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Classic Blackjack by Red Tiger Gaming Review

Classic Blackjack by Red Tiger Gaming is a table game and a game of skill. It is fully mobile-compatible and is available on Desktop and mobile devices, on TV, and also on iOS and Android applications. 

At the time of writing, Classic Blackjack by Red Tiger is supported in 31 languages, which is really impressive and makes this game available almost globally where online casino gambling is popular. 

It is always recommended to check Classic Blackjack for free in demo mode before gamblers start betting their real money in Red Tiger Gaming casino games. Free Classic Blackjack features stunningly flawless and sophisticated graphics which is truly stylish and satisfying.

The sound effects and “dealer” comments are pleasant and enjoyable, and do not make the game annoying. Trying Classic Blackjack free, the player can practice, and then continue betting for real money with some practical experience in their sleeve.

Classic Blackjack by Red Tiger Gaming Features

When checking out Red Tiger Blackjack review feedbacks you can find claims that the game is “not popular”, or “low popularity” marks by reviewers. Do not let them fool you; the game is not very popular compared with the crazily popular slots and perhaps Live Dealer games, but in fact Classic Blackjack by Red Tiger is in high demand among fans of the table games and games of skill. 

Being a game of skill, Classic Blackjack requires some knowledge of the rules, and preferably some previous experience, too, in order for the player to be able to gamble successfully. This game by Reg Tiger follows classic rules of widely known Blackjack. The player has to reach 21 or get as close as possible to 21, at the same time beating the dealer’s hand. There are three types of bets available for the player, and it is possible to use all three at once thus tripling your chances. 

Red Tiger Blackjack online game allows such actions as hit, stand, split, and double down. Also, the game offers the so-called insurance option; if the dealer shows an Ace, the player can prevent losses. Red Tiger Blackjack real money game pays 3:2 but the insurance option paus 2:1 which is better than loss. 

The main features that can be enjoyed in Red Tiger Blackjack free include The Book Says, Multihand play, Double Game (Risk Game). The game is played with 8 decks; the minimum bet is $1, while the maximum bet is $5000.

The Book Says

This is a nice feature that will help many beginner Blackjack players make correct choices when making bets or deciding upon actions within the game.

Since keeping an explanation about all Blackjack rules at hand is not always an option for the gambler, The Book Says gives comprehensive short explanations for the game features, bets, and actions, which are relevant to the situation, without the need to scroll through a huge manual.


This is a perfect feature for players who like playing fast and hard. Dealing with more than one hand makes the game more exciting and entertaining, because more options are unlocked for the wins.

Double Game

The double game can be unlocked by the high roller gamblers who want risk and higher wins. Double Game rules are explained in detail in the game information at any casino that hosts this Classic Blackjack free.

Classic Blackjack RTP Percentage

Casinos with Red Tiger Blackjack have Return To Player Percentage is 99.28%, making the house edge a tiny 0.72%. These rates make Red Tiger Blackjack even more attractive for skilled players.


Reviewed by - Mike Hunter

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