How to Play Scratch Cards: Introduction

How to Play Scratch Cards: Introduction
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Scratch cards are some of the easiest games to play, and at the same time, they are incredibly fun to play. Scratch cards can be visually satisfying and engaging for those gamblers looking for relaxation rather than excitement of real money gambling. Take advantage of this detailed guide on Scratch cards by Casinos Hunter.

Scratch cards are still very popular at offline betting points, together with lottery tickets and arcade machines. People love scratch cards due to their low cost, fun design (in contrast to lottery tickets, for example), zero previous skill needed, and the general excitement and expectation of win they give. 

These are the reasons why some online casino software providers also decided to make scratch card games, but compared to offline cards, online scratch cards are even more fun and engaging! Learn why, and how to play them to win more, below. 

Online Scratch Cards Instruction 

Online scratch cards work really simple - you open the game, set the bet size, and press the button that activates the round. The card is automatically “scratched”, and you see if your bet is a winning one. Easy peasy! 

Online scratch cards are better than offline variation, for several reasons. Firstly, software providers make them really beautiful, created in different themes and designs. 

Secondly, the process of scratching the online card can be very visually satisfying, again, due to the efforts of the game developers - for example, you can play the grass moving cards, beard shaving cards, window cleaning cards, and so on, and some of them are really fun and enjoyable. 

And thirdly, it is way easier to pick better paying scratch card games online than offline. 

How To Choose the Best Paying Scratch Cards 

Scratch cards work the same way slot games do. Each game has the Return To Player Rate - that is, the longer you play, the more money you win back from your bets. The RTP rate can vary from 90% to 97%, as a rule.

So choose the highest RTP rate possible. 

The next important aspect to pay attention to is that scratch cards are created to give the player smaller but more frequent wins, in contrast to bigger but less frequent wins. Therefore, it is better to make smaller bets on scratch cards, because there are few bonus features in this type of games, and no jackpot feature; as a result, bigger bets make little sense. 

Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best paying scratch cards, and win real cash enjoying your favourite games!