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Learn all rules, secrets, and strategies of online craps here on Casinos Hunter. Craps are among the oldest classic casino games, so every gambler should try this game at least once. Yet, no need to risk your cash! Play online craps free of charge.

Best Free Craps Games

If you are all about those oldschool casino table games, online casino craps can become your next best favourite! Try out some of the most entertaining games of craps at different online casino sites and see which one works best for you.

3 Top Games to Play Craps Online for Fun

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Free Craps Online Overview

Craps is a dice game, and has two main variations. The first variation is street craps, where players make real money wagers on individual rolls of dice, or series of rolls. If the punters play against the bank, this is casino craps variation, which is obviously offered to us at online gambling sites. 

The offline gamble itself is rather old, it was known back in the end of the 18th century. It went through different processes of evolution, and the most entertaining variations have survived till our days to be offered by web casinos.

Considering that, obviously, web casinos make money by offering services to depositing customers, you may be wondering why would they provide the games for free access, and whether free games are rigged. Well, there is no catch. 

Some web casinos really do offer Practice mode only for depositing players, in order to help them learn the rules before making real money bets. But such approach does not allow potential customers who visits a platform for the first time, to examine the lobby and test the quality of the gaming software. Without such opportunity, most visitors who could potentially become customers just leave, not wishing to register with real personal data only to test the gaming software. 

Therefore, the best and most reliable online casinos provide access to Demo mode even to unregistered visitors, to allow them to assess the quality of service, and make an informed choice to sign up if they wish to. Casinos don’t lose anything from that, but you as a gambler get a good opportunity for practice - or simply for having fun.

Free Craps Online vs. Real Money

While casino craps online is easy to learn, if you are planning to get some real money wins, you’d better start with a free version in Demo mode (also called Practice mode). This way, you will be able to learn the rules, examine the betting table, and get used to how the game is played. You will also be able to try more than one variation, and choose the one that feels the most convenient and fun.

If you are far from gambling for real money, but want to entertain yourself on a boring evening, craps is a good choice as well. If you would like to know the differences between paid and free craps game online, check them out below.



Craps Online for Fun

  • cannot win real cash wins and withdraw real cash even if you win big in the game
  • cannot take bonuses for the game and withdraw cash provided by the bonuses
  • cannot accumulate Comp Points and promote the account in the VIP program
  • cannot play with Live Dealer and other customers of the web casino
  • can learn the rules and strategies without risking your finance, to win real cash later

Real Money

  • can win real money and withdraw everything you won at the casino in cash
  • can get additional bonuses and other benefits attached to the game
  • can accumulate Comp Points and promote the account to get exclusive perks
  • can participate in tournaments and competitions held by the house
  • can play against Live Dealer at the same table with other bettors online

How to Play Craps Games Online: Basic Rules

Playing craps is not hard, and you will be able to learn all the major rules in several minutes. If you would like to find out more tips and nuances, check out the ultimate guide. However, here we will go through the main rules that will help you master the game if you are a beginner, and if you would like to give it a try for free. 

The first rule is learning the vocabulary so that you could quickly understand what this is all about. The player who has the turn to roll the dice is called the shooter, and the first role they make, or the first in their series of rolls, is called a come-out roll. Before rolling, you have to make your bet. Choose the bet size and place it on the betting area. You press the roll button in the game and the dice roll. 

Next, each roll can have three possible outcomes. A Natural is 7 or 11 points, you win and can roll again. Craps outcome is you lose, having 2, 3, or 12 points. Point outcome is having 4,5,6,8,9, or 10 points. After this outcome, you get to roll the dice once more and if the sum of the outcome is the same as in previous Point, you win, if not - you lose. 

As for betting, you can bet on Pass (this is winning), Don’t Pass (this is losing), and 12. If the outcome is 12, you don’t win, but also don’t lose. 

