How to Play Lotteries: Introduction

How to Play Lotteries (Bingo, Keno): Introduction
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Lotteries and lottery-type games like Bingo and Keno are easy to learn, easy to play, and easy to win, and even the most beginning beginners can start enjoying their real money gambling with these games. Take advantage of this guide by CasinosHunter to learn how these games work, and how one should play to win more.

Lottery-type games like Bingo and Keno (and actual lotteries!) are some of the oldest gambling games known, and they have been popular for years and years before online casino sites as we know them today arrived. 

Attractions of Online Games

Bingo and Keno games in online casinos have several main attractions that make them even better than offline games. Firstly, these games can be played alone as automated games, or they can be played with other gamblers in the Live Dealer casino. Secondly, the games are visually more satisfying and therefore more entertaining than their offline versions. And eventually, the beauty of online games is that beginners can try them out for free at first, to learn the rules and mechanics of the game, before they start making real money bets. 

If you would like to bet some real cash on Bingo, Keno, or Lottery, and win some cash, too, take advantage of this guide.


Bingo is easy to play.

Every player has a card with numbers called a ticket. As the numbers are called out, the players cross off the numbers in their tickets, and the goal is to be the first to cross off all the numbers. The numbers are given by the Random Numbers Generator, while at offline facilities, they are given by the balls drawn from the Bingo Box. 

There are two ways to win at Bingo - to complete one line in the ticket for the prize, or to get a full house (all numbers in the ticket) for an even bigger prize. In most online casinos, the game will cross the numbers for you, and you only need to watch, but some games are more interactive and you have to tick the numbers on your own. 

If you play at Live Dealer casino, the pace can be really quick, so you have to be attentive. 

Most Live Bingo games are played in separate rooms, and are scheduled so that the players can decide whether they want to play, and enter the room before the game starts.


The Keno game looks pretty much like Bingo, but it is a bit more complicated.

The players also get a card with numbers, and have to cross off the numbers as they are drawn. 

However, in Keno, not all numbers on the card are in the game; instead, the player has to choose the numbers on their card before they play. Usually, the players can choose from 1 to 20 numbers on the card. It is up to the player to decide how many numbers are picked. 

In Keno, it does not matter how many numbers are chosen, and the prizes are not given for the biggest amount of numbers crossed off. Instead, it is the percentage that matters - for example, you will win more by crossing 10 out of 10 numbers, but crossing 5 out of 10 will give you a smaller win. 

Besides the numbers, the players must choose the size of the bet and the amount of games (rounds) they want to play in a row. For example, if you want to only spend $5 for playing Keno, and play 2 games in a row, your bet for each game will be $2,5. 

Again, in online Keno games, the system will check the numbers off for you. All you need to do is to choose the numbers on the card, and wait to see how much you win!

How to Choose Best Paying Games

Like all online casino games, Bingo and Keno have different RTP rates.

Choosing the highest RTP rate will help you win more in the long term. 

Also, different casino sites apply different house edges to the Keno and Bingo games.

The lower the house edge, the more you can win. 

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide will help you enjoy the games and get some exciting wins!