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Learn the benefits and perks of free online casino games offered by the most reliable and reputable casino sites. You can play without limit, without financial risks, and without providing your data to the platform! Learn more with Casinos Hunter.

Free Casino Games for Fun

If real money gambling and financial risks are not your thing, why not try online casinos games free of charge, simple for fun? Entertain yourself with the best casino gaming software, no registration and no deposit necessary!

Casino Free Games vs. Online Casino Games for Real Money

Online casinos offer their gaming software for free access in the mode called Demo mode, or Practice mode. In the majority of cases, even unregistered visitors of the site can play some games without registering an account, let alone depositing their real cash to the platform.

If you are wondering why would web gambling platform do that if they actually earn money from depositing customers, the answer is really simple - this is promotional approach. By allowing you to play, they enable you, a potential customer, to examine their software and the quality of their services. Perhaps you will enjoy the experience and want to give it a try for real cash, in order to win real cash.


Free Games

  • you can play for fun and entertainment as much as you wish, anytime, anywhere
  • you do not need to register and provide your real data and ID to the site
  • you are not required to deposit any real finance, and take financial risks for playing
  • you can learn rules, master skills, and improve your skills of gambling

Real Money

  • you can win real cash and withdraw your winnings to your ewallet or bank account
  • you can play any games, including Live Dealer Games and jackpots
  • you can take part in tournaments and competitions held by the casino for customers
  • you can accumulate Comp Point, promote yourself in Loyalty program, and get additional perks

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How to Play Casino Games?

All gambles can be divided into two types of casino games - games of chance and games of skill. The first type requires only wise betting skills, meaning you have to be able to control your spending in order to keep losses to minimum. In all other aspects, you cannot influence the outcomes of these gambles, because the outcomes rely on the random numbers generator and no outcome can be predicted.

Gambles of skill are of different nature. Of course all of them have an element of luck - otherwise, they would not have been casino games. But in this case, the punter’s skill can impact the outcomes, or increase the sum of the winnings. Certain intuition, like gut feeling, the knowledge of rules and strategies, and also betting discipline, are all necessary to win successfully in gambles of skill.

Advantages of Playing Casino Games for Free

If you believe free casino games have only the element of fun in them, and nothing more - well, this is not so. While fun is the basic need that is met with free games, you can get more advantages of playing in Demo mode.

  • Firstly, these offers enable the punter to examine the quality of casino software and casino services in general. If the quality is low, the site is glitchy, the games are laggy, and so on, no customer would play on such site for real money.
  • Secondly, free games can be a learning tool for those beginners who dreams of winning at online casinos in the future, but do not want to risk their funds immediately only to learn the rules and skills. Demo mode is a perfect option for them, plus a perfect opportunity to choose the most suitable online casino.
  • And thirdly, Practice mode can be of use to gamblers who actually prefers land based gambling houses, but does not go there very often for a number of reasons. Playing games for free on web platforms enables them to support their skills in their favourite games.

Free Casino Games No Download

If you are wondering what type of software to choose - downloadable or instant access software, we would recommend instant software as the best option for free games.

It is generally believed that downloadable software runs a bit better and smoother than games available via browser instantly. However, this makes sense only if you gamble for real cash, and want t more reliable connection to the site. And also, if you already trust this or that casino site to download their stuff onto your device.

However, when we are talking Practice mode, downloadable software makes little sense, if any, for you. Most often than not, downloadable games are available only after registration, which may be not an option. Next, if you have only entered the casino site, you may not trust them to a degree when you are ready to download anything from the platform.

Thirdly, modern instant access software runs really well. And fourthly, when you download anything even from reliable sites, the software can be rigged, outdated, or can even be changed into malware by hackers, without the platform operator being aware of this yet.

Bottom line - if you choose between downloadable and instant access software, choose instant access.

Best Casino Games

In case you are a newbie in web gambling an are looking for the best casino games in order not to waste your time, you should consider checking the category of most popular games in the casino lobby. This category will show you what most customers choose on the platform, you will see the rating, etc.

In case you want to know even more about the best games, you should learn more about types of games, and about software providing companies. Usually the leading companies make the top software.

New Casino Games

Generally new casino games are rarely to be found. If you believe that you have found a top web casino with a great lobby, and you will be offered new games every month - well, nothing can be farther from truth.

In reality, there are several dozens of casino software providers, and obviously they do make new games all the time. However, firstly, every provider keeps to their specialization, to a certain degree, meaning that every company does not make every type of games. Secondly, every company is of different size, so their resources and productivity differ a lot. One of the leaders in the niche, and one of the most productive companies on the market, Microgaming, makes one new game per month in average. So, now you can imagine the speed of development by smaller and slower companies.

But of course new casino games free are created on a regular basis, and you will be able to find them in the Novelty sections at most web casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are free casino games for fun only safe?

If the web casino is safe and secure, protects the users’ data, and holds a reliable license, then products that they offer are safe to use.

Can I find a full list of casino games somewhere?

It is impossible to find a full casino games list for all titles and all providers, because such list will include thousands of titles. However, you can check out each individual online casino, to see if they have lists in their lobby. Another option is to look for lists of particular providers at their sites.

Are online casino games legal in Canada?

Absolutely. Canadians are legally allowed to access any web casinos that accept locals from Canada for real money gambling. So, if the site is licensed and certified, it is legal to play at it, be it in Practice mode or free of charge.

Are there offline casino games for free?

In theory, you can download casino gaming software, and the games should be available to you offline. However, in practice, such option is almost impossible to find today. To play high quality games, you still need internet connection.

Are free games real casino games?

Yes, all games that are offered in Demo mode are real, meaning this is the same software, with the same odds, as offered to deposit customers.

Can I play free casino games and win real cash?

You can if you sign up and get a No Deposit bonus.

Are live casino games available in Practice mode?

Unfortunately, no. Live Dealers do their work and stay their shifts in the Live Dealer facility, and they need to be paid wages regardless of whether the customer wants to win real cash or not. So, you can play with Live Dealer only if you are a depositing customer.

What are casino games with best odds?

Blackjack is believed to be the gamble with best odds, because it has low house edge, plus the outcome can be influenced by the player’s level of skills.