Birthday Casino Bonuses Review

Online casinos have many lucrative bonuses, but for the most part, you have to deposit, or do something particular to get those bonuses. Birthday casino bonus, however, is a different story, because you are eligible for it on your birthday, obviously! If you are intrigued, CasinosHunter explains everything in this overview!

Best Birthday Casino Bonuses & Promotions

Experienced online casino gamblers may not be so interested in reading about birthday bonuses, they just want to get one at a quality casino site. Well, CasinosHunter has your back here! You will find the best birthday bonus casinos below. Other players who would like to explore the thing in more detail are welcome to read the overview!

Birthday Bonus
+50% after C$ 225 deposit
  • Min. deposit:$30
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CasinosHunter’s Rating:
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3 users reviews
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Total Rating: 9/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect
  • Decent payout rate 
  • Several software providers
  • Several languages 
  • iDebit
  • Neosurf
  • Interac
  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • Evolution Gaming
  • BGaming
  • Authentic Gaming
  • Platipus Gaming
  • Vivo Gaming

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Loki Casino
Happy B-Day Bonus
FS, Money or both
  • Min. deposit:$15
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img 8.8/10


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
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0 users reviews
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Total Rating: 8.8/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect
  • Live Dealer games
  • Bitcoin games
  • Official Android application
  • MuchBetter
  • instaDebit
  • Neosurf
  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • Evolution Gaming
  • BGaming
  • Authentic Gaming
  • Platipus Gaming
  • TrueLab

img Gambling can be addictive. Play responsibly.

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What Is A Happy Birthday Casino Bonus?

Happy birthday casino bonus is one of the typical online casino bonuses offered to gamblers. This is a nice bonus because, in most cases, the customer does not have to do anything to get the bonus - they are already eligible for it on their official birthday. 

As a rule, birthday bonuses are Free Spins or free chips for table games; you can also get some cash, some Comp Points on top of what you already have, or even physical prizes (but this one is really rare). However, there are some requirements that have to be met by the customer, too. 

Most casino sites only offer birthday bonuses to players that were registered at least a month before their birthday; some require 3 or even 6 months. This is done to prevent bonus hunters from registering 2 days before their birthdays, grabbing the bonus and then riding off into the sunset. 

Another important requirement is that the customer must be a depositing one, and have been depositing on a regular basis during their presence on the platform, before they claim a birthday bonus. They at least need to go through all the Welcome Bonuses, or, if they do not want any Welcome offers, they have to make as many deposits as it is needed for the Welcome Bonuses (without taking those), to become eligible for the casino birthday bonus. 

These are the basic requirements you are likely to meet. Birthday bonuses are subject to some other rules, so you need to choose this type of promo carefully.

Pros And Cons Of The Birthday Casino Bonuses

Birthday bonuses have been very popular before, when the online casino sites were not very creative with promotions, and looked desperately for any opportunity to attract the players. Also, casino sites were fewer, and therefore gamblers used to play at the same site again and again, sometimes for years. As a result, birthday bonuses were one of the really popular offers, and many players were looking forward to getting them. 

However, today there are more casinos and more various promos, so you may be wondering whether the birthday online casino bonus is worth waiting for. This is why we offer you the Pros and Cons of a birthday bonus.


  • you have at least one guaranteed bonus from the site
  • the bonus is usually free
  • the wagering requirements are low
  • you only need to send a proof to get the bonus
  • the bonus can be unusual, like free chips
  • the higher the VIP level, the better the birthday bonuses


  • the bonus is only once per year
  • this is usually a small bonus
  • wagering requirements are applied
  • you have to fit the conditions and terms to get the bonus
  • the bonus may turn out worthless
Online Casino Bonuses

Best Birthday Bonus Casinos

If you are intrigued by the opportunity of getting a birthday bonus in addition to all your usual online casino promotions, you may want to know what sites still offer this type of reward. To save your time and effort, CasinosHunter has collected a list of the most reliable casinos that also have birthday casino bonuses in their list. 

However, remember that, whatever lucrative the offer may look, you must never forget about the casino site itself, and opt only for the most reliable and safe casinos. Moreover, birthday bonuses do not come equal, as well. Some of them are worth waiting for, while others are not even worth reading about them. Learn more about choosing birthday bonuses below.

How To Choose A Birthday Casino Bonus

As any other online casino promotion, a birthday bonus can be advantageous or disadvantageous for the player (and, like any other promotion, it is always more advantageous for the casino than for the player - just a thing to keep in mind). So, birthday bonuses are to be chosen carefully and considered beforehand. 

Since birthday bonuses are already a bit outdated - because there are so many other attractive promotions out there which look more lucrative, and also there are so many online casinos so it makes little sense waiting for a birthday bonus - birthday bonus casino sites that still have them may apply somewhat weird rules to them. 

