How to Play Live Dealer Games: Introduction

How to Play Live Dealer Games: Introduction
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Those gamblers interested in a more engaging and entertaining experience that regular online casinos can provide often start wondering whether Live Dealer Games would become a good alternative to automated casino games. The answer is yes, and this comprehensive guide by CasinosHunter will explain how to start playing at Live Dealer casinos.

Live Dealer Games are so popular mostly because they are way more interactive and entertaining compared to classic - automated - casino games.

Live Dealers communicate with the players, explain the rules, host the games, and sometimes make a show out of the game.

The players at the table can also chat with each other. 

In other words, Live Dealer Casinos convey the atmosphere of a real land based casino house much better than automated casino games. One just cannot be bored playing against the Dealer, but the problem is that most gamblers may feel intimidated with such unusual experience. 

In this guide, we will talk about how to start playing Live Games, what are the rules, and what nuances should be kept in mind.

Nuances of Playing Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer casinos are both alike to and different from the regular automated online casino sites. If you would like to learn more about these differences, find out the benefits of Live Games, and how it all works, please check out this Live Dealer casinos review

If you already know about the nuances and outstanding features of Live Dealer Casinos, let’s discuss how you should give playing a start.


As a general rule, players cannot play Live Dealer Games for free in the Demo mode. The only comparatively free option is to watch the game for free when someone else plays, and then participate, too. In any case, to really give a try to a Live Game, the customer has to make a deposit and make real money bets. 

As a second general rule, few Live casinos accept cryptocurrencies for depositing and betting, and this is something to keep in mind if you are a crypto player. You can look for specifically cryptocurrency online casinos

As a third general rule, qualifying minimum deposits and minimum bets can be a bit higher than for automated casino games, even on the same site.


Most Live Dealer casinos do not allow bonuses on Live Games.

But if you are lucky enough to claim a Welcome Bonus or a Reload bonus on your deposit to a Live casino, well… you are lucky! However, please abandon your hopes for Free Spins or Free chips; while such bonuses are not completely impossible, claiming them under adequate conditions is an extremely rare case. 

Most probably, you will not be able to claim any bonuses on Live Games except those bonuses you get already within the game. Also, if the bonuses are available, the limits for maximum deposits and withdrawals are usually less advantageous for the player.


As it has already been said, Demo mode is not available for Live Games. If you would like to learn the rules better before you make some real money bets, better start with automated table games on the casino site. 

Please keep in mind that the Dealers run the games fast enough to keep the pace exciting, so knowing the rules well, and being able to make correct decisions quickly, are crucial for successful playing. 

The majority of games at Live Casinos are table games, which means the players’ skills are important for profitable playing.

How To Start

To actually start playing, make a deposit on your favourite casino site; claim a bonus if there is a bonus allowed for Live Games, and go to the Live Casino section. You can first watch the game for a while, to see if you like the Dealer, the way they run the game, etc. 

Since most games are table games and games of skill, you will have to wait until the table is free for another player, or when another round of the game starts. Some games may be scheduled, and run in separate Live rooms. 

When you join the table or room, make sure you understand exactly how the game works. 

Feel free to ask the Dealer if you are not sure about something.

You may also want to introduce yourself to other players. 

When the game starts, you can decide upon the size of the bets, and make your bets using the dashboard available to you. The Dealer will host the game and comment upon outcomes of the bets.

Code of Behavior at the Live Table

There are three parties taking part in the Live Game - you, other players (if any) at the same table or in the same room, and the Dealer. 

You, and other players, must be polite and avoid any rude comments or jokes. If you feel that other players’ behavior is inappropriate, you can leave a complaint to Customer Support. Please remember that other players can do the same about you; moreover, many casinos moderate their chats. 

Now, there is also the Dealer. The Dealers are usually nice and polite, however, some casino sites allow the Dealers to cheat in the games. Watch the Dealer carefully, and listen to what they say.

If you notice any cheating, you should inform the pit boss.

Sometimes, players can get small gifts from the casino sites if they notice the Dealers cheating. 

If you are happy with the game, you may tip the Dealer after the game. However, you are not obliged to do so.

How To Choose the Best Paying Game

Your entertainment and satisfaction with the game depend a lot on the personality of the Dealer; some Dealers are so good that the players are happy with the game even after they lose. 

The success of playing Live Dealer Games depends a lot on the player’s skills, of course. In the game of skill, the more experienced the player, the more chances they have to win more. 

However, choosing Live Games wisely can also improve your chances of winning. Check out the house edge for different games; the lower the house edge, the more cash the players win.