Online Casinos Introduction

Online Casinos Introduction: How to Get Started - Step by Step Guide
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This guideline is created for beginner online gamblers who want to know exactly what online casinos are, how they work, what bonuses and games are out there, and how to make online casino gambling both fun and profitable. CasinosHunter created this guide to educate newbie gamblers and help them tell good casinos from bad ones.

There are two the most widespread opinions about online casinos. The first opinion is that all online casinos are scam, it is impossible to win, and there are no fair web casinos as such.

The second opinion is that playing and winning at an online casino is easy peasy, the only thing that is needed is to press the button, make the reels spin, and wins will fall from the sky. 

Both opinions are wrong, and they are generally caused by popular myths and misunderstandings of how online casinos work. It is totally possible to play at an online casino and win real cash, but how to do that in a safe and effective way? If you don’t know the answer, this “Get Started” Guide is for you! 

Deciding Upon Priorities 

Before you jump online, sign up for the first casino you come across, and start gambling right and left, in high hopes of winning a jackpot, pay attention to the following recommendation - decide upon your priorities. Even if you are a complete newbie and have no idea how an online casino functions, and what to look for, you can at least make a small research and see what is available or important for you as an ambitious player. 


The first aspect to pay attention to is the jurisdiction you currently reside in. Is online gambling allowed and legal, totally prohibited, or is it a grey zone business in your jurisdiction? Whatever is the situation, you have to research that and find out. Depending on the outcomes of your research, you will be able either to learn how to play according to the rules, or how to play around the rules if online gambling is not really legal. 

Also, knowing the laws of your jurisdiction means you will be aware of what license the casino should be holding to be legally available in your country. Most online casinos hold international gambling licenses, but for the sake of safety, some countries require that online casinos offering services to local citizens would hold local gambling licenses. You should be aware of that before you register any account at any casino. 

Another aspect to think about beforehand is banking options. Think about what options you already have, and what other options are available to you - plastic cards, e-wallets, other payment systems. You may research online casinos and check what payment methods they offer to players from your country. It makes sense to get yourself an e-wallet before you open an account at a web casino. 

Prefered Games 

Games are not something you cannot change your mind about in the process of playing and getting more experience. Most online casinos have a wide range of games categories, and you as a customer will have access to them all. However, think what you are most attracted to - be it slots, classic table games, lottery, or maybe sports betting? Deciding upon this priority will help you eventually choose an online casino that would be suited to your fancies. 


Bonuses are something that most players are attracted to; the bigger the bonus, they believe, the more advantages they can get, and the more money they can win. This myth is supported by beginner players and by experienced players alike. However, you’d better decide whether you are going to claim any bonuses from any sites. To make an informed choice, you need to understand how the casino bonuses work, exactly. 

Choosing An Online Casino 

After you have decided upon your preferences and priorities, your best choice casino may look like that: an online casino accepting players from Canada, that allows deposits and withdrawals to plastic cards, and has Live Dealer games where the Welcome bonus can be wagered. 

Being aware of what you are looking for, you will quickly filter out websites that cannot provide what you need. Next, you will have to choose a safe, secure, reliable, and reputable online casino where gambling is safe and advantageous for you. 

For now, just be aware that online casinos are not created equal, and just any casino is not good enough to play at. 

Gambling Strategies 

Even if you are a complete newbie, you can open the casino games lobby page, check what games are offered, and google at least some primitive strategies for playing those games effectively. While there are no gambling strategies that can help you hack the system, cheat on the house, or give you a 100% guarantee of winning, strategies do help. They can help you manage your bets and deposits in a more effective way, and win more by making smart bets during any game. The bottom line is, read about gambling strategies before you start gambling and losing. 

Responsible Gambling 

To get started with online casinos in an adequate way, please learn more about problem gambling and responsible gambling. Gambling as a hobby can be highly addictive, and impact your life as any other addiction does, that is, in a negative way. So, find out what are the symptoms of compulsive gambling, and what habits will help you follow the Responsible Gambling practices. Keep your gambling safe and fun, and you will be able to enjoy entertainment and winning on a regular basis.