Below, we will discuss the most favourable conditions and rules applied to casino birthday bonuses, so that you could choose the best offers and make informed choices.

Obviously if you stick to a couple of the most reliable and secure casino sites that are reputable and you completely trust them, and they have a birthday reward, you should definitely go for it. This is why CasinosHunter constantly reviews online casinos and posts lists of the best sites. 

However, if you are a bit new to the whole thing, and want to understand how the rules applied to the birthday bonus would affect your user experience, please check out the explanations below.

No Deposit

Since you are eligible for the birthday offer already because you have your real birthday, the best offer you can get is a no deposit bonus. This is only fair, because if you can claim the birthday offer, it means you have already deposited enough money to the casino site.

However, if you are about to claim a no deposit birthday bonus, check the wagering requirements applied to it. If those are too high, perhaps you should better avoid the offer altogether. If the offer is deposit-based, and looks good, you can consider it, but the deposit should not be higher than a standard minimum accepted by this casino site.

Cash VS Free Spins

In the majority of cases, you will be offered Free Spins as a birthday bonus. Less frequently, you will be offered Free Chips for table games, or even some extra Comp Points to help you achieve a higher level in the casino VIP program, and unlock some additional perks for your gambling.

However, some sites can still offer you some cash. CasinosHunter recommends choosing Free Spins or chips, because cash always has higher wagering requirements attached to it, and lower maximum win limits.


One-time cashback, or a cashback casino bonus on a regular basis offered as a birthday bonus is another “one of the best” birthday bonus types you can find at online casinos. As birthday bonuses, cashback is still rare - the first ones slowly go out of style, while the latter slowly come in fashion.

If you land the combination of both, go for the cashback, because it usually suggests small cash on a no deposit basis, with extremely low wagering requirements, and can be immediately cashed out.

Also, if you wager your cashback in casino games, it works as your deposited money, meaning you can use it in any games (bonus money, in contrast, can only be wagered in particular games).

Wagering Requirements

The majority of casino promotions are subject to the wagering requirements - that is, every bonus has to be played through the casino games a particular number of times, for the winnings to become cashable. The higher the wagering requirements, the less worthy the bonus is.

For birthday bonus, the wagering requirements must be low, however, no wagering bonus is another one of the best birthday options possible. If you are offered wagerless cash (even small) or a couple of Free Spins not subject to wagering, know that this is a favourable promotion and you can consider claiming it.

Allowed Games

One of the hidden rules of any online casino promotion that many gamblers fail to consider early is limited access to casino games with an active bonus, when you want to wager the bonus money. You cannot play Live Dealer games, progressive jackpots, any jackpot games at all, many other games; in fact, most bonuses can be wagered only in a couple of slots specifically indicated by the casino.

This is done to prevent sudden huge winnings on bonus money the casino will then have to payout. However, the birthday bonus is a bit different than other promotions, therefore it must have fewer limitations on access to games. Check this aspect separately and make sure you can at least play a wide range of the real money online slots (not one or two) with your birthday bonus funds.

How to Use Birthday Bonus at Online Casino?

Most often, birthday bonuses can either be consumed immediately, like wagerless Free Spins, or free chips in a table game, etc., or they are deposit-based bonuses and therefore they only give the player a chance of winning more. The majority of birthday bonuses are not sticky, meaning that whatever the player wins by wagering the bonus can be cashed out. Also, the wagering requirements vary. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that birthday bonuses, if they are cash, cannot be withdrawn as such, without wagering through real money games. This is a mistake many beginner level players make, believing that if this is a birthday gift, they can cash it out just like that. No, the overwhelming amount of birthday casino bonuses work like most other bonuses, and they are later cashed out like most other bonuses.

What Birthday Bonuses Better To Avoid

Considering everything said above about choosing the best online casino birthday bonuses, you can also notice what bonuses are not worthy of your time. These are deposit-based cash bonuses that are subject to high wagering requirements, or wagering requirements that are applied to both deposit and bonus (this is complete nonsense for a birthday present). 

Also, avoid birthday bonuses that do not allow you to play a wide range of casino games, and limit you only to the lowest RTP rate games. 

Now, there are also some specific conditions that can be applied to birthday bonuses you may not pay attention to immediately. These are not usually explained on the bonus page, but on the Bonus Terms page or general Terms and Conditions page. However, these rules are extremely important, because they can eventually make or break the whole user experience.

Sticky Bonuses 

Few players are aware of that, but the body of the bonus cannot be withdrawn as it is. Only wagerless cashback can be immediately withdrawn. The body of the bonus can only be wagered in casino games, and the winnings associated can be withdrawn. This is called a cashable bonus. Yet, there are also non-cashable bonuses, also called sticky.

If the bonus is non-cashable, you cannot withdraw the body of the bonus, obviously, and you also cannot withdraw the winnings, even if you meet the wagering requirements.

