Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are some of the most popular casino games played for fun. They are very much like slots - easy to play, no complicated rules, and fully a game of chance. If you want to know more about scratch cards, check out the review!

Best Online Free Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a gamble of choice for many people when they want to play for fun, without actually paying, or when they don’t mind making tiny real money bets also for fun. Casinos Hunter explains what is so special about scratch cards, and why you should try.

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Free Online Scratch Cards vs. Real Money

Scratch cards are like old lottery tickets - you scratch and you get or don’t get a win. The mere concept of the game does not allow much creativity in terms of varying the winning schemes.

However, the main attraction of scratch cards is that these can be extremely visually pleasing. Software developers that do make scratch cards game products invent the most unimaginable themes, from mowing a lawn to shaving a beard. The main effect of such games is not excitement, but to the contrary - scratch cards can calm down due to their visual effects. In many cases, winning in scratch cards is a secondary benefit.

Yet, you can still play them for free or at online casinos for real money. Both options offer their perks.


Free Scratch Cards Online

  • you can have fun, relax, and distract yourself from daily routine by scratching funny cards
  • visual and sound effects in this game are very relaxing and pleasant for players
  • these don’t require account registration and depositing real funds to be played
  • don’t bring real money wins that can be cashed out
  • can’t be played with No Deposit bonuses, as specialties don’t contribute to wagering the bonus
  • don’t allow to accumulate Comp Points and promote the account in the VIP program

Real Money

  • bring small real money wins and can be played with tiny bets without much risk
  • provide relaxing effect due to visual and sound effects plus some real money wins
  • cannot be played with No Deposit bonuses too
  • cannot be played with Deposit bonuses, and don’t usually include in-game bonuses
  • do not allow to participate in tournaments mainly because there are no such tournaments
  • contribute very poorly into accumulation of Comp Points and account promotion

How to Play Scratch Cards Online: Basic Rules

Scratch cards are much like lottery - you scratch and get instant win, or instant loss. Cards also have paylines, like free online slots do, and provide some additional winning symbols. This is a fully chance-based game, which means no skills of the bettor can influence the outcome. The only things you can influence are size of losses, and choice of best paying game. 

When you play scratch cards or lottery free of charge, you probably won’t be very interested in winning strategies. So, we believe your main criterion will be whether the game is visually pleasing and fun to play. 

However, if after a while you decide to play for real money, please pay attention to the following useful tips: 

  • choose software that pays the best. Read the rules and percentages of payouts, and opt for those games that offer the highest chance of winning, with many paylines, additional win symbols, and more. Opt for the highest payout percentage as well.
  • set a budget for yourself and keep to that budget. There is no way you can influence an outcome, so it makes little sense losing too much over scratch cards. Just keep your bets small.
  • if there are variations in the game, give each a try and see if it works better for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play online scratch cards legally?

Absolutely yes. Scratch cards are legal, as any other free online casino games are, unless such games are prohibited by your local law. If you have doubts about legislation of your jurisdiction, better double check the gambling laws. Even if many online casinos are in free access from your county, and even accept residents of your country as real money players, it is your responsibility as a gambler to ensure you do not violate local law. In case you don’t, scratch cards and other games are allowed, even if the casino site is operated from abroad.

Is it safe to play scratch cards online?

Generally yes, if you choose a safe and reliable casino. If we are talking Demo mode play for fun, you still want a safe and secure site to spend your time at, because scammy sites will do everything to get your personal data, or squeeze at least anything useful about your data from your time spending on their platforms. But if the casino is licensed and certified, you are secure.

Can Canadians play scratch cards online free?

Totally. Canadians are usually accepted to almost all international online casinos, and if such casinos have Demo mode for their games, Canadian punters can enjoy scratch cards as much as they want without registering an account.

What are the best scratch cards online free games?

If you are looking for free games, choose by heart. Scratch cards’ main attraction is to be visually satisfying, so just choose the game you enjoy the most. If after a while you decide to try with real money bets, opt for high paying games.

How do I choose online casino for scratch cards?

Firstly, the casino should be licensed and certified. Secondly, it has to have scratch card game software, preferably more than 2-3 game titles. Thirdly, it should offer access to play for fun games in Demo mode for unregistered visitors, so that you could give the software a try.

Are free scratch cards online rigged?

Nope. The games offered to you by casino site in Demo mode are the same software offered for real money bets, so free games are not rigged in favour of the player.

Can I win if I buy scratch cards online?

Yes, you always have a chance to win. Whether you buy cards offline in lottery booth, or you bet on casino games in the web, or actually order paper scratch cards in the web to be delivered to you, you will have chances of winning, because such games undergo fair play certification. If there is not chance to win as such, the game will not be allowed to the market.

Are online scratch cards free require registration of account?

Demo mode is available to all registered customers at any web casino, by default. Some casinos do allow access to Demo mode for their games only to registered and depositing customers, and if you try to access their Demo mode being just a random visitor, the site will offer you to sign up first. While this approach may make sense for the casino site, it does not for the gambler. So we recommend you only test Practice mode at casinos that allow this to unregistered visitors.

How do you win best online scratch cards?

Generally, you just have to be lucky, because scratch cards are a pure game of luck. However, in online cards, you can pick a game with higher payouts. This does not increase the odds, but increases your wins a bit.

What companies make the best online scratch cards?

The most well-known are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, NeoGames, and GameSys.