United States Dollar Casinos

Online gambling almost always means gambling with USD, since it is the most popular fiat currency for casino betting! However, some players may want to know more about depositing and withdrawing with USD, and about the most convenient payment methods. All these things are discussed in this overview by CasinosHunter.

US Dollar Online Casinos (USD)

What can be easier, it seems, than finding an online US dollar casino that accepts USD for deposits, bet, and withdrawals? But this task may turn out more complicated, because the US dollar casino also has to be safe, reliable, reputable, entertaining, and of course well-paying casino that accept USD! Such US dollar casinos are collected in the list by CasinosHunter below.

89 Top US Dollar Casinos (USD) in 2022

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How to Play in Casino with United States Dollars

Playing with USD at online casinos is not complicated at all, because almost every casino in the world accepts this currency. For many US dollar casino sites, US dollars are the default currency. 

Default currency means that all the internal calculations and sometimes bets are only made in USD. If the Canadian online casino that accept USD follows the default currency rule, it reserves the right to sometimes pay the winnings out to players in the default currency, regardless of the preferred or local currency of the customer. If your most favourite casino’s default currency is USD, you are lucky, because there is no risk they will pay your cash out in other currency. 

However, sometimes the default currency is another popular international currency - Euros. If you play with $, but the casino that accept US dollar site’s default currency is EUR, two things may happen. In the best case scenario, they may only sometimes pay your winnings out in Euros when the banking department lacks, or for other reasons. In the worst case scenario, you may face double currency conversion - from $ to EUR in order to be able to bet, and then back, in order to be able to cash out. So, watch out for the default currency and always read Terms and Conditions.

Laws and Taxes When Gambling with USD

As weird as it may seem, in most states of the USA, real money online casino gambling is prohibited, or rather, not directly allowed. Some gamblers in certain states do reach out to foreign online US dollar casino sites for a bet or two, but generally, the US does not take online gambling kindly. 

However, as for the rest of the world, USD is the most popular currency for online USD casino gambling. And the best part is that in the majority of countries, gamblers are not expected to pay taxes on what they win on online betting platforms. Some countries, especially in the European Union, do demand to show the winnings and pay taxes if the winnings exceed certain limits. This rule also usually applies to professional table games players, like poker players, who make a living playing USD casino games. In other cases, what you win online is not subject to taxation.

Depositing With US Dollars

Depositing with $ is easy peasy, but if you are intimidated by the questionnaires and forms to fill, please follow our step-by-step instructions to do everything right! 

  1. make sure the US dollar casino site you choose is reliable and safe. If you don’t know how to choose secure US dollar casinos, please check our guide here 
  2. register by pressing Sign Up, and follow the instruction. You are to provide your personal data and also upload some documents 
  3. read the bonus description and Bonus T&C, and decide if you would like to claim a bonus on your deposit 
  4. check what is the minimum deposit accepted, or minimum deposit qualifying for the bonus if you want one 
  5. go to the Banking/Payments and connect your preferred banking option to the online casino US dollars account (please read more about banking options nuances below) 
  6. click Deposit and choose the sum you want to send 
  7. confirm the transaction via email, sms, code, or phone call 
  8. wait for the money to arrive on your online casino US dollars balance 
  9. if you want the bonus, claim it, provide a promo code if it is required, or contact the Customer Support 
  10. if the bonus does not arrive on your bonus balance, contact Customer Support early 
  11. if you have deposited and are waiting for the bonus, do not make any real money bets from the deposited money, because in this case you will stop qualifying for the bonus and the Support will remove it from your account 
  12. if you do not claim any bonuses, you can start making real money bets immediately! 
  13. as soon as the bonus arrives, you can start wagering it in allowed games, to win even more real cash!

The complication with the deposit methods lies in the fact that almost any method is good for depositing, but far from all of them are suitable for withdrawals. The perfect case is when you can deposit from and withdraw to the same channel, like ewallet. Some US dollar casinos do allow deposit from one channel and withdraw to another channel, and this is also a good option for the player. However, many online casino USD sites state they only send payouts to the same channel used previously by the player for depositing. This way, the online casino US dollars customer must find that out early, and check if their preferred deposit method fits for withdrawals, and if they should look for another additional payment option.

