Free Video Poker

Free online video poker is a good option for entertainment, and the player does not have to sign up or deposit money to online casino. Find out how you can play for fun at any web casino site, anytime, without limits!

Best Free Video Poker Games

Free video poker games are available at numerous web casinos, enabling potential casino customers to check out the quality of the software. However, you are not obliged to sign up - instead, choose the best games for your entertainment and play as much as you want!

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Free Video Poker Online vs. Real Money

Skills here can make a difference for your wins, you may want to develop your skills better before you start playing at real money online casinos. And free variation of the game is the best option for this goal. You can access free game in Demo mode, also sometimes called Practice mode, offered by many web gambling platforms. The main differences between paid and free of charge versions are listed below.

Online casinos offer access to their games free of charge for the sake of promoting their services, so that even unregistered visitors could maybe be enticed to sign up and try to win some cash by gambling. However, you as a punter are not obliged to sign up or deposit, even if you play some video poker simulator in Demo mode every day. Just have fun and entertain yourself if you want, or learn the rules, improve your skills, and dare for more if you wish to hit the bank at online casino some day!


Free Video Poker Games

  • enables you to practice and improve your skills, playing as much as you need
  • does not require you to deposit your funds and risk real finance only to play or learn
  • does not require you to register an account and provide your data to the platform
  • does not allow you to win real money and withdraw your wins, even if you hit jackpot
  • does not allow to play with Live Dealer and other casino customers in Live lobby
  • does not allow to take part in tournaments or competitions on the platform
  • cannot be played using any bonuses, including No Deposit bonus
  • does not allow you to accumulate Comp Points and promote your account in VIP program

Real Money

  • enables the winner to win real cash and withdraw their winnings to bank account
  • allows the punter to play with Live Dealer, and against other punters at online table
  • allows to use No Deposit or Deposit bonuses to get more chances of winning
  • enables the punter to take part in tournaments and competitions held by the platform
  • allows to accumulate Comp Points and promote the account to get exclusive benefits and perks

What is Video Poker Online?

Video poker is one of the most popular online casino games; its popularity came and went, but eventually, today this is one of the gambles that enjoy high demand. If you are wondering why, well, because firstly it offers some of the highest edges for the player, and secondly, you can actually win from the machine if your skills are good enough. Impressed? Another benefit of video poker compared to offline table game, or at Live Dealer online casino, is that you can play alone, and not be distracted or annoyed by other punters. 

How to Play Video Poker: Basic Rules 

Overall, online video poker is easy to learn, and if you’d like to play it more professionally for real money, you can take advantage of full guide on rules. Free video poker sites do not require you to know all the rules by heart, but you cannot but agree that winning is always more pleasant than losing, even if you bet with virtual cash. 

Firstly, pay attention there are two types of gamble - one that suggests single player experience, and the other suggests player against dealer, even if you use automated machine and play in Practice mode. Despite numerous variations of the gamble, the concept for online video poker is similar. 

The player has to choose the coin on the screen to make a bet. After that, they press Deal and get 5 cards. They hold two cards out of these five, and then get replacement for the cards they discarded. The outcome will form 5-card poker hand that will determine win or not win. 

Next, the punter should learn the basic elements of the game - minimum paying hands, wild cards, hand ranking, and odds. Minimum paying hand is a combination of cards that allows the smallest win; the higher the hand ranking, the better are the wins. Wild card is a card that can be changed into any other card necessary to help the punter get a winning hand. Most often, wild cards are Deuces and / or Jokers. 

Popular Video Poker Strategies 

Success in video poker depends on luck, of course, but it also depends a lot on the punter’s ability to count the combinations of the cards - or odds of such combinations in the next cards provided. The better you remember the combinations already drawn, the better you can predict and manage the future combinations you stumble across. Moreover, video poker is a nice training option for real money poker, maybe first online, then against Live Dealer and other players, and then, offline at private tournaments in some luxurious brick and mortar gambling houses! If you are ambitious about that, check out our full guide on video poker. 

However, even if you just want to entertain yourself, learning strategies will bring you more fun and engagement, than random playing, so take advantage of the following strategies. 

Research Available Games 

While this is not exactly a strategy in dealing the cards, this is very suitable for a complete newbie. Before you start learning serious and complicated combinations of hands, and methods of counting the combinations, explore the variations of games you can play. Look for the percent of the house edge, the Return To Player rate, and paytables if you happen to gamble at Live Dealer facility. Knowing these things will help you choose the best paying game, and you will be able to win consistently even without knowing strategies very well. 

Start with Jacks or Better Strategy

Another good recommendation for a newbie is to start with Jacks or Better variation. The rules and methods in this game kinda lay a firm foundation for your poker skills in all other games. 

Bet Enough to Win Big 

Betting cautiously is always good, but in video poker, you have to bet five credit to be eligible for the highest wins and jackpots. In contrast to other free casino games, video poker features unusually big jumps from bet size to win size, and to take advantage of this, you have to bet enough. 

Be Humble When You Start 

If you see that you have a high paying hand, you’d better collect the winnings you are eligible for, and not wait for some better cards to come. This will help you recognize the winnings hands fast, and become more confident. Don’t wait for a bigger win in the next hand, better collect what you’ve got now. This strategy will also make you more immune to losses, and with time, you will be able to guess when to hold the combination, or when to wait for better cards to come. 

Use Cheat Sheets 

When you make your first steps in video poker, use cheat sheets to manage the hands quickly and properly. Put down paying hands, your bets, and what cards to hold or to discard. Even some expert punters have cheat sheets, so, you should too, when you learn how to play video poker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose video poker free app?

The best video poker app is the one made by a full-fledged web casino that has its official application for mobile devices. So it makes sense to look for a reliable, safe and reputable casino in the first place, and then check if this site has an official app. This way, you will be sure that your app has proper software, and follows fair play concepts.

What are the best video poker odds?

Jacks or Better, the most well paying gamble of all variations, has odds of 99,56%

Is it legal to play video poker for fun in Canada?

Unless your jurisdiction specifically prohibits online casino gambling, online gamblers are not illegal. In Canada, web gambling is allowed for locals, at any offshore gambling platform that is ready to accept them as customers. Games in Demo mode are also allowed, since you do not deposit any funds and will not receive cash wins.

Can I play video poker online free in an unlimited manner?

When you play free video poker in Practice mode, the software shows you some virtual “money” given to you to make bets. This is usually a thousand dollars or so. You make bets with this money, and when you win, the sum increases. Theoretically, you can play until you lose all virtual balance, and if this happens, you will be able to play the same game only the next day. But in practice, it is almost impossible to lose the virtual balance you are given per day because even if you start making huge bets, the wins will be proportionally huge.

Is 100 hand video poker hard to play?

For sure it is. Usual gambles give 5-10 hands per round, and it is still hard to count for some people. managing 100-hand variation is fun and entertaining, but it can also be stressful and not worth it - especially if you gamble for entertainment.

Is multi hand video poker worth it?

This variation is amazing for skilled gamblers who wants to challenge their mastery of the game, and get real excitement and adrenaline. If you can master this variation, it is definitely worth it. However, it can be hard and even disappointing if you find out that you fail. So, we recommend you raise the level slowly and according to your skills.