Popular Craps Strategies

Craps, totally like all other dice gambles, is a game of chance. Your skills cannot influence the outcome of the round or roll, and this is especially true for online casinos. If, for example, in a land based casino the Dealer notices you have special skills in rolling the dice, you will not be allowed to play. 

So, keep in mind that the outcome can’t be influenced by your knowledge or experience. The only two things that can be influenced are your losses and your wins. If you would like to play for real money one day, you will find it useful to see the full guide on craps strategies. In any case, this short review of popular strategies will be beneficial for both depositing punters and free players. 

Pass Line Bets

This is the most obvious strategy to follow - to make the most often winning bets. Pass Line Bets are good because the house edge is lower, and you have only four opportunities to win. If you are a beginner, Pass Line makes total sense to you. 

Come Bets

Another popular but less known strategy is Come bets. They are made when the Point number was hit, and generally also offer higher odds of winning, compared to other types of bets. These two first strategies are the most often used at casinos, for obvious reasons. However, if you want to make it more sophisticated, check out additional strategies. You will be able to take advantage of those if you decide to gamble for real money one day. 

Don’t Come and Don’t Pass Bets

You play against the stream here, hoping for the player - or yourself - to hit rare outcome. This is a good strategy for developing your skills of counting the odds and probabilities at the casino. Also, if you win, the sum will be higher than for standard bets. 

Play the Worst Bets

The worst bets are those that offer high house edge, from 9% and up to 15%. While this is a rip-off, you can take advantage of this strategy because these bets don’t win often, and due to that fact, when they do win, the prize is bigger for the player, even despite the house edge. However, if you gain some experience, you may develop a feel for these bets. If you have good memory, you will be able to count the winning bets and make random high house edge bets. 

Varying the Bets

A smart way to catch the bluebird of happiness by its tail is to use different bets in different rounds. Firstly, this will make you more attentive during the game; when you follow the same strategy and make similar bets again and again, you can even fall asleep while the game is rolling. Using different bets schemes for each round will help you stay alert and notice the trends. This is especially true if you play against Live Dealer with other bettors at the table.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best online craps games?

In fact, there is a variation that many people like, and it is called Crapless Craps. Paradoxically, you can’t lose a pass bet on the come out roll. While the house edge is higher here, the very fact of more frequent winning attracts many players. There are also Simplified Craps, a game developed specifically for beginners who would like to learn and roll the dice. While it will not help understand complicated rules of a classic gamble, if your goal is to simply entertain yourself, the Simplified version is your next best favourite.

Is online craps gambling legal in Canada?

Yes, Canadians are allowed to enjoy all online casino games, whether these are paid or in the Practice mode. Just make sure the site is safe and reliable - even if you do not register a real account there.

Is craps game online skill or luck game?

This is purely a game of luck, since neither the bettors experience nor knowledge can influence the outcome of the roll. You can only try to increase your winnings and decrease your losses.

Can you win consistently in online craps game?

Funny but yes. Despite the fact that this gamble relies only on luck, in fact you can make bets with extremely low house edge - lower than in many other casino games. As a result, your winnings can really be impressive.

Why the game is called craps?

It is believed that the name of the game evolved from the French crapaud, translated as toad. Some believe that this is because fans of street dice had to squat to play, when the dice tables were not available.

Are free craps games rigged?

No. What you get for free is exactly what you get when you deposit, that is, the same software. Making a real money software rigged is illegal and software providers (at least reliable ones who values their reputation and works on the market for years) don’t do that. Bottom line - gaming software is not rigged, even if you get it in free mode.

Can I bet on field in craps?

Used alone, this is not a profitable bet. Yet, you can use it in combination with other bets, to increase the odds of winning.

What is the best casino for online craps?

The best web casino is a reliable and safe site that protects the users’ data even if the users are not their customers. There are many such sites opened for Canadian punters. Don’t rack your brains over it and avoid wasting your time on searching a reliable site on your own. Check lists of good casinos on Casinos Hunter and play safely.