How to Get the Best Odds

How to Get The Best Odds: Playing At Online Casinos
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Choosing online casinos or games that would give the best odds to the player is complicated and requires deeper knowledge of how casinos, games, and bonuses work. This is why CasinosHunter created this guide about the best odds and how to get them while gambling online. Check this guide out to take gambling to the next level.

Playing and winning at online casinos is not only about the gambler’s luck, but also about the wise choice of the gambling platform, and about smart betting as well. This guideline will educate you about ways to opt for the best odds when gambling for real money at a web casino.

Types of Games 

If gambling is more about entertainment and fun for you, you make tiny bets, or never care about how much money you lose, you may skip this part and just play any games you like, taking any approach you find suitable. 

However, those gamblers who prefer winning over losing, and would like to get the best odds, should choose their games widely. First and foremost, one should decide whether they have more experience in games of chance, or games of skill. 

Games of Chance 

We shall be clear here - all online casino games are games of chance; the element of chance is inevitable, otherwise, everyone would win, and all casinos would lose all their money. 

However, in classic games of chance like slots, jackpots, lottery, scratch cards, roulette, etc., the player’s skill has no influence whatsoever on the outcome of the game. Moreover, wise management of bets also cannot influence the winning. The only aspect that the player can improve is the size of losses. 

Playing games of chance usually means small losses and small wins, and is advantageous for punters who are inexperienced, or do not want to learn any skills for profitable playing. 

If you prefer games of chance, you can improve your odds by paying attention to tech specs of the game, but development of skills will give you no advantage. 

Games of Skill 

Games of skill also have the element of chance in them, but here, the skill and experience of the player can impact the outcome and the probability of winning. For example, in real money Blackjack and Poker, the players can count the cards and write down the rounds. In Craps and Baccarat, the players can choose how to bet on this or that round. While these possibilities never guarantee a win, the odds of winning increase. 

Therefore, if you eventually want to win more on your gambling, choose games of skill, and develop your skills. 

Gambling Math 

Gambling math is not complicated; this is not even math, really. There are several notions you have to be aware of, and take them into consideration when you decide upon this or that casino and game. These notions include house edge, Return to Player rate, and volatility of each game. 

House Edge 

This is a percent that the casino house gets from every bet won. All bets lost already belong to the house, but from the winning bets, the percent is paid to the house every time. If this was not the case, the casinos would eventually go bankrupt. However, any online casino is a business, and as a business, it has to bring money. As a result, the casino operators apply rules that help the house win more than lose, statistically, in the long term. 

For you as a player, the lower the house edge, the better. Just for your general knowledge, online casinos overall offer higher edge for players and take lower house edge, compared to brick and mortar casinos. This is the case simply because it is cheaper for the operator to run a website rather than an offline facility, so they can pay more to the players. 

Return To Player Rate 

Return To Player, or RTP, is a percentage paid by the game in the case of winning, for every bet. If you take the bet size, and apply RTP rate to it, you can calculate how much you win per this or that bet. Obviously, the higher the RTP rate, the better are the odds for gamblers. 


Volatility, also called variance, defines the ratio between winning big and winning often.

Obviously, no casino will allow the customer to win big often, while allowing to win small and rarely is close to scam. 

So, every game offers high or low volatility. In games with low volatility, like online slots, you win small sums often. The games of high volatility, like poker, mean you lose most of the rounds, but if you win, the winning is impressive, and most likely covers previous losses 


While this may sound counterintuitive, in most cases, bonuses do not help the player to win more. In reality, bonuses impact winning by retarding the player’s ability to bet and win on the most advantageous games. 

To be able to choose the best online casino bonus, one has to understand how casino bonuses work. However, any casino bonus in general, regardless of the conditions applied, decreases the odds for winning. The point is, for maximum odds, the player should be able to choose the most profitable game, and manage their bets freely. When a bonus is attached to a deposit, the player faces limits on bet size, plus, not all games are available for play. Many bonuses cannot be wagered on games of skill - that is, games that promise the best odds. 

Betting Strategies 

In the majority of cases, the player can’t influence the outcome of the game, and the best thing they can do is make smart bets. For this purpose, different betting strategies can be of use. Following the betting strategies, the gambler can at least lessen the losses, which is already valuable. 

However, if the punter knows the games rules, and is able to apply one of several betting strategies depending on the game, the odds of winning can be improved. Strategies do not predict or model the outcome, but they help to predict the trends in the game. 

Software Providers VS Casino Rules 

It makes sense to educate yourself in the rules of online gambling, because the rules are not cut in stone, and some rules change from casino to casino. 

For example, the house edge is decided upon by the house, obviously. However, Return To Player rate is mostly decided upon by the software provider - the company that has designed the game itself. 

If the punter is aware what rules are set by the software provider, and what rules depend on the casino, they will not tolerate rip-off rules on some platforms. 

Knowing that they can go and look for a more user-friendly online casino, the punter will most likely do that, instead of playing by the rules they do not like.