The money you win forever stays on the bonus balance and you can only use it for fun. With a birthday bonus, this makes no sense, so better avoid such offers. Luckily, sticky promotions are rare. 

Withdrawal Limits 

The majority of online casino bonuses, both no deposit and deposit-based ones, usually suggest a certain limit on maximum possible winnings. For no deposit ones, the limits are lower than for deposit-based ones. Birthday bonuses are not an exception, and you should check the maximum possible winnings you can cash out from wagering the birthday bonus.

No dep or Free Spins can be capped at $25-$100 maximum, while deposit-based offers can be capped at levels somewhat higher than $100.

So, pay attention to that aspect and calculate carefully, how much money you are given, how much you have to wager through, and whether this all is worth the maximum sum you can get out of that (if you are lucky enough). 

Unclear Terms and Conditions 

Unclear Terms and Conditions explained in a cloudy manner can be a problem for any online casino bonus, not just for a birthday bonus offer. CasinosHunter strongly recommends reading all the pages of the casino site, including Promotions, Bonus Terms, FAQ, VIP Program offers (because it often includes birthday offers), and general T&C pages.

If anything seems unclear, don’t be afraid to contact the customer support and ask them to clarify (even if you are not a registered customer yet). If you are not provided with clear explanations, or you simply do not like the rules, feel free to proceed without the bonus, and reject it if it is added automatically.

Why Online Casinos Stop Offering Birthday Bonuses?

Now, if you start actually seeking casinos that have birthday bonuses among their promotions, you will not find many sites. Birthday bonuses were extremely popular in the previous decades of online casino gambling. The sites were few, and the players used to stick around to their favorite platforms because there were not many other places. 

Today, however, the truth is that online casino players do not stick around the same online casino site long enough, to be eligible for a birthday bonus gift. They look for better offers, newer games, and seasonal tournaments, and do not seem to be interested in waiting for one specific promotion in a year. Moreover, birthday bonuses seem to be disadvantageous for casinos because some bonus hunters tended to register a week or two before their birthdays, throwing in some deposits, only to take a bigger bonus they are eligible for because of the birthday, and then, they disappeared from the site. 

These are the reasons why fewer online casinos consider offering a birthday bonus.

Birthday Casino Bonus: Wrap Up

If you are a loyal online casino customer that has been around long enough, you may ask the casino site for a birthday bonus - or they will actually offer it to you on their own - and take advantage of this opportunity. However, birthday bonuses as such are rare today, and the most probable way of getting it is to achieve some levels in the casino’s VIP program. 

If you are not into VIP programs, and want a birthday bonus as it is, we recommend you choose it wisely. The list below repeats the key aspects to pay attention to when opting for this type of offer. 

  • deposit-based VS no deposit  
  • cash VS free spins or free chips 
  • unusual offers like extra Comp Points or cashback  
  • wagering requirements 
  • access to games 
  • sticky VS non-sticky 
  • withdrawal limits 
  • comprehensive Terms and Conditions 

However, if you plan to register with an online casino only with the purpose of getting a birthday bonus, please remember the requirements you will have to meet in the first place. These include being registered at least one month before your birthday, being a depositing customer (and to be active on site - you have to play and make bets, not just deposit), and sometimes you will have to wager through the Welcome bonus before you can claim whatever else promotion on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Birthday casino bonus valid?

In the majority of cases, you will be able to claim your birthday bonus in 3-7 days after your birthday. As soon as you claim and activate it, it can be valid for 1-10 days. But of course different sites have different terms, so please double-check on that.

How do I activate the Birthday bonus in my casino account?

If you are a registered and depositing customer, to activate the bonus for your birthday, you will most likely need to contact Customer Support. They will tell you what to do next; sometimes, you will have to make a deposit, or provide a promo code. In other cases, you will just have to prove your birth date, and the team will send you the bonus.

Do I need a bonus code to activate the Birthday bonus?

That depends on the casino site. If you need a promo code, you will find this rule in the bonus description, and will be informed how to get the code. For example, they will send it to your email or one of the messengers.

What else can I be offered as a birthday bonus?

Most widespread presents for birthdays are cash, Free Spins, and Free chips. Other promos can be Comp Points, cashback, wheel of luck spins, or material prizes like smartphones (but this only works for high level VIP program participants).

Are all players eligible for a birthday bonus at an online casino?

If you meet all the requirements, you are most likely eligible to get this promo. However, depending on your jurisdiction, you may not be eligible for the bonus as such. For example, players from Sweden are not legally allowed to get any bonuses from any online casinos, at all. If you have doubts, better ask Customer Support early.

Where do I find information on online casino birthday bonuses?

Most probably you will find this info on the Promotions page, Bonus Terms page, general T&C page, VIP Program, and FAQ. If you cannot find any info on the bonus, perhaps it is not available. But you can always double-check with Customer Support.