Meanwhile, let’s see what venues are there in the capital of Canada. 

Rideau Carleton Casino 

This facility is a racetrack for horse racing and also a gambling resort. It began its operation as early as 1962, and has been crazily popular since then. In 2000, the gambling part of the resort was opened, and introduced some slots machines. At the time of writing, the place features 1200+ slots machines, 35 table games, and 5 poker tables for high roller gamblers. Besides, there are several restaurants for dining, and the venue holds musical events and different shows, both as part of the standard entertainment program, and as separate events. Rideau Carleton is one of the favourite places to have fun for many locals in Ottawa. 

Overbrook Bingo 

Overbrook Bingo is Ottawa’s top bingo hall. It hosts several different playing programs, including jackpots, progressive games, etc. Many locals enjoy the fun at Overbrook Bingo and visiting this venue is kinda a hobby for many. To take part in the game, the player has to be 18 years old, and be able to buy a minimum ticket at least. The prizes vary from $100 to $5,000. 

Friends’ Bingo 

This bingo hall is also of great popularity. It hosts several games per working day, and the size of the prize starts from $200, while bigger prizes go around $5,000. The hall works all week, but on different hours, so check them out before visiting. Moreover, every regular player can participate in the loyalty program and win some additional prizes. Also, according to Canada’s laws, part of the gambling company’s income has to be given away for charities, and Friends’ Bingo hall supports around 50 charity organizations - those created for the sake of wildlife, different cultures, students, sports, education, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are specific laws for casinos in Ottawa?

Ottawa is regulated by laws of Ontario, so there are no really limiting laws of casino players in the province, as well as in the capital city. Most laws are created for gambling businesses, while the players have to be of the proper gambling age, and this is basically all. To participate in lotteries, one has to be 18 years old, while offline and online casino gambling is allowed for people 19 years old and older.

Do I have to pay taxes on my Ottawa casino winnings?

Canadian gamblers do not pay taxes on their winnings, be it in land based gambling houses or on the web, unless casino winnings are their main source of income. If you play the lottery, the tax is already included in the ticket price, too.

What are the best banking options for gambling in online casino Ottawa?

While gaming laws in Ottawa are very allowing, the situation with payments can be confusing. This is why we recommend using prepaid vouchers, e-wallets, or facilitators for direct payments from bank accounts.

Is it possible to deposit to an online casino with cryptocurrency?

Yes, many web casinos do accept cryptocurrency for deposits and bets. However, pay attention to the withdrawal options - make sure you can withdraw your winnings in crypto, too. Otherwise, you will have to face currency exchange expenses every time.

Where do I find the best online casino for Ottawa?

The simplest way to find the best Ottawa casino online is to check out some casino lists at such reviewer platforms like Casinos Hunter. Besides being able to actually see a whole list of suitable casino websites, you can read the reviews and assess every site, and also educate yourself about what is important for web casinos.

Is it better to play offline or online casinos in Ottawa?

That depends! If the atmosphere and socialization are two of the most important parts of your gambling entertainment, then the offline option may be more suitable for you. If you are a fan of various games and are more excited about betting and winning, maybe an online option will be more exciting. It makes sense to check both options!