How to Play Roulette: Introduction

How to Play Roulette: Introduction
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Playing Roulette is extremely simple, fun, and profitable. There are several variations, but the rules are easy to learn, and no previous experience or any profound knowledge is necessary for successful play. Check out all nuances about playing Roulette, in this detailed guide on Roulette secrets.

Roulette is one of the oldest classic casino games and has been around literally for decades. It is a table game and a game of chance, meaning you cannot influence the outcome of the bet. The rules are simple, and this game is easy to learn, however, there are game varieties that can impact the success of your betting if you are not aware of how to play. 

This is why, despite the fact that Online Roulette is rather simple and comprehensive, all beginner gamblers should look through the guideline. If you are already a seasoned punter, you may be more interested in advanced Roulette strategies. In all other cases, please make sure you know exactly how the Roulette casino games works, what are its bets and odds, etc. 

Roulette Rules 

The basic rules are super simple. The roulette wheel includes 37 or 38 colored and numbered slots (depending on the wheel type). A ball is thrown on the wheel when it is spinning, and the players make bets on the number and color where, as they believe, the ball lands. 

Besides the wheel with the ball, there is a roulette table layout; the layout is also different for different varieties of the Roulette game. The players make their bets on the table; usually, the bets are made before the wheel starts to spin, but in some cases, the bets are accepted in the first several seconds of the wheel spinning, until the dealer says “No more bets”. 

When the wheel stops, the ball falls on the winning number, and all the bets are evaluated. The bets that were lost are collected by the dealer, and the winning bets are paid out to the players. 

In addition to basic rules, there are three special rules that are sometimes applied by certain casino houses (not all). 

The Rule "La Partage"

La Partage applies to even chance bets - that is, red/black, even/odd, etc. The rules is that if the player chooses to make an even chance bet, and the ball lands on zero, the house gives the player half of their bet back. This decreases the losses for the gambler.

For example, if the bet was $100, and the ball landed on zero, $50 is returned to the bettor. 

The Rule "En Prison"

This is a more complicated variation of the previous rule. All even chance bets remain on the table if the ball lands on zero. In the next round, the bets are evaluated again, and if the previous bet wins, the original wager is returned to the player. If not, the whole bet is lost. 

For example, the bet was $100 on red, and the ball landed on zero. The dealer applied En Prison rule, and in the next round, the winning color was red; therefore, $100 was returned to the bettor. 

The Rule "Surrender"

This is another variation of the La Partage rule - when the ball lands on zero or double zero, half of each even money outside bet is given back to the bettor. While the first two rules are more popular in European and French variations of Roulette, the Surrender rule works only for American roulette. 

Roulette Bets & Payouts 

The main two types of bets in the Roulette game are Inside bets and Outside bets. In Roulette, you can make bets on individual numbers, on types of numbers, groups of numbers, and winning color. 

Inside Bets 

The inside bets are all types when the bet is made on individual numbers. Within this type, you can bet on one number, on two numbers near each other, on four numbers with one shared corner, on three numbers in horizontal line, six numbers in two horizontal lines, and on a group of numbers including zero and slots next to zero.

The payouts for Inside bets vary from x6 to x36. 

Outside Bets 

The outside bets are placed on sectors of the table, and include a group of numbers. Within this type, the bets can be placed on red/black, odd/even, high/low, dozen, and column.

The payouts vary from x2 to x3. 

In outside bets, the bet is lost if the winning number is zero or double zero. The only exception is when the La Partage, En Prison, or Surrender rules are applied by the casino. 

Announced Bets 

Another rare type of Roulette bets is announced bets, when the bet is placed on a specific sector of the wheel, and not on the numbers in the layout. This is why some layouts include the scheme of the wheel, too. Not all casinos allow announced bets, and the player has to put a specific amount of money after the announced bet is made. 

Roulette Odds & Probabilities 

Roulette is a game with medium volatility (the correlation between winning big and winning often), and high Return To Player Rate. This means that the general odds of winnings at Roulette are pretty high, even for a beginner punter. 

The Return to Player rate for most of both inside and outside bets is around 94-97%. If La Partage or En Prison rules are applied in the casino, the RTP rate can increase up to 98,6%. The RTP rate for announced bets varies from 94% to 97%


What is a house edge in Roulette? 

House edge is the percent taken from every winning bet by the casino house. When you lose the bet, the whole bet is taken by the casino, but when you win, a percent is taken as well. The lower the house edge, the better, since more money is left for the player. Online casinos offer lower house edge in general, compared to land based casinos. 

What Roulette game is more profitable - with one zero or with double zero? 

Choose a single zero games if you are a beginner since you have less chances of hitting zero as a loss option. Also, double zero roulettes often apply additional rules, which will make your learning curve more complicated. 

What is Mini Roulette? 

Mini Roulette has a small wheel that only contains 13 slots - from zero to 12. Mini variation is super easy to learn and quick to master, but the winnings are usually tiny. Yet, it makes this variation perfect for newbies. 

What is the best Roulette variety for beginner punter? 

The best option among classic roulettes is European variation, because it has high RTP rate, medium volatility, and only one zero slot. Such combination increases the winning odds for the punter, without making the learning curve way too steep.