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Many people are wondering whether they can afford this or that entertainment, because, to be honest, some big boys’ toys seem to be quite expensive. However, there is a quick way to find that out! Check this infographic below to see how many days are needed for an average employee in every country from the list, to earn enough money to buy Sony PlayStation 5!

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The Real Cost of Sony PlayStation 5

When one considers buying a Sony PlayStation 5 item, be it the PS5, PS5 Digital, or even a new game for the gadget, the issue of cost may arise. Some believe that, despite the fact that the gaming gadgets become more advanced and of higher quality, the cost grows somewhat disproportionately, making the gadgets unaffordable even for those gamers who could afford buying the previous series. 

While cost is a serious issue, and should be considered when planning a purchase, it should be kept in mind that, for different people, the same cost can be fine, okay, or too much. That depends mostly on the average wages for an average employee in each separate country. Therefore, to evaluate the real cost of PS5, and assess whether it can be considered affordable or not, check out the Hamburger Index and how it can be applied to PS5.

The Hamburger Index 

The Hamburger Index was invented by the British magazine The Economist back in 1986. The point behind this funny index is as follows - currency exchange rates sometimes distort the real value of currency, and therefore all other indicators of financial wealth in the country, and the value of currencies, seixe being objective and comprehensive. Even the purchasing power cannot be assessed objectively if the currency rates are inadequate. So, in order to be able to measure the real value of currencies, and to compare the value of different currencies in dependency to a stable indicator, The Economist offered The Hamburger Index. 

A hamburger chosen was Big Mac by McDonalds, because it was served according to the same procedure in every country, contained the same ingredients, and offered the same nutritional value, regardless of the country. Therefore, Big Mac could serve as a unified item, equally valuable for any (hungry) person in any country. Using the Hamburger Index, The Economist could tell if the purchasing power of people in certain countries was way lower, and therefore, the currency values were not adequate. 

To evaluate the real cost of the Sony PlayStation 5, the gadget was taken as a unified item, and the infographic showed how many days should be spent at work by an average employee, in order to afford PS 5. Therefore, in some countries, the gadget can be earned in 3 days, while in others, it will take over 30 days. 

The Luckiest Gamers 

The infographic shows that the luckiest gamers live in Switzerland, Singapore, Denmark, United States, and Australia - in these countries, earning a PS5 gadget will take up to 3 days, while earning a game for Sony PlayStation 5 will take less than 1 day. The next bunch of lucky countries are those where from 3 to 6 days are needed. In the rest of the countries, it will take gamers from 1 to 6 weeks to earn enough money to purchase PS 5. These differences show the real cost of the gaming item for people in different countries. Hopefully, this infographic will help gamers make a money saving scheme for buying the gadget in the nearest future.

How Long Do You Need to Work to Buy PlayStation 5

This infographic shows how many days an average employee with an average wage should spend working in order to purchase Sony PlayStation 5, Sony PlayStation 5 Digital, and a Sony PlayStation 5 game.

The infographics lists fifty countries, with graphs for every PS 5 item. The time measurement unit is 1 day, but since in some countries, the time necessary to earn a PS5 item exceeds one month, there is no general monthly timespan. Since average wages within every country vary a bit, too, the infographic does not indicate exact sums for the wages, to avoid misinformation. The data is taken from open data sources.

Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) Index Infographic

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