Free Online Blackjack

Can one play casino blackjack for free online? For sure. This is possible due to the so-called Demo mode provided by the majority of online casinos. In Demo mode, the visitor of the site can play most games free of charge, without limits.

Best Free Blackjack Games

While there are not so many variations of blackjack, all automated online casino blackjack games (automated meaning not with the Live Dealer) can be played without depositing. This is possible because online casinos want to show the quality of their software, therefore, even unregistered visitors can play free casino games.

Free Blackjack Games vs. Real Money

Why would a gambler bother to waste their time on free games if they can deposit and win real cash?

The reason is simple - or rather, there are two reasons. The first reason is testing out software and usability of a new gambling site. Experienced gamblers may feel bored spending time on the same platform, so they search for new sites, and of course they want to test them out before sending them money.

The second reason is also obvious - you can learn the rules, test out strategies, and manage your bets safely while mastering a game in the Demo mode. Demo mode is often called Practice mode, making hint on the concept behind free games. Blackjack free and paid blackjack are same gambles, but they offer the punter different advantages. You can check them all out below.


Free Blackjack Online

  • you can practice, learn the rules, and develop your skills without risking real cash
  • you can try out different software by different providers, or test casino’s usability
  • you can try out variations of the games and choose which one you like best, to bet
  • free option is not available in the Live Dealer casinos
  • you cannot participate in tournaments or competitions playing in Demo mode
  • you can’t win and withdraw real cash, unless you claim No Deposit bonus upon registration

Real Money

  • you can make real money bets and withdraw real cash after winning at paid blackjack
  • you can play against Live Dealers and socialize online with other customers at the table
  • you can participate in tournaments, competitions, and other activities if any
  • you can use real money bonuses offered by casinos as promotions
  • you can accumulate Comp points for every bet you make, and promote your account
Real Money Blackjack Casinos

How to Play: Online Blackjack Basic Rules

Blackjack, also known as Twenty-One, can be considered the most popular online casinos card game. Only Poker exceeds it in popularity among gamblers, and Blackjack takes second place. So, most punters should be able to play free bet blackjack well, and of course know the rules. If you would like to understand online blackjack free inside and out, we recommend checking out our full guide. Here, we will go through some basic rules. 

For blackjack, the Dealers use 52 cards pack, but in the majority of cases, six decks are shuffled together for the gamble. The purpose of the game is to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 score with their cards as possible, but without hitting more than 21. Face cards score 10, other cards are their indicated value, aces can be 1 or 11.

Types of Free Online Blackjack Games You Can Play for Fun

Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack

In Classic Blackjack, the punter has to play against the Dealer (that is, against the house, basically). The game uses four decks of cards. Also, in contrast to many other variations of this table gamble, side bets are not allowed.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack

One of the most in demand variations, this gamble can be played with 2 to 8 decks of cards, depending on the individual casino or table. The main differences from classic blackjack online free are that the players are allowed to take out insurance bets. The other difference is that surrender is not allowed in this gamble variation.

Vegas Strip

Vegas Strip

Vegas Strip is almost like Blackjack classic, with minor rules that can also differ in different casinos. So look for minor rules variations in the game description. The main differences are as follows. This gamble is played with four decks of cards. The players can't surrender in this gamble. The rule about hitting 21 is online free blackjack does not count if the player hits 21 after splitting Aces.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21

The core differences of Spanish 21 is that 10s are taken out of all decks. While this means house has higher edge, on the other hand, the players get more user-friendly rules for themselves. Also, it is allowed to surrender in Spanish 21, but only after doubling.

Basic Blackjack Strategies You Should Know

While free online blackjack games have an element of chance in its mechanism, because the player can’t influence on what cards they get, blackjack free online is still a game of skill. The eventual outcome of the game can be influenced to a certain degree by the player’s decisions. If you use a mathematically adequate strategy, your decisions can help you win with higher probability. 

