How We Rate Casinos

How We Rate Online Casinos: Explore More With CasinosHunter
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Every reviewer has their own criteria when rating casinos. However, CasinosHunter does not make our criteria and procedures a secret; moreover, we believe every gambler should be aware of the rating methods to be able to assess online casinos on their own, when necessary. This is why CasinosHunter represents this guide on how online casinos are rated.

Before you use any of the CasinosHunter reviews, let alone go check out links to the best online casinos, it is only natural that trust should emerge between the reader and the information source.

So, in this guide, we explain how exactly the CasinosHunter hunts down and explores online casinos

In this guide, you will find out who and how makes the casino reviews for CasinosHunter, why these reviews are special and different compared to other reviews you can find online, and what aspects CasinosHunter holds important for quality and profitable online gambling. 

Why Reviews And Rating Are Important 

Casino reviews are generally useful and important for gamblers on the web. The point is, there are too many online casinos out there - like, several thousand at the time of writing - and the conditions these sites offer are so various that one will definitely find it hard to orientate oneself quickly. This is especially true for beginner punters. 

Moreover, let’s be honest - there are a bunch of fraudulent, scammy, or just low-quality gambling sites on the web. The task of any decent reviews is to reveal the hidden pitfalls, and potential issues of every online casino, and, preferably, to recommend a better option. The main task is still to prevent any gambler seeking a new casino to sign up for low quality or unsafe website. 

Why CasinosHunter Reviews Are Special

CasinosHunter Casino Reviews

Unfortunately, in recent days, the majority of casino reviews do only the second part of their job - they only recommend casinos for the gamblers to play at. Sometimes, they even recommend low quality casinos if this is a paid review. Such reviews do not reveal any hidden or potential drawbacks; the gambler is only shown fluff, bells, and whistles, but not real things. 

Reviews by CasinosHunter are different, and we will not demonstrate mock modesty about that. CasinosHunter reviews do both things equally well - they both reveal any hidden dangers for the player, and also recommend better options and better sites if any are available. 

CasinosHunter reviews are educational and informative, and this is why they are special.

Please check out what aspects we assess, and why these aspects are crucial for a positive user experience. 

What Aspects We Assess 

To decide upon whether this or that web gambling site is trustworthy, safe, and decent enough to play for real money there, a healthy amount of info is researched, double-checked, and evaluated. No one at CasinosHunter is fooled by sparkly beautiful bonus ads, the most recent website design, or pretty words about taking care of their customer. 

CasinosHunter experts go out into the prairie and explore how stuff really works. This is what we check: 

  • Fair and Transparent Terms and Conditions - the whole long document is researched thoroughly to reveal even the slightest omission, suppression, or inadequate rules. We assess not only what is there, but we also look for what is not there. If rules about some important nuance like a list of restricted countries are not there, we ask ourselves why the casino did not care about its potential customers not being able to see if they are even allowed? Whether the Terms and Conditions are good or bad - we tell you so.
  • License & Certification, Reputation - we check whether the license is active, whether third party certification is provided not by pet agencies, and whether the site or the operator, has a positive reputation over the web.
  • Fast Deposit and Withdrawal - we take time to assess whether the rules of depositing and withdrawing are advantageous for the customer. If deposits are fast and huge, while withdrawals are slow and tiny, we tell you so.
  • Worthy Bonuses - not all bonuses are created equal; some bonuses are not worth your time. Bonus policy and offers are checked carefully to evaluate if the offer is decent to be claimed.
  • Number & Quality of Games - people come to online casinos to play cool games, so we check if they get these games and whether they get these games under adequate terms.
  • Design and User Experience - we pay attention to whether the site is sleek or glitchy, whether it was created for search engines, or meets the users’ needs, etc.

Who Are Our Experts 

This is an easy question to answer. Our experts are gamblers, and, like many other gamblers, they have seen good casinos that gave them wins, and bad casinos that forfeited the winnings, or provided service at bargain-basement levels. 

Being gamblers, our experts are able to assess casinos from the user's points of view and practical approach. Moreover, as experienced punters, they are willing to help low-quality casinos close their service, and to help decent casinos thrive. This is why CasinosHunter experts make honest reviews and recommend only reliable sites. 

How We Make Reviews 

For every online casino checked, CasinosHunter experts read all the information provided on the casino’s site, then explore comments, complaints, feedback, and reputation of the casino online across third-party platforms. 

The next step is to sign up and see how the casino functions from inside - for example, how the Customer Support operates, or how the system’s software works. 

The third step is to try depositing, betting and withdrawing the winnings. This is the most important part since the stage of withdrawal shows how exactly the casino operator treats its customers who win money from them. 

If all stages of the testing go smoothly, CasinosHunter feels the online casino can be recommended. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing and evaluating an online casino is not that hard; one simply needs experience and understanding of how things work there. However, to do that faster, one can take advantage of reviews, and CasinosHunter is happy to offer you its reviews.