Debit and Credit Cards  

Almost all debit and credit cards by Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and of course American Express allow transactions in USD, and they are usually accepted by the majority of US dollar casinos online around the world. Using a plastic card for depositing is the most convenient and natural payment way, but there is a catch. Few US dollar casinos later allow cashouts to debit and credit cards, and even fewer local banks allow payouts from websites that look like online casino USD  sites. This is why, if you only want to deposit via plastic cards, make sure you know how and where to withdraw later. If you would like to find the best casino that accept US dollar, check out our Visa online casino and Mastercard online casino lists. 


PayPal is the second most popular online payment method, not only for online casino USD  sites, but for online payments to different merchants in general. PayPal is an old ewallet that has been around for decades, so it is safe, secure, and reliable. However, please keep in mind that in some countries, PayPal does not allow payments to and from online US dollar online casinos; that depends mostly on the local legislation. PayPal accepts USD (obviously) and supports fast transactions. If you would like to know more, read about PayPal casinos online. 


Paysafecard is basically an online voucher used for paying for services and products online. To use it, the customer needs a MyPaysafe Account. The account generates codes that work like prepaid vouchers. Paysafecard is accepted by the majority of online casino USD  sites for deposits, because it is convenient, and, apparently, safe. The account is disconnected from any bank accounts or cards, so no payments can be tracked or hacked. The only disadvantage is that in the majority of cases, withdrawals to Paysafe Account are impossible. To find out more, choose a Paysafecard casino.

Withdrawing Winnings With USD

Withdrawing your winnings in $ is not hard. The process is simple - go to the Banking page, indicate the sum and the preferred channel, and request withdrawal. The complications may rise because the player is not aware of several important rules to check. So, before you place a withdrawal request, please check whether your online casino USD account has already been verified by Customer Support; only verified customers can cash out. Secondly, check if all wagering requirements have been met; even initial deposits without bonuses attached are subject to wagering requirements. And thirdly, make sure your withdrawal fits the minimum and maximum limits. Below, you will find the most convenient payment methods for payouts.


Skrill was first called MoneyBookers, and the name speaks for itself. It is an old ewallet that was created mostly for online bets, so it is completely casino-friendly and is included in payment options list in almost all US dollar online casinos around the world. Skrill is suitable for both deposits and withdrawals, supports fast and secure transactions, and the fees are small. The only real drawback is that Skrill is very cautious about frauds or suspicious user behavior, and can suspend accounts. To learn more about US dollar online casino payments in Skrill, please read the Skrill casino overview. 


Today, Neteller is part of the big Paysafe company, but as a separate ewallet, it was opened in 1999. It supports numerous languages and accepts many currencies, USD being one of the first. Neteller is very popular with online casinos, and is good for both deposits and cashouts. The transactions are fast and secure, and those customers using the system often even get loyalty rewards. More about payments via Neteller in overview of Neteller casinos


EcoPayz is a UK company, and while still not that many countries can enjoy its perks, EcoPayz becomes available in more and more jurisdictions. It is a safe and reliable payment channel, and many US dollar online casino sites offer it for deposits and withdrawals. You can order plastic cards for EcoPayz payments, download an official payment application, and hold several accounts or cards. The transactions are instant and anonymous, and the fees are adequate. To take advantage of EcoPayz, choose a reliable EcoPayz casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I exchange my local currency to USD on the casino platform?

Unless the US dollar online casino allows currency exchange right on their site, you will not be able to do so. Please buy $ and get the corresponding payment method before making deposits to online US dollar online casinos.

Can I exchange USD to cryptocurrency on USD online casino site?

Some cryptocurrency casinos do allow currency exchange on their platforms. So most probably, yes, you will be able to buy cryptocurrency on your $ deposit. However, make sure that the site then allows withdrawals in crypto, too. Otherwise, you will have to exchange your crypto back to the fiat currency, and the whole thing will stop making sense.

Can I withdraw in USD if my preferred currency is different?

If you deposit and bet in your local currency, you will not be able to later cash the winnings out in USD. This option is only possible if $ is the casino’s default currency, and the USD online casino will choose to pay your winnings out in US dollars rather than in your local currency. But you cannot ask for that option or order it.

Will my USD online casino bonuses be granted in US dollars?

If you deposit in US dollars, your bonuses and Free Spins will be granted and evaluated in $, too.