One of the most effective methods to win by making correct choices is to track the cards on the table. The more you understand what cards are already on the table, the more you can count forward the probabilities of your getting the needed card for blackjack on the next round. So, first and foremost learn how to write down and count the cards. 

Another interesting strategy to use is surrender, meaning you give away your cards if you feel that the chance of getting a 21 in with additional card in hand is very poor. You can surrender early or late, and if you surrender, you do not play your hand, skipping to a better option. Surrender, by the way, is a disadvantageous move for the house, so even if surrender is allowed, the Dealer may not advertise it. So, if you play automated game, check the rules for surrender; if you play against the Live Dealer, don’t be shy to ask if surrender is allowed. 

If all this seems a little bit complicated, you will find more detailed info in our guide on free online blackjack no download. 

Playing Free Blackjack Games on Mobile

Blackjack game online free can be played for free not only on sites via PC, but on your mobile device, as well. Nothing complicated - just open your favourite online casino via browser on mobile device, and enjoy free entertainment. If the site actually has an official mobile app, we recommend you install this one, because apps are usually better compatible with mobile devices, run faster and smoother, and offer user-friendly design.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a casino to play blackjack online free?

Even if you don’t have plans to register an account and deposit real cash, it makes sense to choose a safe and reliable platform, because you will spend your time there, and reveal some facts about you - like location, IP address, your social network profile in some cases, etc. So, when you choose a platform for entertainment, look for licensed, certified site with seals of trust by independent parties. Look how many software developing studios and payment processing companies collaborate with the platform. All these aspects will hint whether the casino is safe.

Can I play blackjack for fun and win real cash?

Let’s say it another way - you can play blackjack without depositing and win real cash, if you register a real account and claim a No Deposit bonus from the casino. Only in this case you can make bets without paying, and win real cash afterwards. However, there’s a catch - No Deposit bonus are almost never allowed to be wagered on Table games.

Is playing blackjack free online legal in Canada?

Yes, Canada allows its residents to play at web casinos, regardless of whether the game is for real cash or for free. Gambling limitations in Canada have to do more with businesses in the niche rather than with gamblers.

Are play blackjack online for fun games rigged?

No, online casino games are checked for fairness and randomness before being allowed to the market. They are tested and certified by relevant third party agencies in the field. So, you can be sure than web casino games software is not rigged.

Can I play blackjack online for free with other bettors?

Unfortunately, this option is only possible when you play at Live Dealer casino, which means you deposit real funds first. Live Dealers working in the facility that streams the games still work their shifts and have to be paid wages, even if you don’t want to win real cash from the casino. This is why Live Dealer games and all perks they bring are offered only to depositing customers.

Can I switch to real money game after trying blackjack play online free?

Totally, and the casino actually wants you to! So, feel free to test games at different websites and choose only those sites you like most. If you like the Demo mode version, and the Terms and Conditions of the platform suit you, don’t hesitate to try playing for real cash.

What is the best blackjack casino?

Online casinos rarely specialize in table games - it is easier to find real money slots online casino, or Live Dealer focused casino. But Live Dealer is exactly what you need, because it means they have plenty of table games, including blackjack in its variations. So, look for a safe and reliable Live Dealer platform that pays well.

Can you make a living off blackjack?

This is only possible if you are a professional bettor and participate in private tournaments, or take part in some big competitions. It is almost impossible to get a decent income from simply playing blackjack in the web.

Why I can’t play free blackjack with Live Dealer?

Firstly, even if you don't want to win money from the house when playing with Live Dealer, the house still has to pay the Dealer their wages. Secondly, providing high quality streaming 24\7 from Live Dealer facilities to web casinos is more complicated, and more costly, than simply supporting a casino website and throw in a hundred or two automated games.

Do casinos use same software for free and paid blackjack online?

Yes, the software is the same, no differences are made in code behind the game when the game is available for free practice mode.