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Entertainment and cool toys are actually more affordable than it may seem. If you are salivating over Xbox Series X or S, but have doubts whether you should spend so much money on entertainment, you can actually check out the infographics and start planning your next purchase wisely!

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The Value of XBOX Series Gadget

If you would like to get yourself an XBOX Series, but wondering whether you can actually afford it, and whether this “big boys’ toy” does not cost too much, there is a good way to check it. 

While many gamers all over the world salivate about the new XBOX, many believe that, together with the quality and technology update, some the cost update that becomes more and more “too much”. Many states that, unless there is VR technology included, paying such a price is just ridiculous for a lot of gamers. To prove or argue against this point, one can use the offered infographics. However, in order to take advantage of it, it makes sense to consider the perceived value of the gadget in the first place. 

Real Value VS Perceived Value 

The perceived value of an item or service (or whatever at all) is the level of value assigned to this item or service by different people, or groups of people. For example, for a passionate gamer, XBOX is valuable, and they are ready to pay the price demanded, only to get access to their favorite and new games. For a non-gamer, on the other hand, XBOX will have from low to no value; while they may acknowledge the general value of entertainment and technology, and agree on the beauty and quality of games, they will never value XBOX as high as gamers do, and will be reluctant to pay a stated price for a gaming gadget. 

Therefore, the cost stated for XBOX has to meet the perceived value first, before the gamer assesses the actual value. If the gamer believes they want and need this XBOX gadget, because they totally love the entertainment it offers, they will be ready to work extra hours, or save money, in order to purchase the gadget. However, if the perceived value is low, the cost does not matter much, because the person is not interested in the purchase enough. 

Only if the perceived value of the XBOX item is high, the person may want to find out whether they can afford the device, or how many days they will need to earn enough money for it. 

Cost for Different Countries 

The infographic provided can be of interest to gamers who want to get XBOX Series X, Series S, or games for XBOX. The infographic lists 50 countries and shows how many days an average employee with average wages should spend working, in order to afford this gaming item. Since the wages can vary a bit, the actual sums are not indicated in the infographic, to avoid misinformation. This infographic visually illustrates that, in some countries, a gamer would need around 3 days to earn XBOX, while in countries by the end of the list, over 30 days would be needed. 

Therefore, the actual cost of the gadget is perceived not only through the prism of perceived value but also of how much time one has to invest into the purchase. If the gamer values the item and believes that provided entertainment will compensate for the time expenditures, working extra will make sense for them. Hopefully, this infographic will help gamers assess the real value of the XBOX gadget and help them plan their budget, too!

How Long Do You Need to Work to Buy Xbox Series X or Series S

XBOX Series X or XBOX Series S is a desired gadget for many gamers around the world. However, some believe the cost of the gadget is too high because this is basically a toy for entertainment.

However, if to look at the infographic, it becomes clear that the cost of the XBOX Series is more affordable in those countries where an average employee with average wages has to spend less than 7 days working, in order to earn the XBOX item. This infographic shows how many days are needed in every country, on average, to earn enough money to purchase the XBOX Series X, Series S, or an XBOX game.

Xbox Series X and Series S Index

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